Saturday, July 20, 2019

My Last Blog Post by Triston

Hey guys! Triston is here today! Sadly, this will be my last blog post. So I’m going to be talking about me at camp. On the first day of camp, I was nervous and didn’t want to stay for a month. But later when it was day 10, it was really fun! In camp we have school. In 6th grade math, we were learning about multiplying decimals and dividing decimals. And for writing we were making horror stories.The horror stories I made were called Big Trouble, Smiling Man, and Sonic Exe. So we also have different groups in camp. My group name is Overseas Drip. Recess at camp is really fun. Recess is for one hour and a little longer on Saturdays like today. We also have enrichment, rest period and group activities.On Sunday evening we have camp wide activities. Camp wide activities is when the whole camp plays a fun game. Group activities is when all 6 groups play by themselves. I’ll stop here because I don’t want to tell all the fun at camp.You will have to come to be in BJP if you want to know more about camp. Please comment!

7th Grade Book Club by Justeena

Hello guys!!!! It's your girl Justeena and today is my last day at blogging. I wanted to write about book club in the 7th grade. The book we are reading is Johnny Tremain. The  book is during the time of the Revolutionary War and a boy named Johnny Tremain who was an apprentice to a silversmith. But while working one day he burned his hand on the hot silver. He is scared because he is no longer able to work and has no family to take care of him. I will not tell you what else happens. So make sure you read the book and watch the movie! BYE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 19, 2019

Space Museum by Rafiah and Jeanine

HELLO GUYS!! It’s me Rafiah. I am back, but today I have a guest with me, it’s Jeanine! We will be talking about our experience at the space museum. First, Rafiah will talk to you guys about her experience. So at the space museum we got to be like astronauts and work together. I got to also be a medical and work together with my partner. A medical is when you check if your astronaut is healthy and okay. I got to check on the computer and see if the temperature of the room was correct. I also could see if they were healthy and if their blood pressure was normal. Comment down below what will you do when you are an astronaut. So now I am going to hand it over to Jeanine. Now, I am going to explain the job I did. I was working in the remote team. As a part of the remote team, I was able to do hands-on work with special kinds of rocks, and was able to identify the kinds of rocks and their characteristics in order to decide on a good landing site for the spacecraft. That's all for now. Bye!!

Space Museum by Triston and Zion

Hey guys! It’s Triston and Zion here.Today, we are going to be talking about the fun trip we went on that was only for the 6th grade boys. 
Hi guys, it’s Triston. At the museum, we were playing a special game. There were 2 teams. Zion was on team 1 and I was on team 2. We played different roles in the game. Zion and I played the same role, which was the medical person. In group 2, I had to test my health and test the other people in my group. After that, I sent my information to the person that keeps all the data. On the TV, there was a rocket ship that was trying to land on the moon. Oh yeah, you can die. If you die it’s over. Luckily, we stayed alive.

Hey guys, it’s Zion! For my group, we were scared because we had ran out of fuel and gas. Eventually, we had made it out alive. Would you ever go to space? BYE! Also comment down below. EVEN YOU MOM!!!!

Justeena's Enrichment Experience

Hey guys!!!! Its your beautiful girl, Justeena and today I will be talking about our enrichments here at Camp Montmartre. So for our enrichments we have dance, music, blogging, Navy Seals, playoffs, and arts and crafts. Dance aka “so you can dance?” is when a group is chosen (boys and girls) and they create a dance that they make up about the topic. The topics so far have been open to growth, religious and loving. This week, the topic is loving. Music is when a group chooses to make up a song to sing, to make a dance or a poem, e.t.c. Blogging is what I am doing right now. Blogging is when people are chosen to write about the camp and how it is so far or your personal life in general. Navy seals is when a group goes outside and plays different types of games. Playoffs is similar to Navy Seals but has to deal with basketball. Arts and crafts is when you make crafts like marbling paper, make a friendship bracelet, or make beautiful arts. The enrichments I was in this summer were arts and crafts, dance and now blogging.The enrichment that was my favorite is blogging because I get to write about camp and my personal life. If you were here what would be your favorite enrichment? Ok XOXO love you guys BYE!!!!!!!

Thursday, July 18, 2019


Hello Guys!!!! It’s your girl, Rafiah, and I'm back. Today we will be talking about the pool at camp. At the pool on Thursdays, my group,The Pearly Butterflies gets to go to the pool. But when I go to the pool, the pool is cold and it’s deep. Mr. Rogers takes the people who know how to swim to race each other. But the people who don't know how to swim go with one of the counselors and they teach you. I feel good about going to the pool but also I feel cold when I go into the water! Plus, I don’t know how to swim but they teach me how to swim. For example, they teach me how to float. They are also loving to me by teaching me how to swim and this is why BJP is a great school. Comment down below and tell us if you don’t know how to swim or if you do know how to swim! And shout out to unknown!

Book Club

Hey guys, it’s Jeanine and I am back again with another blog. So today I will be talking to you guys about book club at camp. In book club, my group is currently reading the book Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. It is very interesting; we just finished the part where Harry encounters a dark looking figure that seems to be drinking the Unicorn’s blood. A centaur that saves him from that creature and says it could have hurt him. He figures that there might be danger coming his way because he trusts the centaur. d think the centaur might be reading the stars. So far the book is very interesting and I hope to get the second book, I might even get the whole collection. Anyways, that’s all for now. Bye!

My Counselors at Camp By Nevaeh

Hi, it’s Nevaeh, and today I will be talking about my fantastic counselors. My first counselor I want to talk about is Deina. Deina is one of my favorite counselors because I’m always  talking and laughing with her. Deina told me,“ It’s really hard to get mad at you because you make me laugh.” She is always smiling at me because I’m always looking at her. I will never forget her. My next favorite counselor I want to talk about is Azhane. Azhane is really nice to me, just like Deina. She loves to be around my camp group because we comfort her. I can tell that Deina and Azhane are nice to all of the other counselors. I love both of my counselors. Next year, I hope I will get counselors just like Deina and Azhane. Byeee! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Names of Camp Groups

Hey Guys!!!! It's your girls, Justeena and Rafiah. We are back again. So how is your day? This time we are going to be talking about our camp groups. Our camp theme this summer is “Seek Grace in the Smallest Things.” It means to find beauty in the smallest things. Our camp group is called Sisterhood of La Sirenas. It means “Sisterhood of the Mermaids.” This connects to the theme because us sisters are precious like the beautiful mermaids in the ocean. The other camp groups are called Pearly Butterflies which means “resembling a pearl in luster or color.”  It also refers to how butterflies grow slowly over time. The other groups are Graceful Corealets, Waterbanks, Aquafria, and Overseas Drip. These camp groups are all special in their own ways and have their own meanings that relate to the camp theme. Which camp group name is your favorite? Okay guys, BYE!!!!!!