Saturday, July 22, 2017

Fairfield's Church

Hello it's me Ron, I'm here to talk about Faifield's church. Every Sunday we always go to church and sometimes the staff picks out a choir to go to church. We also practice in 10 minutes until the groups come and we see other people coming to church. We have church only for an hour or so, and every night we go to chapel for about 10 minutes. We will have a final big mass as a class on Thursday. I hope you like this blog and see you later next time it might be about my book club.


  1. hey it me and Izzy just want you to know we love and miss you we miss you

  2. After my son was nearly murdered at your camp, and none of the adults present notified me, I am skeptical. I am haunted, I am not at peace with what was done to my son. I do not know if he was raped, beaten, and or suffered other abuses, I know he was hurt, I know he was bleeding, he still has a gash in his head. He seems to lack grasp of that moment as if he was brainwashed. So I am going to keep my spiritual light shinning for revenge, it's a spiritual matter, you people are Jesuits, but I am Haitian Spirit.


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