Friday, July 28, 2017

Camp 2017 Video

Wherever we walk, the report will go around. Check out the camp video to see all the memories!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Winning Pool Day

Hi its Tianna Williams, today group four went to the pool, it was really fun because my friend and I took the Swimming test. We both passed we were so happy. We got to teach other people how to swim. After that we got to jump of the diving board it was really fun, I got to jump of the diving board about five times. All in all today at the pool was amazing.

8th Grade Book Club

Hey, it's Deyancy, back at it again with another blog post. Today I'm going to be talking about the book we are reading in book club, which is called Walk Two Moons. It is about a girl named Salamanca who is on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mom. While on this road trip, her grandparents kept on making pit stops. While on the road, Sal told the story of her friend Phoebe, about how her mother went missing and brought back home a son. The book was very interesting. If you want to know how it ends, you have to read the book yourself. See ya later!

Talent Show

Its Safyre Kelly again I will be telling you why I am excited for the talent show. I am excited for the talent show because you get to see the true in people and you get to learn more about people and their likes and dislikes. You get to connect with people more and have a better relationship with them. At the talent show campers will be performing different things such as dancing, art, singing, magic and other things. Each talent has a different winner. I am most excited to see the dancers and the people who are doing art, because I am doing art and I am excited to see what I am up against. For the dancers, I am very excited to see what the dancers choreograph. The talent show is on Wednesday, wish me luck!

Last days of Blogging and camp

Today is our last day of blogging, and our goal is to get to 100 posts. So far the sixth grade girls Tianna and Denise have the most blogs. They are tied with 5 posts each. We have the talent show on Wednesday of next week. At the talent show we do magic, dance, singing, and a lot of other things. We also have the T-shirt Ceremony on Thursday. Overall, we have had a great experience at camp, but we are excited to get home and see our families.

Harry Potter

Hi its Kareem im taking about my Old book club book Harry potter. It was all most cool I know who Stole the Stone It was the man who killed harry's mom and dad it a fire so harry did not get killed because he was scard to kill harry so hagride saved harry.

Spelling Bee

Hello people it's Eudy. Today Was the Spelling Bee. It Was Very Fun. I came in second in the eighth grade boys because I misspelled "unnecessary." The top sixth grader Was Reily Baschir. The top seventh grader was Eric Marrimon. The top Eighth Grader was Jordan Allen. The top counselor was Kenny. All of the winners for each grade had to compete by writing 10 words on a sheet of paper. Reilly earned 3rd place and Eric and Jordan had to compete for first. Eric's winning word was "handkerchief" and the word that stumped Jordan was "Mianus River," which is a place near Fairfield.

Space museum

Hi, my name is Shaquille Cruz, today I’m going to tell you about my trip to the space museum. It was fun, when we first got off the bus we were early, so we went to the mini ropes course. When it was time, the people at the museum told us to choose own jobs. I was a remote officer and I had to explore different rocks and send in messages to the other remote officer in the watch tower. Then we switched jobs and the other remote officer sent me messages. When we got back from the museum everyone went to lunch. I liked the space museum a lot.   

Food in camp

Hi my name is Tianna Williams. Today I am going to be talking about the food at camp. For breakfast we get to eat bacon, cereal, pancakes, and more. For lunch we get things like sandwiches, pasta, pizza (on Fridays) and more. My favorite time to eat is at dinner is because at camp they serve things like BBQ chicken, nuggets, mashed potatoes and more. My favorite meal of all is the dessert. At desert we can get chips, ice cream or cookies. That is some of the food they serve at camp.

Fairfield's Church

Hello it's me Ron, I'm here to talk about Faifield's church. Every Sunday we always go to church and sometimes the staff picks out a choir to go to church. We also practice in 10 minutes until the groups come and we see other people coming to church. We have church only for an hour or so, and every night we go to chapel for about 10 minutes. We will have a final big mass as a class on Thursday. I hope you like this blog and see you later next time it might be about my book club.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Benefits of Camp

Hi, my name is Safyre Kelly and I can tell you the benefits of camp. I am not saying I am one of them but, camp gives kids that are behind, a chance to be on the same page as the other students. Another benefit of camp is that camp gives students that are babied at home at home a chance to be more Independent. I liked the pool at camp because it gave me a chance to bond with my classmates.

Football field for recess

Hello again it's me Ron and I'm here to talk about The football field For Recess. So where the basketball court is a football field and a Soccer field where some campers go their to play rugby,soccer,and football sometimes when we go for recess we go there or we go to the basketball and we have recess at 7:30 for the first 3 groups and 8:30 for the 2nd group we also have a fun time playing soccer and football at the field and we all play as groups for group activity. Well see you next time Bye!

High school preparation

Hey, it's Deyancy , back at it again with another log post. Being an 8th grader Requires a lot of responsibility. This time i going to talk about TACHS Prep. TACHS Prep helps 8th graders prepare for the TACHS exam That would help them get into a catholic high school. All of the 8th graders Receive a textbook that would help them improve in the area that is not their strongest. So Far we are practicing Math, ELA, Spelling, synonyms, etc. I just hope that I do enough practice do get into my dream high school, which is Dominican Academy.

Pajama day!!!

Hi it's, Denise. I'm here today to talk about spirit week and pajama day. What happens on pajama day is that we dress up in pajamas and leave the dorm just like that and go outside while people look at us. But guess what? We don't CARE. I likes Raphael's pajamas the best because they didn't match. I didn't wear pajamas, I didn't feel like wearing them, and I didn't have long pants and I only have a tank top. I still wanted to participate, but there is always next time. Bye my fans and Bye HATERS!!!

Our Final Projects

Hi my name is Tianna Williams. This week in math class and writing class we are doing our final projects. In math class, for our final project, my group is writing about the Orders of Operation .We have to talk about mean (Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction, and Division). In writing class we are writing scary ghost stories, today we were doing the rising action part. In all our classes our final projects are amazing.

Math Bee

Hey there, its Kareem here. On Saturday we had a math bee during the time that we normally have book club. It was fun, we had math problems to solve that were easy there was different rounds so the teachers choose the people to do problems and we did it in grades like 6 grade vs 6 graders, and 7 graders, with 7 graders, also 8 graders with 8 graders. Zahirah Ambriton came in 4th place, Paris Leonce came in 3rd place, Tyreek Greene came in 2nd place, and Fabrice the counselor came in first. It was fun really i liked it but on this Saturday. We have a spelling bee.It was awesome really fun. Also we have school every day then we have book club then lunch after lunch we have rest time for a hour then group activity then enrichment then dinner then recess after recess then we have showers then movie then bed.And we do it all the time.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Space Museum

Hi, its Kareem here. Today the 6th grade boys went to the space museum. It was really fun because we had to do different jobs for the people that were on the "spaceship" and the other people that were in the "space station". My Job was the remote team and it was fun and awesome. We had to tell each other what we learned out in space. We arrived at the museum really early so we got to play with all the cool stuff in the museum until we were ready for our tour.

My Classes

Hi its Tianna, today I am going to be talking about classes in camp. So first we eat breakfast in the morning, after that we go to classes. The first class we have is math. In math class we get to play math games and have multiplication quizzes. Math class is fun and so is our teacher Mr. Bonfiglio. After math we have Writing which is also fun. We get to lean about verbs, adverbs, write scary stories, and we also get to play games. All in all, I love my classes.

Twin Day

Hello it's me again, Eudy. Today was twin day, which means we choose a person to have a matching outfit with. A bunch of the teachers wore Fairfield Jerseys. I was twins with Kenny the Counselor. We each wore a white shirt, with basketball shorts (black), and white socks with slides. We do this every year as a Competition with the other groups and the staff in spirit Week. I dressed up as Kenny because a lot of people say that we look alike.

Fairfield's Recess Field

Hi my name is Ron and I'm here to talk about Fairfield's recess field and so, The time that BJP goes to recess is after dinner and when we have recess first we usually end 8:30 and the next group ends at 9:10 sometimes when it's Saturdays we all have Recess and end at 8:30. Sundays we have Recess early and ends at 1:15 and we have dinner and then shower time to movie night so that's what we do For recess.

New Principal

Hi my name is Shaquille Cruz and today I'm going to telling you about our new principal Mr. Arte I think he is fun, kind, and fair. I think this because he's friendly to everyone at BJP. Also, he is adventurous, one time he was playing with us and he was playing really hard. Tell me what you think about Mr. Arte. Last year's principal was Mr.chap. Mr.chap was strict and fair, every time someone would get in trouble he would talk to them about what happened.

The pool

hey, it's Denise. Today I went to the pool, it was so fun. I was about to go to 13ft deep, but I wasn't suppose to go there unless I passed the swim test. Well when I was swimming and Daneia almost made me drown by accident. While I was swimming she pulled my leg! Then I cannon-balled, and dove into the water. I also belly-flopped and hurt my body. Kid's DON'T DO THIS AT THE POOL! So if you come to the Fairfield pool, you're in luck because if you want to do anything like diving, you have 13ft pool right in front of you. But beware, don't drown. MUHAHAHAA.

Twin Day

Hi my name is Tianna today was a very fun day because it was twin day. We got to pick a camper to be our twin. My twin was Jada, she is very nice to me and she also had the same T-Shirt. After resting period today, my group went to the pool. That was my favorite part of the day, we got to do flips and see other people jump in the swimming pool. It was the best day ever.

8th grade Girls Encounter with Death

Hey. My name is Deyancy Gaston, and I'm going to talk about the 8th girls ropes course. We went to Adventure Park with Ms.White, a 7th grade teacher, Kenny, the assistant director, and Tamia, a camp counselor. First we had to get a safety lesson on how to put on the harness, and on how to operate the course system. Then we split our class in to three groups, one for advanced, one for slightly less advance, and one for first time beginners. I was in the advanced group(I have no idea why, I just was). We went on a course called mountain trail and I almost cried. Even the five-six course scared me, So then I went on briefing stations for the rest of the time. It was very fun because I got to use my none existent upper body strength.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

My Favorite Hike

Hey again it me Tianna Williams here to talk about my hike for Tuesday. It was very fun we got to see a lake and we also saw fish and turtles we also got to put our feet in the water. When we were walking up the hills we saw rabbits and ants. It was very fun but at the same time very hot, we were all sweating. After the hill, we got to see the apple tree but we could not pick the apples because they were not ready to be picked.

Teacher Review

Hi my name is Shaquille Cruz and today I am going to tell you about my teachers, Ms terry and Mr.Bonfiglio. They are 6th grade teachers, they are also my teacher because I'm in 6th grade. In Ms. Terry's class we learn about punctuation and we have been writing ghost stories since the first day. In Mr. Bonfiglio's class we have been learning about decimals, fractions, and multiplication. The 7th grade teachers are Ms. Malcousu and Ms. White. Ms.Malcousu is nice, kind, and strict. Ms.white is strict but nice and fair. In 8th grade teachers are Ms.DeCarolis and Mr.Chap. Ms.DeCarolis is loving and kind. Mr.chap is strict and nice. This is my teacher review from Shaquille Cruz.

Space museum

Hey, it’s me again, Denise. Today I went to a space museum with the other 6th Grade girls and it was so amazing. Some people thought it was boring, well guess what? No it’s not!!! People. So what happened first was 6th Grade girls and I were watching people doing the rope course where the 8th Graders went. Then we went to a mini rope course with a little zip-line that isn’t that high, it looks like a baby rope course. Next we used the bathroom because you cannot use it when you are in “space”. In “space” you get to be a navigator, medical person, or communication person in the space craft. There is another part to it where you get to watch people on the space craft. That’s all we did which was NOT BORING. Bye see you another day.

Fairfield Prep Pool

Hi my name is Ron and I'm here to talk Fairfield's Pool, so the pool is really fun and there is 13 ft and 4 ft and also 4 1/2. Some of us can swim and some of us can't swim. And also a 6th grader named Raphael which is the best swimmer I know. And also half of the 6th graders can not swim and there are good life guards and we play a lot of games like what time is it, Mr. Shark, and that's all I can say about the pool.

When I went to the Space Museum

Hi my name is Tianna you have heard of me before. Today the 6th grade girls, including myself, went to the space museum. It was fun, we got to see a space rock. We also got to see where the 8th graders went for the ropes course, it looked very scary I all most started to get sorry for them. My favorite part of the trip was when we were doing the space shuttle acting game and we landed on the moon. Everyone was depending on me because I was the Navigator who did all the math. All in all I had a lot of fun.

Being an 8th Grader at Camp

Hello, my name is Eudy Fabian. Being an eighth grader here is difficult. There are so many responsibilities that have to be carried out such as, helping the counselors, and helping to guide sixth graders. It is much harder than sixth and seventh grade year. In my sixth grade year, I had to learn the rules and we weren't expected to be leaders. In my seventh grade year,I was expected to help the sixth graders and help the counselors. At camp as an eighth grader we have TACHS Prep which helps us study for the TACHS Exam. As an eighth grader, I am really looking forward to the Retreat, The Senior Trip, and The Ropes Course even though we already went there. The best thing about the Ropes Course is the thrill you get while you are zip lining.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Impressions on Blogging

It's Denise again. My impressions of Blogging is fun because you get to type, and blogging is like being on social media, which you should be happy about, because you can not use your phone at camp. Campers can only use their phones to call our parents for 30 minutes which is enough time. Also something else about Blogging is that if you get 1 post done you get a starburst , 2 post's done you get a pack of stickers and a starburst in a day. The best part is that if you do the most posts in one week you get to have a lot of starburst, but this is the last week of Enrichment. I think that I will finish the most post's in a week and get those starburst. Bye I will see you again.

How camp has been...

Hi, my name is Safyre Kelly. I will be telling you about my experience at camp so far. My experience at camp has been exciting and adventurous. I have done a lot of new things these past two weeks. I have gone hiking for the first time. While hiking I saw something that looked like a reptile bone, it was really interesting because there was a sign stating that there had been bears and other animals in the area. Another new thing that I have done at camp is learning how to swim. Twice so far my group has gone to the pool. When we are at the pool the lifeguards, counselors and other students all help teach campers how to swim, I tried really hard to work on my swimming. Finally, something else that I hadn’t done before camp is enrichment activities. Last week I was in navy seals. We played a lot of exciting games.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Spirit Week

Hi my name is Denise. On Monday my camp started spirit week. Spirit Week is when you do grade colors, for example, today 6th Grade wears red, 7th Grade wears blue, and 8th Grade wears green. We do different things each day like Grade colors, sport's day , and twin day. I have done this before and it is really fun because you get to celebrate life that is why it is called spirit week. I am most looking forward to twin day because I think it will be fun to see people dressed up the same way.

Art Class

Hey. My name is Deyancy Gaston, 8th Grader, and I’m going to talk about the 2nd week of art. In art, you can make almost anything like lanyard, drawings, statues, friendship bracelets, pearla beads, etc. I made a mario mystery block and a little boat. Most of my friends did lanyards, a 6th grade named Ron did a drawing of charizard Y(a pokemon if your a non-gamer), and an 8th grader named Sydney did a drawing of a field of flowers. I had to redo mine twice because a counselor name Junior bumped into me and messed it up but I persevered.

My First Impressions of Camp

Hi my name is Tianna Williams. I am a 6th grader and these are my impressions of camp. So far I think that camp is fun because we get to have Group activities. At group activities we get to play together with our group. In my group we play Tag, walywaly (a game where you throw up the ball and whoever’s number is called has to catch the ball) and more. My other favorite activity is the pool because the pool is fun we get to swim all the way to 13 feet! The people who know how to swim like me gets to help the people that did not know how to swim. These two activities am my favorite activities so far at camp.

First year of camp

Hi peeps my name is Denise Fernandez and I’m new at BJP. What I like about camp so far is that the food is good and if you do something very good you get two desserts. Also I get to go to the pool two times a week and hike on Saturdays, and go to the movies and pray for ourselves and god. Moving on, on the first day going to camp I was very nervous until I was not when a lot of people were saying hi to me and I felt happy and welcomed. When I meet Taylor, a 7th Grader, she was really nice and saying I was pretty but Taylor is the best roommate I ever had if you have her next year you are very lucky. My dislike from camp is that I have to wake up every 5 days at 7:20 and going to class. This is my impression of camp so far. “ Where ever we walk the report will go around.” That is our camp slogan.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Our crazy hiking trip!

Hey guys its Heavana again! Today I’m writing about a crazy hiking trip I went on this past Thursday. We went hiking on a trail called Trout Brook Valley.The hike was fun. I had a really good conversation with Phillyscia.There were so many bugs on the trail though, it was so annoying! We were following the green trail, there were little green signs with arrows leading us where to go. Mr. Chap was with us as well. The end of our hike was crazy, when we were on the bus it started to HAIL! Kenlyn, my counselor, made us be quiet so we could pray. At the end it all turned out okay though and I had a lot of fun.

Fairfield Prep

Hi my name is Ron Paul Jr. I am sixth grade blogger and I'm here to tell you about Fairfield Prep. Picture 1-This is Faifield Prep and this is the school I'm going to and so far everyone has math class and writing class and for the 8th grade boys have writing class and 8th grade girls have math first.7th graders girls Math first while,the 7th grade boys have writing first and last but not least 6th grade boys have writing first and and 6th grade girls have math first. Picture 3-This is a hallway where all grades go to class and have fun. Also, we all go to our first class and we wait until the teacher comes out the room to greet us and make us go in. Picture 4-These are desks in Ms. Malcousu's classroom were the classes are warm and were the 7th grade girls learn and write in class.


Hey guys it is Aniah again. It has been a while since i have posted but do not fear or worry, I do have something good coming up. Oh and it is the last day of blogging, but do not worry i WILL be back in the 8th grade. My blog post today is going to be about The Tree man, it is a story that our counselor Hani, told us on the 7th grade camping trip. The story is about a boy who got captured and his friends were clueless. So, it was one lovely afternoon and Jack, Abby, and Christina went hiking they walking up the trail and all they kept hearing was *snap *snap *snap. They figured it was an animal stepping on twigs, but soon they realized the snaps were irregular. So they sent their friend Jack to check it out. Five minutes passed and Jack did not come back, they called and called his name, but then again he never responded. They went to check it out they kept on walking and they kept hearing the snapping noise. Until they made one last turn and they saw this tall man snapping Jack's bones. Did that give you a nice scare? I hope it did!!! BYE!!!!!

The best movie of camp ''Cool runnings''

Hi my name is Tiyhon, ‘Cool Running’ was the first movie I watched when I got to camp. It was a great movie about someone from Jamaica. The story is about Syca and his brother’s, who were his teammates. They were the first ever Jamaican bobsled team. The first time when they raced they lost. The second time they won. When they were about to finish the race, the sled broke down and everybody was sad. Then all four of the team members picked up the sled and carried it to the finish line. And when they crossed that finish line everybody was so excited that they were the first ever Jamaican bobsled team to win the Olympics. When they went back to Jamaica from New York, they celebrated with their families. And I really liked the movie, and what I learned from the movie is that you can be whatever you want.

Group 1 aka Atoma Goes Hiking

Hi my name is Justin Stroman.I am in Group 1(aka Atoma).I went hiking July 10, 2017. We went to Lake Mohegan in Fairfield.My counselors are Jamal and Fabrice. We went up lots of hills and we skipped rocks into the lake.We saw a Daddy Long Legs and lots of dogs.It was a hot and sunny day.We had to walk up a lot of Every Monday me and me group go hiking so I would get back to you.

The First Forest Hiking Trip

Hi, my name is Philip James and I am in sixth grade. This is about my first hiking trip. When the bus finally got to the hiking place, the first thing that I saw was the forest. When we started hiking I saw a lot of tall grass and I thought something would jump out and attack me. I’ve seen too many scary movies. While we were walking I heard so many bees, I thought they will attack me. Also and I watch too many scary movies. When we were walking I saw a lot of horse poop. There was horse poop here and over there is more horse poop. It was EVERYWHERE! When we were heading deeper into the hike, I started to see a lot of trees. I started to get worried because I could barely see the hiking trail. Also, I still saw a lot of horse poop. When we were heading deeper into the forest my counselor realized that it was time to head back to the bus. When we were heading back to the bus, we saw a trail. We followed that trail and it lead us into a big field of grass. My counselor decided we could play some games. The first game that we did was racing. We split everyone into to two groups and, my team won. The second game that we did was British bull dog. When we finished the game, we finally got back on the bus then headed back to camp. Hiking was an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Cafeteria and Student Center

Hello, my name is Kareem Hamblin, I'm a 6 grader and this is my first time writing a blog so lets get started. picture 1: This were we do our morning assembly and then we go to breakfast. In morning assembly we talk about our inspection scores for our rooms and talk about campers who have been showing integrity. Teachers and counselors give a speech about the topic for the day. picture 2: This is the student center where we do book club, have math competitions, and on Sunday, we had an egg drop contest during Rendezvous. We did a game of guess what is your roommate's stuff, shoe size, and underwear color and it was fun. picture 3 This is the mascot of Fairfield University which is a stag. It is a real deer head. I know it looks weird, but it is cool when you get used to it. picture 4: This is where we eat our breakfast and lunch and dinner so like we have three meals a day all the time every day and each day it is something new. My favorite meal in the cafeteria is pizza but we are only allowed to eat it on Fridays. Other times I eat chicken, but everything is good. picture 5: That is were we stand in line for our food. Sometimes it is crowded because there are a lot of different camps here. It is fun here at camp. I hope we will see you soon later.

Loyola Hall

Hi my name is Shaquille Cruz I am a 6th grader, and this is my first year here at camp. I'm going to tell you about Loyola Hall. Picture 1- This is where we sleep , wash our clothes, do our homework, and shower. Picture 3- This is the girl's library this is where the girls read their books and study. Picture 4- This is a picture of two of the girls' rooms. This is where they sleep and spend rest period. During rest period some of us play games, drum and talk. Picture 5- This is the religious board. Here is where we write times when we were religious. Every week the board changes because of the theme. Last week it was Religious and the week before that it was Open to Growth. This week it is loving. I think Loyola Hall is awesome and you might like it to.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Last Day of Blogging

Today, is my last day of blogging. Maybe not for others, but for me because i’m going hiking, and when you go hiking you don’t go to enrichment. Yes, I did have a lot of fun here blogging for you guys. Also, I had a nice time here with Ms.Terry, Ms.DeCarolis, and Kenlyn. I wrote many blogs for you parents so you could know that your children are having a great time here at camp. I will miss writing blogs for you guys, but I have one more year here at BJP and i’m coming back to camp July 2018 and I could have blogging for enrichment again so I’m excited to see what the next year has in store for me.-Shantel Diaz

"Pay it Forward"

The movie that we watched this week at camp, “Pay it Forward” can be used an example for us to follow. The main character, Trevor, started a movement called, “Pay it Forward”.The main purpose of the movement is to help others that are less fortunate, and in turn those people will start helping others and sharing the good news as a way to pay back the one who helped them in the beginning. Trevor’s pay it forward movement can be used as an example for us to follow. Such as having integrity and doing the right when nobody's watching, so the younger grades will follow you as an example and it will continue going on to make a change. The change will be positive and impact a lot. It will be a change that will continue even when you leave the setting or community you are in, you will leave a positive legacy to follow by. I liked the movie because it displayed to all beings that they are able to make a change despite their differences from others. Kyah Henry Grade 8

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Camping away from Camp

Yesturday all the 7th graders went on a camping trip. I'm not going to say every detail but you'll hear more about the food. On our camping trip it was fun. For dinner we cooked our own corn and roasted our own hotdogs. We had a skewer and we started our own fire to roast our hotdogs. For dessert we had s'mores. We roasted our own marshmallow and put it in between a Hershey chocolate and 2 graham crackers. We also got to get 2nds. Lastly, for breakfast we made bacon and eggs and had jelly crackers with fruit. The camping trip was fun, I recommend this to the upcoming 7th graders so everyone could bond and be open to growth.

Going Camping Plus Swimming

The 7th grade girls went camping to State Park on July 12, 2017. We had a lot of fun. We also went swimming. It was my first time going inside a lake. I tried to learn how to swim, but there were too many sea weeds on that floor .It was so called a beach for the people there, but for me it was a lake. It was very dirty. I mean I jumped in anyways even though it was dirty. The water was fresh and who wouldn’t go in after we were sweating a lot after them games Mr.Arte made up for us. By the way, it was my first time seeing a snake alone by its self swimming in a lake. Even though all those bad/negative things were in my head, it was very fun going camping for my first time.-Shantel Diaz

Enrichment at camp

HI my name is Tiyhon Alexander, and im a 6th grader. Last week in enrichment I was in Navy Seals with Mr. Bonfiglio & it was really fun. This week, I’m in blogging & I really don’t think it is as fun as Navy seals. The enrichment I really want to be in is The Playoffs because everybody has been telling me it’s really entertaining because you get to play basketball, football, baseball, kickball, soccer, dodgeball and rugby. I’m sure and hoping that blogging will get more fun.

Arts and Crafts

Hi, My name is Aniah Tsoi-Carey. I am a 7th grader here at BJP. This is my first day in blogging and I am going to be talking about the enrichment activity arts and crafts, which I was in last week. I was in this enrichment along with Michael, Eudy, Stephen, Jamari, Kareem, Dany, Ryan, Janiyah, Eynee, Folasade, Kiara, Heavana, Cecilia, Deliyah and Karissa. I made a bracelet out of pipe cleaners it was the color of the Guyanese flag to represent where I’m from, along with a beaded bracelet. We also drew pictures of each other which we presented at Rendezvous

Camping Over Night

Hi my name is Justin Stroman and I am a 7th grader. Every year, all the 7th graders go camping for a night. The first class to go are the 7th grade girls. Then the 7th grade boys go camping the next day. I’m expecting us to make s'mores and tell scary stories.When you go camping you get to make your own food, see weird creatures and nature. It was nice talking about what I’m going to experience camping. Talk to y’all soon. Have a nice day.

The First Ever Day Of Camp

Hi, my name is Philip James and I am a sixth grader. This is about the first day of camp. When I got on the bus to head to camp, I was getting ready to leave. I was very scared and sad because I will not see my family for a month. When we got off the bus it looked nothing like New York. It looked like I was in the middle of the woods. There was a circle in the middle and there was a road going around it. A teacher took us to the circle, then we went to play games such as British bull dog and other games. I thought the day will be fun & exciting but, it ended with us having to put all our clothes away and set up for camp. Finally, when we finished put all our clothes away, we showered then went to bed.

What do I like about camp so far

I like many things at camp so far. I like that I have a 6th grader as a roommate. I can show that I have leadership to show her how to fix our room. Also, I like my group. Even though, we do everything last like go hiking on Saturday’s for the first 2 weeks, and going to the beach on the 3rd week of Saturday. Now I’m not a 6th grader anymore I could step up and be a leader for the 6th graders here at camp and the 5th graders at school on September. -Shantel Diaz

Grad@Grad Qualities

My name is Kyah Henry and I am in the 8th grade. At camp there are grad@grad qualities we are expected to aspire to live up to, also follow the example of leaders who live up to having the characteristics of these 5 grad@grad qualities. The grad@grad qualities are: being open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to justice. The grad@grad quality that is being focused on in the second week of camp is being religious. An example of an individual who demonstrates being religious is St.Theresa. During St.Theresa’s life, she followed a path in her life that lead to having a stronger connection with God, who she depended to guide her through her life struggles. During the first week at camp, the grad@grad quality was being open to growth. Another individual who demonstrates being open growth is Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama demonstrated being open to growth because she had set aside all her differences with another person who had a different perspective in government than she had and respected his position and opened herself to him. Which was being an example of displaying of pursuing a message of peace between two different kinds. In the future weeks of camp, we will be trying to focus and live up to being loving, committed to justice, and intellectually competent.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

What I like about camp so far.

I like camp so far. I’m a 7th grader now, which means that it is my second year at camp Montmartre. I like the changes so far. For example, I like the new cafeteria, the new recess yard, and I love my new counselors, ESPECIALLY Pearla! My roommate Tyla Laurencin is so funny. She is FIRE! She is always SPITTING BARS[rapping like a boss]!


Hi, its Daneia. In camp we have two classes everyday Monday until Saturday. Since I am in 7th grade we have 7th grade math first, and then 7th grade writing. In math class Ms. White taught us different skills that deal with decimals and whole numbers. We did independent work on math worksheets. Well I have to say it could put me to sleep sometimes but that's besides the point. In writing class we learn other skills such as conjunctions, punctuation, etc. We always relax in writing class, and then after there's book club. OH BOYY!


Today i went to the pool for the second time. The pool was fun, everyone splashed around and tried to swim. Some people who can swim taught the people who cant swim. Other people did handstands in the water (a.k.a me). We swam and explored under water. Underwater was cool and we tried to see who can hold their breath underwater the longest. The pool was really incredible, hope we go again. 7th Daneia Rhone

Classes at Summer Camp

We BJP students have classes at Camp Montmartre from Monday to Saturday. First, we eat breakfast, then we go use the bathroom. Finally, we start walking up the hill to the prep (aka the school where we have classes at). The 6th graders have Ms.Terry for writing and Mr. Bonfiglio for math. Us 7th graders have Ms. White for math and Ms. Malcousu for writing.The 8th grader have Mr. Chap for math and Ms. DeCarolis for writing. So, let me talk about my writing class. It is very fun, I am always happy to go there (same as math but still). Ms. Malcousu is very funny. One day she had spilled some water on the floor, and she had blamed it on Aniah because she had went to the bathroom, but it wasn’t her turn, so she kept on “Saying see what happens when it isn’t your turn to go to the bathroom” and she made her clean it up. - Shantel Diaz 7th grader


Hi again. My name is Daneia and I am in group 6 also known as The Little Big Giants. Every one in camp has their own group and we have to think of names that that relate to our theme. Our theme is 'wherever we walk the report will go around.' My group's name is called the Little Big Giants because it does not matter what grade you are in or if you're in a higher academic level then others because we can all do little things that can make a big impact on the world. So if you think you're little, just think again because you can do little things to make a big impact on the world.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Camp Rendezvous 2017

On Sunday July 9, 2017, we had a Camp Rendezvous instead of movie night before bed. Camp Rendezvous is when every group, and some enrichment groups, do a performance .Every group and enrichment group did a wonderful job performing. The counselors even shouted out various students for excelling in classes such a Math, Writing, and Book Club, as well as for good participation and good behavior. Ms Locario,our camp director, announced our campers of the week who were Conner, Emil, and Patrick. In order to win camper of the week you must have good behavior, be prepared for inspection, and do well in classes! Heavana mejia

My First Hike While Being in Group 6 (aka Little Big Giants)

On Saturday, July 8th, 2017 I went hiking with my group ‘The Little Big Giants’, it was fun. I have great counselors, which are Saniya and Hanielis. We went to to a place that I don’t know the name of (that is my bad people). I almost fell and slipped on a rock. That was funny even though I made two other campers slip with me. During the hike, I saw many dogs.There were also many bugs that I didn’t like. While on the bus I couldn’t take a nap because Hani was going to take a picture of me, but I still took a nap when we came back because I wasn’t sitting next to her. I was all the way at the back of the bus. I am very exciting for the next hike coming up this Saturday. -Shantel

The change

Hi my name is Daneia. I wrote blogs last year when I was in 6th grade and now I'm back again. In 6th grade I was very scared and nervous about what was going to happen next. Last year, I also didn't really talk much or do anything much. I was homesick for a while because I wasn't with my parents. I also didn't really want to be with anyone but myself, so I was very stuck up. I am now in 7th grade and I am not nervous or scared at all. I couldn't wait to come to camp despite the fact that we had school. This year i am responsible for the 6th graders,and I'm more mature then before. This year i was also really excited to meet the new 6th graders in camp. Maybe next year will be even better. But throughout the years of camp all of us could see how we've grown and how we was open to growth. Most importantly we grow and trust each other more as sisters.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Group Names

All the groups now have their names. Group 1-Atoma: Group 1 changed their name to Atoma. This word is Greek for "unbreakable". Group 2-Euro-Steppers: Group 2 changed their name to Euro-Steppers. The meaning behind it means that every step is a different group experience in life that helps us walk with integrity as they grow into mature young men. Group 3-Maji: Group 3 became The Maji because they wanted their name to be an example for the others, like the biblical Maji were. Group 4-Finessing Angels: This name means "graceful and elegant angels". Group 5- The Leaders of the Northern Stars or "Northern Stars": They chose this because the 3 wise men followed the northern star to find baby Jesus and to give him their gifts. Group 6- The Little Big Giants: They chose this name because it doesn't matter if your little or big, you can still be a leader. ` - Alicia Cage,Malaika Brown,& Jordan Allen, 8th Graders

Geography Bee

Hey guys its Pilar Kamia Sims. And this is my last blog, but on a positive note I had an awesome Day. I won first place in my class geography bee. So if you don’t know what a Geography bee is, it is a competition in which you compete to see if you know your landmarks and places. Also, I won in the 6th grade geography and I was going against my best friend, Jada. I was the only one I the sixth grade that won as a girl. I was also one of the six people that that won the school-wide competition. Then we did another round and I lost. But I still was happy. Like I said, this is my last blog I will miss you guys. BYE!

Jada's last day

I’m back for the last time, as you should know its Jada. I’m here to talking to talk to you about my first experience in the pool at camp. The people that could swim went in first, then 5 minutes later, the other kids went in. The counselors said that the people who could swim would teach the other kids for 10 minutes. The person that taught me how to swim is named Pilar (pi-lar). I had a lot of fun, I went under water a lot, I didn’t want to at first, but when I tried I ended up liking it and I started to go under a lot, I even dabbed under water. Well, I’m wrapping up and I had an amazing time blogging class, byeee!!!

Today I did kick ball for the first time

Hello again my name is Mikell and this is my last day blogging. I am going to talk about what I did today at group activity. We played kick ball. To the people that don’t know what kick ball is, it is a sport similar to baseball, where a ball is kicked rather than hit with a bat. What I like about kick ball is when you are at home base, you kick it and run. Every time I kick it goes high then I would run around back to the home base and make a point. Kickball is a good sport, you should try it. Mom if you are reading this, I love you. I’m having a great time so far. See you soon!

My final blog of 2017

Hello guys it’s Joshua and today is my final blog of 2017. I would like to thank Ms. Terry for giving me this opportunity to blog. I want to thank also my mom for commenting on all my blogs. Even though this is my final blog of 2017 I’m very thankful for this opportunity. Joshua signing off for now.


Hello my name is Jordan Allen and I’m in the blogging enrichment. Blogging gives you an opportunity to express your experience personally on an event that happened throughout the day. At first, I thought I wasn’t going to enjoy blogging but I’ve met a lot of new 6th Grade friends because of it.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Playing Dodgeball

Hello! My name is Tyler and this is me talking about playing dodgeball. It was very competitive between the two teams. (Team 1 and team 2). Team 1 won the first match and Team 2 won the second. Their was a lot of teamwork coming from both teams which is very important to win a game. It was down to a 1 vs 5 and if the last person catches the ball their whole team is back in the game. So that happened, which was a game changer. Can’t wait to play again!

8th grade girls class games

Hi, my name is Alicia Cage. This morning, the entire 8th grade girls class went to recreational center to do a few team building exercises. We played a game where we guiding a blind-folded classmate through an obstacle course. This took trust, communication, and listening skills. A few of us made it through the course. We played a game where we made a castle out of cards. We also played a few more games. All theses games brought us together as a whole class. It made us trust each other more as a whole.

My first time hiking

HI MY NAME IS PILAR SIMS .When I went on my hike, I thought it was going to be very boring. But when I went, I was so happy. So the first thing I did was find a rock with silver. Also, then I saw a family of ducks. Then I saw 2 horses that tried to eat my hair. The funny part is that the horses kissed me when I was taking a picture with my friends .Then me and my friend took a lot of pictures and climbed on trees. Then we got on a the bus and went back to the campus. I’m so happy to go hiking agan

6th grade hiking trip

Hey everyone, it’s Jada, today I’m going to tell you about my hiking trip. First off, it was pretty far so we had to take the cheese bus (the yellow school bus). When we got there, my group and I read some rules such as no littering, no swimming in the lake, etc. we started walking and I picked up some crystal rocks for my dad and sisters, they were so pretty. I saw two horses and I pet one. One horse was black and the other brown. I pet the head, because there hair is so soft and fluffy! We kept walking, sooner or later we finally got to the main point of the park, where the bus was. I thought I was going to be tired and upset, but I was actually happy and active, everybody in my group was having fun, including me. So, I give the hiking trip a 4 out of 5.

My Past 2 Years At Camp

As an 8th grader, I can say that I have enjoyed my past two years in camp. In my 6th grade, I was confused, yet I persevered to the end of camp. In my seventh grade year, I was homesick. I wanted to go home, and I cried every time I called home. However, I tried my best to maintain my positive attitude.This year will be a complete success. Hopefully, my 8th grade year will be full of positive memories. ~Malaika Brown 8th Grade

The 8th grade classes

Hi, my name is Alicia Cage and i am an 8th grader at Camp Montmartre. Here at camp, we have 2 classes, which are reading and math. After our two classes we have study hall which we complete our homework for the day. Our reading class is taught by Ms.Decarolis and our math class is taught by Mr.Chap. In reading class, we are learning about spoken word poems. Ms. Decarolis showed us a video by Rudy Francisco. He did a poem called "Honest Poem". We have recently even started writing our own honest poems. We have even started learning about imagery as well. In our math class,we are learning about integer , similar figures, and proportion. We have basically been reviewing over 7th grade concepts. Starting next week, we will start going over 8th grade concepts.

Going into a 15 foot pool for the first time

Hey guys its Joshua, today I’m feeling much better. Today I swam into a 15 foot pool, without drowning. I learned how to swim before I came to camp, but today I was able to do a front flip and a back flip in the deepest part of the pool. It was really fun. Even though I’m homesick, going to the pool made forget that I was homesick. I’m very excited for Monday, I’m going hiking. So yeah there is today’s blog

My Class

Hi i’m Jordan Allen and I have a class of 8 in the 8th Grade. We started out as a class 15 but overtime a few of classmates left. My remaining classmates and i feel as if we’re all brothers because of the trust and the brotherly love we have for one another.We’ve been through so much together and we’ve built such a strong bond together. I personally am not looking forward to graduation because i’m not ready to leave behind my BJP brothers and move on in life but it’s going to have to happen in order for me to grow. I’m looking forward to more activities were we’re able to bond together

Thursday, July 6, 2017

First Day of Swimming

Hey everybody I’m Timyra. I’m back with another writing, but today I’m talking about what I did today, July 6 2017. Today I went to the pool. It was so fun. For those who know me you know that when I’m in the water I can float and move around but I can’t actually move around underneath the water, today I was actually moving around. So I was playing around with my friends Raina, Reilly, Cecelia, and more. We were playing Marco Polo. Then, since they all knew that I couldn’t really swim they tried to help me do the doggy paddle in the pool, and bob in the pool. Then it was time to leave, so we climbed out the pool and went to get our towels and dry off and get our clothes. That was my day at the pool. Hope you liked my writing. THANKS, LOVE YOU ALL.

What I Like About Camp

Hello there my name is Mikell, and I am going to tell you guys what I like about camp. What I like about camp is the food, which is delicious. For breakfast we get to eat egg, bacon, toast, cereal, but you must have a fruit or a vegetable on your plate. What I also like about camp is when we have group activity. If you don’t know what group activity is, it is when your group goes out and plays games. Some of the games we play are paranoia, basketball, and my favorite: dodge ball. I like dodge ball because I get to dodge the ball. The most exciting thing for me is on Friday. Friday is when you call your parents mostly my mom because I miss her the most.

Ben Franklin

Hello my name is Tyler and I am going to be talking about the book I am reading in book club. The title of the book is “Ben and Me”, it talks about Ben Franklin and his good mouse Amos. The book is about all of the things Ben Franklin invented like the Franklin stove to help him and Amos stay warm. Also he invented the lightning rod to prove that lightning is electricity etc. If you want to know something about Benjamin Franklin I recommend this book.

Changes From Camp Montmarte 2016

Although this year will be extremely fun, there are differences compared to last year.; For example, the cafeteria and the Oak Room in the Barone Student Center are under renovation. Therefore, Fairfield University,put up an area for us to eat. Also, the recess field from last year was turned into a parking lot. Because of this, recess was moved to the back of the dorms. Even though there are differences, I am certain that we will have lots of fun because the spirit of camp will always remain the same. ~Malaika Brown 8th Grade

Hiking with my Group

My group and I went hiking on Tuesday July 4th, 2017. We walked for about an hour. On the hike our teacher, Ms.White, found ferns, one of the Earths first plants, and showed it to the group. Ms. White pointed out the spores, the reproductive part of some plants. We then took a picture on the big rock we take a picture on every time we go there. After that, my group and I walked up to a beautiful lake and admired the view. when we finished the hike, we all felt satisfied and happy that we made through the hike in one piece. We then sat on benches and talked with each other until it was time to go. So, even though, hiking was very tiring, the feeling when you complete the challenge is an amazing feeling.