Thursday, July 28, 2016

2016 Video and Camper of the Year

2016 Camp Video:

Congratulations to Aaron Hammick, Rachel Lopez, Justin Robinson, and Phillyscia Stanley for earning Camper of the Year!

Week 4 Campers of the Week

The theme for week 4 was to find grace in the small things by remaining committed to justice.  Campers did this by remaining committed to the values they have learned and discussed at camp this summer.

Honorable mentions to: Jamari Jones, Shane Cruz, Devaughn Copeland, Eudy Fabian, and Phillyscia Stanley.

Congratulations to Jeremy Peralta, Diarra Phillip, and Justin Robinson, for winning Camper of the Week!

Stay tuned for the camp video, Grad@Grad Awards, and the Camper of the Year announcement later Thursday night!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 3 Campers of the Week

Throughout week 3, the campers were "finding grace in the smallest things" by being loving, another one of BJP's five graduate-at-graduation values.  Every day, they were on the look out for acts of love, writing them down on hearts and hanging them in the dorms.  Campers also participated in spirit week, showing our love for our group, our camp, our school, and our community, by dressing up according to themes and participating in a spirit olympics.

The following campers earned honorable mentions for their effort in being loving this week: Jeremy Peralta, Zemirah Ambriton, Raify Alberto, Aaron Hammick, and Tyla Laurencin.  We look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and hopefully earn a Camper of the Week!

Congratulations to Deliya Jackman and Phillyscia Stanley who earned the Camper of the Week Award!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Pool Experience

My name is Jossana Jeffers. I was not able to do anything related to swimming. The first time I went to the pool I was not able to do a thing but get in the water.  At the end of the first lesson I was able to go under water and stay there for along time. The second week I tried to float,but I was not able to, I kept falling under the water.  At the end of that lesson, I was able to go under the water without pinching my nose and just blow bubbles. Today I learned how to glide on the water without getting water in my nose and I learned how to kick with my feet. I came to camp unable to do anything related to swimming.
Now I will leave camp knowing ways how to swim and swimming moves.
                                                                                                                  By:Jossana Jeffers(7th grade)

Group 2 goes to the Beach

    When we first went to the beach it was actually cool. When I went inside the water it look really dirty but I actually got in it was just seaweed. There were many waved but very low. It was hard to walk in the water without my shoes because of  the shells. When I heard the we were going to the beach my vision of it was that it was very small.  But to my surprise it was a large body of water.    I had an awesome experience.  We played  freezby and football.  It was a great time to be with my group as we bonded as brothers.  I didn't want the day to end because I was having a wonderful time playing in the water and having fun with my group.

by Brian Vasquez

Gaurdians Of Grace( AKA group 1)

We went from group 1 to "Guardians of Grace".  We chose this name after several discussions with the group.  We wanted a name that will bring out the theme of "Seeking  Grace in small things".  We chose this name because we see ourselves as guarding and guiding each other to find the good in all that we do.  Because all of our action is graced by God first.   
 We also chose our name because we would be the" Guardians" who will  protect grace and who seek grace in the small things.  

By;Tyler Gooden 6th Grader

Friday, July 22, 2016

'Inside Out'

          The movie that we were watching last night was "Inside Out". This movie shows our camp theme this week, which is loving, because the emotions inside of Riley try their best to make her happy in every way. The emotions inside of her are Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger. The emotions are inside every person in the movie. Then one day Riley had to move from her home, and what happened inside of her was that Riley has special memories of her in a small ball and Sadness decided to try to touch one of the special memories of her. But if Sadness touched them the memory would turn to a Sad memory once Sadness touched it but Joy stopped her. Then they both got sucked into the Ultra memories of Riley and they were both stuck inside of there until they found a way to get out of there. But the problem was that the emotions left inside of her were Fear, Anger, and Disgust. So the emotions left inside Riley had to try to act like Joy. When they tried they always ended up doing something wrong. Then the emotions Joy and Sadness were trying to get back in their headquarters as soon as possible, so they tried to take a short cut but they almost fell through the place which you can never come back from. Then they had to take the Train of Imagination and to get there they had to go to one of the islands. So when they were trying to head there some of the islands were breaking apart because of Riley's feelings. Then all the islands were breaking and then there was one last island and they had to get there fast before it broke. When they arrived to the island they got in the Train of Imagination and got in it but the problem was that the train tracks started to break, Then the train fell into the abyss. Then Bing Bong, Riley's imaginary friend, was with Joy and they both saw Bing Bong's rocket ship and they got the idea to use it to get back up the abyss. In order for the rocket ship to work they had to sing a specified song so it could work. Then once they got up the abyss Joy noticed that Bing Bong had sacrificed himself so that Joy could make Riley happy again. As soon as Joy got up there she ran looking for Sadness. Once she found Sadness they launched themselves to the headquarter and got in there and that's where Joy realized that they can work together as a team to make Riley happy and that Riley needed Sadness so she could let go of her core memories to hang on to new ones.

                                                             The End

By Raify Alberto
(8th Grade)

Group 2 and 3 going to the pool

                                                                   ^ Brian
                                    ^ Justin
Last week Friday we went to the pool and it was amazing. That day we went to the pool to help people get better at swimming. My partner was Justin. I taught him how to stay underwater for an amount of time of about 7 seconds. Next, I'm going to teach him to keep his legs off the ground while swimming. Another thing I will teach Justin is that he needs to hold his breath while swimming. I'm still working with him on trying to hold his breath because when you're swimming you need to hold your breath or water will go into your mouth or nose. We are going to do a swimming competition next week, that's why I'm teaching Justin because he says, "I want to learn how to swim," and I say, "Well, come on and try what I'm doing and I'll let you practice to get better at it."

By: Brian Vasquez, grade 6 

6th Grade Girls Trip

         Tuesday the sixth grade girls had a trip to a museum . First, we got to go in an area where certain activities had to do with magnetism heat and other types of science. There were activities where we had to build a structure while the table was vibrating. Another interesting activity was getting cold tattoos, where we got to put  our hand on a very cold piece of iron and then we had to go up to a screen that showed when cold or heat is applied and only showed on the screen. Next at the museum, we got to go into a space simulator where we had a special assignment so the flight in space would be safe. There were jobs such as the commander and the ISO's. The navigator told us where to go. We had people work as doctors so we wouldn't become sick in space. We had to work together as a team so that the engine wouldn't fail and so we would complete the mission. Later, we got to go into a section where there were things that had to do with gravity, mass, and force. My favorite was a whirlpool, when we got to put marbles on the table and make the ball spin until it went into to the bottom of the table. Another activity was when we got to use a claw and had to see if the claw could lift up the rock depending on the weight. Overall, it was a great experience and it was very fun.

By;Taylor Russell, grade 6

My favorite part of camp as a new 6th Grader by Alyssa

        I am a new sixth grader here at BJP. So far at camp I am having so much fun with all the fun activities like camp wide activity, group activity , trips , and enrichment. But the first week I was home sick. I used to cry in my closet when I thought about my mom but now I just remind myself that it's only 6 days left in the month that we are here. A few days ago my mom said she has a surprise for me when I get back and I can't wait to go home. Even though I have that on my mind I still love the things in camp. My favorite part is camp wide activity. Camp wide activity is like group activity but we do it as a camp we do big active things. We have camp wide activity every week on Sunday, except the last week of camp we don't have any because we leave. The first time we had camp wide activity we played "find my counselor" which was when the counselors hid and we found them in groups. The second time we had "minute to win it" and we played different games in groups again and competed as a group. That's my favorite thing in camp.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Alyssa Friday 6th

At The Museum

  On Tuesday we went to the museum because we were exploring and learning things about space. I always wanted to be in the Communication Team because talking is what I like. I don't mean I talk a lot I just think that I am good enough for the job because I am good with communicating with people and I can speak loudly, When I am communicating with people they say we have to speak loudly in the speakerphone. So I got in the Communicating team because of my hard work on the application they give us. When I sat down in my spot I saw a book, That book tells me everything I need to know about being on the COM team. The COM team stands for communication team in case you don't know. On the Communication team you have to read everything in the book so my next person can know what I am saying. Another thing you do on the Communication team is that when you are waiting you get to watch everyone on the camera and also we get notes. What I mean is when I am supposed to sit and wait I also wait for a message so the person can give it to me so I can read the message to that person. After the person gets the message they well respond back saying we acknowledge this message and it means that l got the message. This explains my experience at the museum and how I was in the COM team.

By: Mariah Martin ( 6th grade)

Sisters on a Journey

Sisters on a Journey, also known as group 5, is an amazing group.We came up with our name for many different reasons. We made the "sisters" part because we treat each other like family and we are all girls. We made up "on a journey" relating to our camp theme; Seek grace in the small things.
When we take a journey we start off with one small step, and then that small step leads into something bigger at the end. We are on a journey at camp. Every step we take together we learn something new.

                                                                     Jossana Jeffers (7th Grade)

Minute to Win It

On July 17th, Camp Montmartre played a game called Minute to Win It. We broke up into teams that each had two 8th, 7th, and 6th graders. It was like an obstacle course. We activities at ten different stations in the Student Center. In an activity that we played, we had to try to get 10 cups off of the table in 1 minute. We also had an Oreo cookie challenge. We had to see how many cookies we could get into our mouth using our face. We had an Oreo cookie on our forehead and we had to move our face in order to get the cookie in our mouth. In my group I won first place. I got 3 Oreo cookies in my mouth within 1 minute. The next game that I played was that I had to see how many M&Ms I could move from one cup to another using nothing but our lungs and our straws. We had to pull up the M&Ms with the straw and into another cup without using our hands. A game that was hard for me was that I had to stack 32 cups in 1 minute. My cups kept falling down. I was close to last in that one. When we were done with the course we had to give Mr. Arte the papers and he had to add up the places we got in each game. The one with the least amount in each group had to unwrap toilet paper without touching the roll. The first person to finish won. Congratulations to Zemirah who unwrapped the toilet paper first, so she won the final round which means that she is the final winner.                                          

                                                                                                            By:Jossana Jeffers (7th Grade)


The space museum was a  fun trip. I was able to experience how a real space craft is operated. We were first divided into two groups. One group to work in the mission and other to operate the space craft with the information given to us from the crew in the mission. Each of us chose our role   I  played the role of an archaeologist known as being ISO 2. My job was to operate the  robots.  When we got into the Mission room we each took our position based on our role.  While working in the Mission room we had a huge monitor in there that shows us everything that was happening on the space craft.  It was fascinating .  I felt like I was out in space. We canwas to guide the spacecraft to the moon. We can also see the movement of the spacecraft to the moon on the monitor.  While the ship was moving  to the moon it was  fun checking the fuel tank and oxygen and the air rate so the group makes it to the moon safely.  We then switched position, those in the Mission went to the spacecraft and those in the spacecraft came to the mission.  Now we need to bring the spacecraft from the moon back to earth.  So we had to follow the directions of the crew in the misssion to do this safely.   We were quickly running out of fuel so we made an emergency landing luckily we landed in an area that was safe.  We had a wonderful experience.  I wanted to stay longer.                                                                                                                                                                By;Tyler Gooden 6th Grader

The Meaning Of Armo

     Armo means ''grace" in Finnish. It is also the name of Camp Montmarte's 2016 Group 6. As a member of this group, I can say that we chose this name for several reasons. One reason was that we did not want our name to be simple because we are all complex individuals. Another reason was that we wanted to show that grace could be international. Finnish is not a well known language, but there people in the world that speak Finnish. We believe that putting "grace" in Finnish would show that grace is not limited to a particular type of person. Finally, we chose the name Armo simply because of the way it sounds. Some of the girls in my group said that it sounded like a type of perfume. Others said that it sounded elegant, which is want we want others to see us as. While we did have other suggestions for a name, Armo was the one that everyone in Group 6 wanted.

     -Malaika Brown (7th Grade)

    Displaying DSCN7668.JPG

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Group 3's Hiking Trip

We got to go on a hiking trip. Come to think of it, we went on two hiking trips because we sometimes like hiking and want to go on more. One of our trips was The Zoar Trail and it was awesome. In other words, it felt great going on our first hiking trip. On that first hiking trip we saw how coal looked in a fire pit, and that showed somebody was camping. Then when we looked up to our right we saw a nice view and there was a great big water fall. But not like the other one that I'm about to tell you.
So we got to go on another hiking trip which was my second one.It was called The Osbornedale State Park which was the best hiking trip yet. We got to see raspberries. When they're just right they're sour.
Then one of my friends said that we would see a man walking with a dog, and then the man with a dog came out of nowhere, and on that trip he helped us get back to the bus, and that was amazing. It mostly impressive. I got scratched by a couple thorns on a bush, but I'm okay.
 But in my opinion it was awesome.

By Patrick Douse Jr

Camp Montmarte's Week 4 Schedule

     Unfortunately, Camp Montmarte is coming to an end, However, the final week holds lots of fun activities. Starting on Monday, Enrichment Activities will be replaced with Camp Montmarte's talent show practice. The talent show will be held on Wednesday, July 27th. Classes will also end on Wednesday. On Thursday, July 28th, we will start to clean up Fairfield Prep, which is where we have classes. If we clean quickly, we will be able to go to Barone Student Center to bond with our classmates. After we eat lunch, three groups will go to pack their suitcases, while the other three groups will have group activity. After a while, we will switch. On Thursday night, camp t-shirts will be handed out, camper of the year will be announced, and we will watch the 2016 camp video. Finally, on Friday, July 29th, 2016, we will start to head home. We will wake up, change our clothes, and put our suitcases outside our doors. Once that is done, our counselors will come in to make sure that our rooms are clean and empty of our belongings. After that, we will load our suitcases in to the U-Haul truck, take pictures in our camp shirts, and eat breakfast. Once that is finished, we go on the bus to head back to NYC, and the 6th and 7th graders look forward to next camp season, while the 8th graders reflect on all their years at camp.

     -Malaika Brown (7th Grade)


Group 2's name is called SBM, which stands for Successful Boys In The Making. We decided to come up with that name because we found that name by getting good grades and getting to try new things. We all have a roll to play in the group to make it Successful. The boys in my group are Dany, Kenneth, Eric, Tah-Jay, Dominique, Jeremy, Deshawn, Ryan, Erique, Matthew, and Brandon.
My Counselors are Warrith and Fabrice. The original person that came up with our group name is Paris. We still miss him. Our group name was used as a term for us to be Successful Boys and do our best.

(Brian Vasquez) 6th Grader

Movie - Simon Birch

     Last week the Grad at Grad quality that we reflected on was Being Religious so we watch the movie "Simon Birch". It was about this little kid named Simon who had horrible parents, but his friend Joe had nice parents who took on Simon as their son. One day, she went to watch Simon Birch and her son Joe play baseball. When Simon had his turn to bat he didn't swing until he had the right moment.  At first her son was happy because he saw Simon hit a Home Run.  When Joe's mom saw the ball she just stood there so she got hit by the ball. The coach checked if she was breathing but unfortunately she had died. Joe began to cry because his Mom was gone
 Simon and Joe would go to the forest everyday and played around in a lake. Simon and Joe would sit on a rock, and enjoyed looking at two girls who were riding in a boat. Simon likes them both. Simon Birch replaced his mean parents with his friend Joe, who loved him very much. Simon got sick one day and had to stay home, When Joe would come to his house his parents would say, "He's sick." Joe said to Simon's dad, "You need to take care of your child." Then Simon sneaked out to say goodbye to Joe.  They remained friends and supported each other.  
What I learnt from this movie is that just as how Joe loved and protected Simon so Jesus love and protect us.
 (Brian Vasquez) 6th Grader


     Last week my group went swimming . If you don't know how to swim here, you can learn how. We also have underwater cameras that we can go under water with and take a picture with friends or by your self. We go swimming every week. but not every day. After lunch we go to the dorms and change into our bathing suits. For the girls, if you don't have a swimming cap you are not able to go in but it's okay because we have extra caps. If we run out you're more likely to not swim that day. The last time I went swimming we got paddle boards. I learned how to use it and it was fun with the help of the counselors and DeShayla. I learned so well I can now do laps with it. The times we go swimming we miss group activity and rest time for our trip, but it's worth it because we still have fun anyway.  I went to the pool and my friends in my group Zahirah and Sapphire helped me learn how to push off so I know I am so close to swimming and overcoming my fears as well. Some staff members come and swim with us, so you can ask them to help you swim, and learn the first step, which is floating; But the best thing is that we all have fun doing it. 
          Next year at camp I am sure I will be able to swim without the paddle board. And I will overcome my fear of the water.

                                                                                                                Alyssa Friday                                                                                                                                                  6th grade Girls

My experiance at the pool

     Today me and group 5 and 6 went to the pool because we were learning how to swim for the competition next week. My sister was teaching me how to swim under water and she also taught me how to swim on top of water. Me and my sister were diving in the pool from the steps. We were having a race for who can swim across the pool first, but eventually we both won! That's when me and my sister stared praticing how to swim on top of the water. When I was at the pool I also learned how to swim under water like a mermaid, and hold my breath for a long time. We kept practicing at the pool until Mr. Arte came up and told us that we have to come to the wall. The reason why we have to come to the wall is because we are showing Mr. Arte everything we have learned. We are also showing everyone around us what we know, not just him. When I was swimming on top of water I went to the end and I was ready for the competition. Then, the person that was teaching us can go practice their own swimming while the people that didn't know how to swim kept practicing for the compition next week. This all explains my experiance at the pool and how l learned how to swim.

By: Mariah Martin (6th Grade)

The Seekers: Beach Trip

         This week my group (also known as The Seekers) got to go to the beach on Tuesday since it was a hot day and Mr. Arte said so. Anyway, when we got there some of us hung out on the sand and watched the ocean flow. The others actually went out into the water and had a great time. We played Marco Polo and took a swim out in the water. To relax ourselves we closed our eyes and floated on our backs while the waves carried us away, which was very calming. I did some cartwheels into the water. Also, we joked around and had some good laughs. The best thing about this activity was that me and my group got to spend quality time with each other.

By: Zahirah Ambriton (6th Grade)


     This week's theme is "loving". We have a poster on each floor of our dorm that says, "I was loving when..." Next to the poster are hearts that we can write something loving that we saw someone do, which will give our group points.When we write something Mr. Arte will stick the hearts up on the board. By the end of this week we should have so many things written on the board about being loving.
     With that explanation of the theme, here is one explanation of someone being loving. Today, Ms. Locario presented the next puzzle piece to us. It was about Mother Teresa. She was a person who was very giving and is now well known for what she did. One quote from her that has to do with our theme is: "Not all of us can do great things, but we can all do small things with great love."
     An example of a time I saw somebody being loving happened during group activity. I saw Sukanya share her water with Lafayne, which was very kind of her. We all know that some days are better than others but if we all work together we will create a loving environment in our BJP community. To me, loving means to care and have respect for somebody no matter who they are or what they look like.

By: Zahirah Ambriton, grade 6

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hiking; Tyler Gooden

     I went hiking at Snake's Den. It was a very long walk, but didn't hurt because we were on soil. When I went to Devil's Den it was a lot of rocks, but never mind that, it was still fun! There were many great views, with many trees, lakes, plants, and animals (mostly birds and frogs). We also took pictures by a lake. It was so fun to see what nature has in store for us. Also, this was my first time going hiking so it was actually time for me to try something new because I've always wanted to at least try hiking. The good thing was while we were getting ready to go back in the bus to campus, a rain storm happened! But, we were already in the bus. That's my story of my first time hiking. 

By Tyler Gooden, 6th grader


     Rendezvous is when everyone does activities together, like dance, art, and music. Everyone has to come up with something and present it. We do other things at Rendezvous like sing songs, like "Blowing Down the Wind" and "Walking on the Rail Road" and others. The camp director Mr. Arte will choose who will come up first and present their dance or song. After people present, Mr. Arte will call up the people for art and they well present their work, For example, they would show what they made, say why, and what it's made of. After art we will do music. Music is basically when they use keyboards or other things to make a beat for the song the person is playing. After we have done that we will call up all the counselors to say who is camper of the week and who we will give a shout out too. When you say "shout out" it means people who have been showing respect, follow the rules, and improving since the first week of camp. After we give shout outs and camper of the week, we will sing a next song before we go back to our dorms because we want to show peace, compassion and forgiveness. This explains all about Rendezvous and what we do as a family.

By: Mariah Martin, grade 6

Blogging team

This is the third week of blogging and we have a new team. These people are part of our blogging team and they are: Raify Alberto, Tyler Gooden, Brian .Vasguez, Patrick Douse Jr,, Zahirah Ambriton, Alyssa Friday, Josanna,Jeffers, Taylor Russel, Malaika Brown, and Mariah MartinWe are the new blogging team. And I hope you love reading our blogs.

By Patrick Douse Jr, Grade 6

Blogging team

This is the third week of blogging and we have a new team. These people are part of our blogging team and they are: Raify Alberto, Tyler Gooden, Brian .Vasguez, Patrick Douse Jr,, Zahirah Ambriton, Alyssa Friday, Josanna,Jeffers, Taylor Russel, Malaika Brown, and Mariah MartinWe are the new blogging team. And I hope you love reading our blogs.

By Patrick Douse Jr, Grade 6

"Where Is The Love? Scavenger Hunt"

     The theme of the third week of camp is "Loving". Because of this, Mr. Arte decided to have a week long scavenger hunt. This scavenger hunt is called "Where Is The Love?". In this scavenger  hunt, we try to notice acts of love and then write them down. The person who writes the shout out gets their group 2 points. The person who's name is mentioned in the shout out gets their group 1 point. Campers will write these shout outs on hearts. Then, Mr. Arte will staple those hearts on to to the Grad At Grad board on the end of each floor's hallway. This is going on during Spirit Week, which adds to the excitement. On Saturday, we will do an activity to all find the love. "Where Is The Love?" is an excellent way for campers to be inspired to find love.

     -Malaika Brown (7th Grade)

Spirit Week 2016

Displaying DSCN6174.JPG
Mr. Arte dressing up for Superhero Character day
     Camp Montmarte's Spirit Week 2016 started on Monday, July 18th. The theme was Color Day. On that day, each grade wore a certain color. 6th graders wore red, 7th graders wore blue, and 8th graders wore green. The staff participates, too, and they had to wear black and/or yellow. Each camp group gets points if everyone in the group wears their grade colors. Today, Tuesday, July, 19th, campers are participating in Sports Day. Students are wearing t-shirts representing their favorite sports team, or they can dress up in sports equipment. This is the day that the athletes can shine. On Wednesday, July 20th, campers will participate in Superhero/Book Character Day. On this day, campers can dress up as their favorite book character, or they can wear a superhero shirt. On Thursday, July 21st, campers will enjoy Twin Day. On Twin Day, campers will wear the same outfits as each other. For example, two or more people can wear all black outfits. Campers can also dress like each other. Then, on Thursday, July 22nd, Camp Montmarte will have fun because we are having Pajama Day! The majority of camp will dress up in their most comfortable pajamas. On Saturday, July 23rd, we will participate in a scavenger hunt to find love, and on Sunday, July, 24th, for our final Camp-wide Activity, we will have the Spirit Olympics, where groups will get points if they show good sportsmanship towards each other and participation in games. Hopefully, Camp Montmartre will have a positive, upbeat, and enticing Spirit Week, just like we did last year.

                               -Malaika Brown (7th Grade)

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Isabelle and Ashley being twins for Twin Day

Monday, July 18, 2016

Week 2 Campers of the Week

Throughout week 2, the campers were "finding grace in the smallest things" by being religious, another one of BJP's five graduate-at-graduation values.  Every morning, they learned about a different part of St. Ignatius's life, the founder of the Jesuits, and his conversation.  They were challenged to find their own conversion, whether spiritual, behavioral, social, emotional, etc.

The following campers earned honorable mentions for their effort in doing that this week: Raify Alberto, Rachel Lopez, Justin Robinson, Malaika Brown, Jamari Jones, Erique Waterman, and Phillyscia Stanley.  We look forward to seeing how they continue to grow and hopefully earn a Camper of the Week!

Congratulations to Eudy Fabian who earned the Camper of the Week Award!

Math Bowl

       Saturday we had a math bowl. It was very exciting because it was like a test to see what we learned in class so far. Malaika Brown, 7th grader came in first place. I, Taylor Russell, 6th grader, came in second and in third place we have Justin Robinson, 8th grader. I was very happy because as a sixth grader I thought that it would have been hard, but I did well. The campers were cheering for us. At the end everyone congratulated all three of us with loud noise and clapping. It was fun because we took on the challenge. We had questions with different skills for working fractions and decimal and other math operations. The math bowl was a great and exciting experience. I learnt a lot as well as had fun.
By: Taylor Russell

Friday, July 15, 2016

          At BJP's Camp Montmartre, students attend class everyday except Sundays, which is when we attend mass.We have lots of fun in math and writing class. In the 6th grades math class we are learning how to multiply, divide, subtract, and add fractions and decimals. In the lessons Ms. Locario, our 6th grade math teacher, grades the homework everyday.  My grade so far is  100 %. When I get my grades back I am very excited because I am doing so good.  At first I was not  good in math but now I am  bringing home good grades to my parents.  Our writing teacher is Ms. Hyman and she is a very nice teacher, although she loves telling spooky ghost stories. We are also learning  about Homonyms, Homophones, and Homographs in our writing class.   I am learning a lot.

- Shantel Diaz 6 grade

My Favorite part of camp

     My favorite parts of camp are eating, hanging out with my group (named "Guardians of Grace"), and playing with them in the different activities to get to know each other better. I like camp because we get to be outdoors and have fun with no technology or anything else besides getting to know your group-mates and counselors more by having fun with them. I like talking to them about what our favorite parts of camp are and why we came to camp and BJP.
     What I want to do differently from my last camp years now that I'm an 8th grader is to be mature and act like a leader to the 6th and 7th graders in my group. I want them to be able to follow my footsteps and be like me in the future. What seems different this year is that I'm more mature than my old self from the past years. I am good at leading by example, because I follow instructions and do the right thing in line and in classes. This camp year has been exciting, like the past years that I have experienced, but this year is going to be my best experience yet.
By: Jason (8th grade)

My Favorite Part of Camp

     At Camp Montmartre we do a lot of fun things like camping, swimming, and hiking.
Every day we have something called Group Activity. This is when you play a game with your group. Every time we have group activity we do something new like basketball, soccer, or dodge-ball. I'm in Group 1, now known as the Guardians of Grace. In my group we have fun because we play Star Wars, kickball, and flag football.
     The game I like the best is Star Wars because it's similar to dodge-ball but if you get hit by the ball you're frozen and then the Jedi has to touch you. This is why I like Star Wars and all the other group activities.

By: Saje (6th grade)

Group 6's First Hiking Trip

On Saturday, Group 6 went on their first hiking trip. In the beginning I thought it was going to be really bad. In the beginning, I was really tired and I didn't want to walk a lot, but I had to. While we were walking, it wasn't that bad because we started to sing songs, and we got to talk to each other and I really enjoyed that. While we were walking, it started to rain and that was really bad because some girls had on bad sneakers to go hiking in so some of us almost slipped and fell. When the rain kind of stopped, we started to laugh with each other and talk about some funny, weird, goofy stuff. We took some great pictures even though we were getting bitten by bugs!! It turns out it wasn't that bad after all! I can't wait to go hiking this Saturday to see how it turns out.

By: Deandra Grant, 8th grade

                                                                Seeking Grace So Far

Maria on the first day of camp!
     Every night Camp Montmartre watches movies about seeking grace in the smallest things. This is Camp Montmartre's theme. We watched a movie called "Akelea and the Bee" and she was finding grace in the smallest things. All of these movies we watch are based on our camp theme. When we watch these movies they are teaching us how to find grace in the smallest things. I am finding grace in the smallest things because when I first came to this camp I was very shy and then I decided to find grace in the smallest things. My counselor said that I am finding grace and I believe her because I realized that it would help me have fun and be less shy if I tried to find grace in those little things. So I trusted myself and I found grace.
     Some of us are already finding grace in the smallest things and some of us are still trying. We love to sing our favorite camp song every Sunday night. This is one way we all love to find grace. We are the Brooklyn Jesuit Prep Students, and we are a diverse family filled with the spirt of love and kindness. This is how we are starting to find grace together.

By Maria Martin (6th grader)

Hiking at Devil's Den

On Wednesday, Group 2, now known as Successful Boys in the Making, went on our hike to Devil's Den. This was our second trip.

After lunch we went on the yellow bus and we were on our way. If you have read my first blog you will remember I was nervous. Well, this time I'm not nervous, I'm happy, because this time I felt like it was a real hike because there were a lot of rocks to climb and walk over. Some of the rock formed into steps. One of the funniest parts was that one of my fellow camper's legs were hurting so they asked the condenser for a piggy back ride. That most have been fun. One of my fellow campers wore two pants and so did I because my friend and I thought that something was going to bite us but it looks like there were no animals there to bite us (like our teachers keep telling us). The only animals that we saw were chipmunks, and they were harmless but they were cute. At one point we were so high up some of us said, "We are all the way up, nothing can stop us!" Sooner or later we got lost in the middle of nowhere, and we saw it was almost dinner time and our counselor said that if we don't make it for dinner we have no dinner, so we rushed to make it. When we got to the bus our counselor said that he was joking about dinner. That was Group 2's time at Devil's Den!.

BY:Tah-Jay Coore(6th grader)

Blogging Team

     This week's Blogging team consists of Jason (8th grade), Saje (6th grade), Tah-Jay (6th grade), Ryan (6th grade), Kyah (7th grade), Phillyscia (7th grade), Shantel (6th grade), Maria (6th grade), Deandra (8th grade), and Jessica (6th grade). We help each other out and work as a team to write stories about hikes, swimming, camping, school, seeking grace in the small things, and everything else we do here at Camp Montmartre. Blogging is interesting and fun. We like getting to type up stories about all of our camp activities!

By Saje (6th grade) & Jason (8th grade)

Being Religious

During our time at Camp Montmartre, each week we reflect on one of the Grad at Grad qualities. Grad to Grad qualities are the qualities and actions that we should portray all the time even when people aren't watching us. Last week, we reflected on the quality "open to growth." At the end of the Sunday rendezvous, we were introduced to the quality of being religious at prayer. Our second week at camp we reflected on the quality of being religious. For the past few days, we have reflected on the story and life of St.Ignatius on how he transformed his life from one that was very noble up until his conversion to serve God. His life and action is an inspiration to us to  change the way  we look at each other as brothers and sisters instead of individuals doing our own thing. St. Ignatius was a man who didn't make his obstacles come in the way of accomplishing his goal at war. His injuries were devastating, but he still continued to try and make peace. This is an example of how we should be here at camp, BJP and throughout our lives. We are left today with his legacy of continuing to try to spread positivity and hope.We can accomplish whatever we set our mind to do. At camp, each student has their own perspective on what it means to be  religious. using the life of St Ignatius as an inspiration.  Phillyscia Stanley, a BJP student, and a Camp Montmartre camper, said, "It's quite impressive how he changed from a immature person to someone who affects how we live today." Therefore we can do the same.

By: Kyah Henry

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep morning routine

Today we are here to talk about our morning routine First usually your consular will wake you up at 7:20 am and you will about 20  minutes to get  yourself because we have  inspection at   7:40. Now after you wake up you get your toothbrush and toothpaste so you can brush your teeth we do not want our teeth to be dirty for the day. Then you will chose your outfit for today and remember you can put on slippers and at resting period change your shoes and outfit. After you have to get ready for inspection  you may want to  make up your bed and  fold up your clothes properly and put them neatly in your draws because if you don't you get points taken off. The high score is a 5 and sometimes you get a 4.5 or four and a halve. Then after inspection is over you will go to morning assembly at morning assembly the first thing Mr.Arte will say good morning Camp MontMartre you will say good morning! Then after that Mr.Arte will tell you today's schedule after that a teacher or a counselor will  show a picture on a Lego peace

Prayer Service for Peace

On July 12th, 2016, the whole BJP community went to a prayer service that Fairfield University held for the people who were killed in the past weeks by gun violence and problems with racism. The prayer service was really sad because there was one lady who was crying while she was speaking because all of this is truly sad. Racism needs to end because God made us all as one. Just because we have different skin colors doesn't mean we are different people, because we are all God's children and he made us in his imagination. I am proud to be who I am, and so should everyone. No one should be scared to walk down the street in fear of violence. I think it was very thoughtful of the whole Fairfield University staff to stop what they were doing to come and support the service, and the same with the BJP community. We stopped our classes and everything else to support everyone.


By Deandra Grant, 8th grade

"The Truman show" movie conclusion


   The Truman Show conclusion 

Last night the end of "The Truman show".I have watched this movie many times before and as my job as a blogger its a joy for me to tell you about it. At the end of The Truman show he starts to notice that he's in a t.v show and not the real world.Truman tricks the director and the viewers to think he's sleeping.So with all his might he tries to defeat his fear of the water and tries to find the end of the dome.But of course the staff and directors don't like that he is trying to leave"his world".So on his way, they tried to literally kill him off the show.But he still lives  and drives his boat to the end. At the end of the dome he notices that there were stairs that lead to a door but before he walked in there was a voice.The voice was telling him to stay not to leave  because  the outside world is hard and sick and his world was glorious to even be in basically. But Truman wanted to be in the real world, not be recorded all the time so he said his catchphrase" And if I don't see you good afternoon, good  evening and good night!" As he left. I enjoy this movie very much. 
written by Jessica Baptiste  grade 6

7th Grade Girls Camping

                                                              Camping at Memorial Park

The 7th grade girls went camping at a Memorial Park and had lots of fun. First, we unpacked the bus and when everyone finished, we worked as a team to build our tents. Mr. Arte, our camp director, then split everyone into groups for our scavenger hunt. My teammates were Karrissa, Sukanya, and Sydney. Sukanya and I ran ahead every time we were close to finding the next card. At the end, we read the card together and worked as a team to understand where we should look for the following cards. Because of our outstanding teamwork, our team received second place. Mr. Arte's team, along with Tyla and Lefayne, receieved first place. After the scavenger hunt, Mr. Arte, Mrs. Myers, and Ms. White helped us prepare our meal and campfire for the night.We cooked our own hot dogs and roasted our own marshmallows to make s'mores. We ate roasted corn, fruits, and hot dogs. I ate my first s'more, cooked my own hot dog, and slept in a tent for the first time. Before it was time to got to bed, we looked upon the stars and found constellations. Then, we prayed and reflected back on our day.  Even though it was hot, everyone bonded and worked together. I had a once in a life time experience. I am looking forward to camping outside again in 8th grade.

- Phillyscia Stanley

Camp Montmartre First Mass

                                                               Camp Montmarte: Sunday's Mass

Mass at Camp Montmartre has been very exciting. Everyone at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep's camp went to church to learn about God and his teachings. Many of the students had a chance to sing in the choir, including; Sukanya, Jamari, Safari, Lefayne, Tyla, Mariah, Raify, and myself. I interviewed Kyah Henry, a 7th grade BJP student, about her experience of  Sunday's mass. She said, " Sunday's mass is a thoughtful and reflective day that makes each student revise on the good and bad they have done to help encourage each other." In mass, we talked about the story of the good Samaritan. A man was stripped naked and beaten, but as many people came across him, they would not touch him or help him. When the good Samaritan came across him, he used wine and oil to clean his wounds. He then brought him to the nearest hotel and cared for him. This is an example of how we Should be "men and women for others". This is challenged given to us by St Ignatius of Loyola.  The choir did a great job, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed themselves.  We are looking forward to our second mass here at Camp Montmartre.

Brooklyn Jesuit Prep Book Club

     Today, we are here to talk about one subject in our camp: book club. When I say book club I don't mean only express your feelings about the book. When we are in our rooms during rest in period or during showers we have to do our book club homework. We also get a booklet that has different assignments for the book that we are reading. On the first day at camp when you come to book club the homework would probably be to read a certain chapter and explain that chapter the next day. Also not doing your book club homework is a serious issue especially if you are a sixth grader. Book club is also apart of your report card that you get at the end of camp. If your report card is good as a 6th grader you get accepted into Brooklyn Jesuit Prep! In book club, like I said earlier, the only time you get to do your book club homework is at shower time and at rest period, which is like you taking a break from school in your room.
     In book club you will have different sets of groups and different books for each group. In my group our book is called Harry Potter and the Sorcerer Stone. When you do your homework the teachers will check if you did it and you will get graded by 1 to 10. If you get below 7 or 6 you basically have to redo your homework. Most of the time you get less homework on weekdays than on the weekend. In my group last week the teachers on Friday gave us a chance to redo the homework that we didn't do well on and also we get new homework added with that. That is a lot of homework but you still got three days to do it. Book club is almost like another 50% of your report card from camp. That means you have to take this seriously!

                                                                By: 6th grader Ryan Brown


Rising to the 8th Grade

Hi, my name is Deandra Grant, and I am an 8th grader. In my 7th grade year, I was really immature, but now that I am an 8th grader I have really grown and I am very responsible. This year at camp being an 8th grader feels kind of weird because I still feel like a 7th grader, but I have to stop feeling that way because I have new 6th graders and 7th graders looking up to me and other 8th graders. For example, in camp we have this thing called "Mentor Groups," which is basically that the 8th graders have to pick a 6th grader and a 7th grader. I picked one 6th grader and her name is Jessica Baptiste, and I picked two 7th graders, Janercie and Deyancey. In the mentor groups, during group advisory, if the counselors ask a question the 8th graders have to get their girls and we have to answer the question. Being an eighth grader made me realize that you can really change because as a 7th grader I was not a leader to the 6th graders, but now as an 8th grader, I am actually stepping up to the plate and making my friends, my classmates, and my mom-- when she sees how much I have grown-- proud, and I am very proud of myself for that.

By: Deandra Grant, 8th grade

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


                          GROUP ACTIVITY AND GROUP 

 Everyday of the week except Sundays, after rest period we do group activity. We have this so the group can play together and have fun so the group can get closer to each other and be nice to one another. That is the most exciting moment of the day.
     We also have group discussion.What we do in group discussion is talk about our highs and lows of the day. Some girls have the some highs and some of us don't even have lows of the day. We have a lot of fun talking to each other about how we feel. Some of us even cry from laughing at each other's jokes. We have the best time there with our "mentor groups". Mentor groups are when the up-coming 8th graders talk to a 7th and 6 grader or just 7th graders.

By, Shantel, 6th grade


     On Friday evening, after the 8th graders came back from their trip to Adventure Park, nine 8th grade girls went on a service trip to Prospect House in Bridgeport, CT. Prospect House is a homeless shelter. We are attending the Prospect House trips as a part of our service hours since we are 8th graders now. Ms. Lococo, the 8th grade Writing teacher, said that if we go to this service trip we can start filling in some of our hours that we complete in our 8th grade year. We went to help serve the people staying there a good dinner, which we brought from Fairfield University.
     When we reached Prospect House and I saw some of the people living there who were having a hard time, it made me really appreciative of what I have, especially my mom. When I grow up and I want to move out, I know that there is always my mom and her house to go back to. When I was giving the food to the people, I saw them smile and they looked happy, and when I saw that, it made me smile, too. It kind of made me sad also, because I really feel for them going through such a hard time, and I just hope they can get back on their own two feet and keep being strong.

By, Deandra Grant, 8th grade

The Hike to Devil's Den

      It all started off when Group 1 gathered together to go to the bus and went on a hiking trip. The ride took us about 30 minutes to get to Devil's Den. When we got there, Jamaal and Dimitri, our counselors, warned us of what we might pass by throughout the hike. They told us to watch out for snakes and other animals. We put on lots of bug spray so insects wouldn't get near us though. We continued on the rocky hills and faced many challenges throughout the way such as bugs, sweating, fatigue and a falling tree, which we all climbed over. 

We saw water-spiders jumping on the water and snakes slithering through the trees. Overall, the hike was perfect and very interesting trip to go on. Unfortunately, Saje fell on a huge rock; after he got up and everything was okay again. We were all very tired by the end of our hike and our legs were killing us. Tyler struggled throughout the way but he never gave up and didn't complain. 

By Saje (6th grade) & Jason (8th grade)