Monday, April 25, 2016

Preparing for Camp 2016

In preparation for summer Camp Montmartre 2016, all past posts have been archived on the right.  Past posts and pictures are still available by clicking on the links on the right.  The pictures have been reorganized into a sharable Google Drive.  Click on the link and then the folder to see and download the pictures

Important Dates for Camp 2016:
  • Saturday, May 21 - Parent Meet and Greet (breakfast will provided as the camp staff meets the new parents at 10am)
  • Tuesday, May 31- All Camp Paperwork and Tuition Due!!
  • Sunday, July 3 - First Day of Camp! (students will depart from BJP in their uniform at 2:00pm)
  • Friday, July 29 - End of Camp (for those that turned in a permission slip, parents' day begins at 9am; students will arrive back at BJP around noon)
Spirit Week Themes:

During week 3, each group will try to show they have more spirit and love for camp and BJP than the other groups.  They do this in a variety of ways.  One way is to participate enthusiastically and appropriately in the dress-up days listed below.  Groups will also be challenged to work together in different activities and to solve riddles related to the day's theme.  A new challenge this year will include a "Where is the Love" scavenger hunt.  Stay tuned to see how campers find and share the love, helping to build a stronger community.  Spirit Week ends on Sunday of week 3 with the Spirit Olympics!  Everything has points, including good sportsmanship!

Dress-Up Days
(Students can wear non-distracting themed clothes all day, including at school!)
  • Monday - Grade Color Day (6th Grade - Red   7th Grade - Blue   8th Grade - Green   Staff - Black and Yellow Black and Yellow)
  • Tuesday - Favorite Sports Team (Wear your favorite sports team's jersey/shirt or dress up in the sports gear.)
  • Wednesday - Superhero / Book Character (Is that a camper or Harry Potter?!  Or, if you have a superhero shirt, wear it all day to find your other Avenger nerd friends.)
  • Thursday - Twin Day (Dress in similar clothes or swap roles and dress like the other person.)
  • Friday - Pajama Day (You won't get to sleep in late but at least you'll get to be in class in your PJs.)
  • Saturday - "Where is the Love" Scavenger Hunt Finale ("People got me got me questioning...where is the love!")
  • Sunday - Spirit Olympics (Groups will create cheers and participate in games.)