Sunday, July 19, 2015

Committed to Doing Justice

With just four full days left in camp, the campers were challenged at the last singalong to be committed to the values and lessons learned at camp for the final week and throughout the entire year.

Posts to the blog will be limited as Mr. Arte is now writing them while the students prepare for the talent show on Wednesday.

Last phone calls home are Tuesday, July 21.  We can not make phone calls home Wednesday or Thursday because we are busy cleaning camp and packing up.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Un Fuego Que Enciende Otros Fuegos


   I think the camp theme is great. I think the camp theme means that the leaders of the school, who are the 7th and 8th graders, inspire other people to be leaders and to help the younger grades. I think that everyone is trying to be un fuego que enciende otros fuegos because I noticed that as a 7th grader in my second year at camp I see more leaders In camp. I know this is because there are more people getting shout outs and camper of the week. The camp theme is great because we also talk about many people in history that followed our camp theme. Some of those people were St. Ignatius, Walt Disney, and many more people who were inspired. I think everyone is trying to put their full efforts to be leaders and follow the camp theme un fuego que enciende otros fuegos. I think we are all flames that are going to light other little flames. We are good flames that are going to help burn out the bad flames destroying others from lighting their flames too.

Raify A., grade 7

Going to the Beach

My group called the SUPER NOVAS went to the beach called Silver Sand Beach. We got to play some football and, at first, some of us didn’t really want to play because they didn’t know how to play but we ended up learning and having fun! We went in the water but the water so cold it took a long time for ust to get used to the temperature. Some areas were really cold and some were sort of warm.  We were splashing at each other and messing with the crabs. Not all of us could have gone deeper but we still had fun in total.

  By: Jeremy P.

BJP’s Fairfield University Spelling Bee


At Fairfield University Brooklyn Jesuit Prep had a spelling bee today containing the winners in 1st place a counselor named Melissa in 2nd place was a 6th grader named Ryan and in 3rd place Kayla a 7th grader. In the first round the entire BJP family participated until the champion round with the first, second and third place winners. In the champion round they were giving a word to spell on the back of a piece of paper. A few of the words are these following Fair Field, University, and Connecticut.                                                                                                 
                                                                    Deliya .J. Grade 6

                                                                        Kyah .H. Grade 6

                Today BJP had a spectacular, fabulous, competitive Spelling Bee with four different groups. There were three finalists for each grade and the staff. Everyone participated in the first round. If you get the answer wrong you sit down. If you get the answer correct you go to the back until three people from the each group come together to compete against one another in spelling.  There will be twelve final people and they all must fight until the last three people are left. The three will compete to get 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. It was fun and suspenseful. The Spelling Bee was the best Academic Competition, in my opinion (we also have math and geometry bees), we have had in my four years. The winners were Kayla (grade 7), 3rd place; Ryan (grade 6), 2nd place; and Melissa (councilor), was the first place winner.

Jeffrey J, grade 8

Michael C, grade 6

7th Grade Girls Camping: Where We Are All Together

                The 7th grade girls camping trip was very thrilling. As soon as we got to the place where the tents were set up we put down our bags and started the first activity where we had to strategize as a team to get the pattern for running through the jump rope without touching it.  We were so happy when we figured it out in fifteen minutes. The second activity was where we made a clock using a pencil and a paper plate.  We had to use the sun to help on made clock work.  It was amazing to watch our clocks working.  
The third activity was the scavenger hunt. This was the most challenging of the three.  We were hunting for our flags based on the clues for almost three and half hours going up and down hills , in the woods and through marsh lands.  We were exhausted but we didn’t want to give up because the prize of if you win the scavenger hunt is that each people from your team get can of soda at dinner that night.
Later on after everything had simmered down and we had all came back to the camp site we had free time. Some people sat by the fire, played football, some people just sat and watched. We then had to cook our supper on a gri
ll and a fireplace.  We each cooked our own hotdog.  Mr. Peralta cooked corn on the cob on the grill. We had our delicious supper by the fireplace outdoors in nature.  After we had eaten dinner we made smores. This was our dessert mmmm delicious. It was very funny because a couple of people’s marshmallows caught on fire.            We sat around the fire and sang and tell jokes.  We shared what the experience was like for us.  We ended the day by participating in spontaneous prayer.  Ms Locario  started the prayer and we each said our own prayer.   We got ready for bed.  We were so excited that some of us didn’t go to bed until 5:00 am .  In the morning we woke up, got dressed and started packing up. We   ate breakfast which was boiled eggs and bacon. Over all we had a lot of fun from the difficulty of the scavenger hunt to a making Ms.Locario laugh really hard. I am definitely looking forward to going camping next year because to me the camping trip brought the 7th grade girls closer together than ever before. Camping was fun, exciting, scary and competitive.

Ayanna Brackins

7th Grade Boys Go Camping!

                The 7th grade boys camping trip was really cool. The first thing we did was take our supplies for the camping trip out of the bus. First, we constructed the tents. It was an interesting experience to put up the tent, because I had never been camping before. The first activity we did was a game where you had to hack the code of the games. You hacked the code by using a jump rope. You had to jump across the jump rope without getting hit. The game was challenging but we overcame it as a team because we worked together.
We also played a Scavenger Hunt game where they gave us a map and card that has clues for us to find the one after that one. There were sixteen clues to find that were hidden everywhere in the camp. We had to find the cards and read the back of them to get the next card clue. The game was challenging but we still worked as a group and accomplished it. Jeremy, the counselor, was the leader for our group. The clue cards were hidden in cracks, caves, and in old haunted houses. At the end we came up to an old house from the 1700’s. There was our last clue. We knew it was there, but it was hard to find it. It ended up in front of me without me even knowing! Then we found our last clue. We finished in second place but we finished in 1st in our hearts.
We ate hamburgers, hot dogs, and corn. We cooked them in the camp fire. We had to use flashlights to see if our hot dogs were ready. We cooked s’mores in the camp fire also. When it was really dark we could see the flame of the camp fire glowing in the dark. We also went stargazing.  In that we saw how little we are compared to the galaxies out there. We were thankful to God that even though we are little we have this world we can live in. Then we set up our sleeping bags and prayed, and went to sleep.
I felt a little scared about camping because it was going to be my first time camping outside in nature, but we overcame our fear of that. We got to feel how it is to go camping outside for the first time. I think I liked camping outside. If we get the option to go camping again I will go. I’m sure that my classmates would decide to go again like me.

Raify A., grade 7

New to BJP

I am a new student at BJP in the 7th grade. My name is Jeremy. This is about my personal experience of my first time at Camp Montmartre.

I was very nervous. I thought I wouldn’t be able to make more than ten friends. I made a good impression on others like new 6TH graders by becoming open growth, meaning that I did things to make games more
interesting and helped new comers be more open to growth too. I wanted to make others feel good about their first time at camp. Even though I needed to focus on my-self I tried to impress others.

I GOT CAMPER OF THE WEEK FOR THE FIRST TIME!! The way I got it was by showing a mature personality and helping others in camp. But between you and me, it’s a little hard and a little easy at the same time, but it only counts if you try your hardest and trust me your counselors will see that you are working your hardest.

I’m having a good time, and now I’m not that homesick anymore. The councilors have to yell less to the new students and there are more things to do because no one is making trouble and everyone is participating.

By: Jeremy P.  7th Grade

Theme of the Week

At Fairfield University, the BJP grad at grad theme of the week is “loving”. The theme of the first week of camp was being” open to growth”. Last week theme of the week was “being religious”. This week’s theme is loving because the students from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep are learning how to be caring and loving to our surroundings and welcoming all to our community/family at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. At Brooklyn Jesuit Prep the students are studying new topics every week which will soon become habits of the young minds and having these new topics every week are showing us how to use these new skills every week as life skills. Since the theme of the week is “loving” the community at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep is expanding their knowledge of being kind and compassionate to other human beings surrounding this community/family at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep.

Kyah H., Grade 6 

Girls Experience at the Pool

       When we arrived at the swim school we changed into our bathing suits and went into the girl shower to take a nice wash off before we entered the pool. As soon as the girls entered the pool area they were saying “WOW!!!! THIS PLACE IS COOL!” The girls who didn’t know how to swim stayed in the 3 ½ feet water and the ones who did know how to swim stayed in the 4 ½ feet water. We learned to keep our feet straight and how to paddle. We then got time to practice on what our coach taught us and some of us made improvements, but we still have to keep trying because “Practice makes permanent.”
        We also played Simon Says with Jonathan and we had to hold our breath under the water at one point in time. We found out that when you are swimming you have to keep not only your legs straight but your arms to. So that you can swim faster and you have to hold your head up sometimes to breath. At the end of the day everyone was happy and had a good time there, but when we were leaving it had already started to rain. The bus was in the parking lot which was like 6 yards away. So we all got soaking wet, and only people that did not get soaking wet were the adults because they were able to run but we had to walk in a line which had about twenty girls, but some of us got over our fears of swimming so that proves how strong and brave the girls at BJP really are and how we are open to growth.         

  Deliya Jackman, Alicia Satchell
6th grade


Staying Busy at Camp!

Group Activity

             Group Activity is when your group plays a sport or activity with you. HOT BOYZ was playing a basketball game and we had a lot of fun. In group activity we played Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is kind of like football but using a Frisbee and if you take more than three steps it’s a turnover, also if you drop it it’s a turnover. Ultimate Frisbee was fun because we were playing as a team.

Group Hiking Trip

The group hiking trip was really fun. We saw God in many things. We saw many animals on our trip. Some of the animals we saw were frogs, birds, spiders, and baby snakes. We also saw a waterfall.

School grades 6-8

School is cool because we learn new things about writing and math. In math we learned decimals, place values, and adding fractions. In sixth grade we are writing ghost stories and studying things like first person, second person, and third person point of view. In the 8th grade boys class we are learning about line slopes. It’s really simple, almost like counting. You just have to learn it first.

6-8 pool activities

At the pool we learned how to swim, and during free time we got to play and swim under water. I played tag with my brother, Terrel, and we used water proof cameras to take pictures underwater. During free swim, I raced Terrel and I won. At the pool BJP was learning to sharpen our swimming skills. It was lots of fun.

Michael C., grade 6th
Raify A., grade 7th
Jeffrey J., grade 8th

Friday, July 17, 2015

Spirit Week

            Hello, I’m Jeffrey and I’m going to tell you about Spirit Week. Monday was Color Wars, when you wear your grade’s colors. Grade six wore red, grade seven wore blue, grade eight wore green, and the staff wore black and white. Tuesday is jersey day, when everyone wears a jersey for a sports team. Also the different groups get riddles every day to figure out as a group.  Yesterday my group, The Hot Boyz, got asked the riddle: “What bird is always sad?” A bluejay is!
Wednesday was Superhero Day, when you wear a superhero shirt. I wore my Marvel “Avengers” shirt. On Thursday it was Twin Day, when you dress exactly like someone else. You have to look just like each other. Today is Freaky Fashion Friday. It’s when we can dress all weird and crazy… but not me. Spirit Week has been fun, and funny.

Jeffrey J, Grade 8 

“Meet the Robinsons”

On July 13, we started the movie “Meet the Robinsons”. It all started off when poor Louis’ mother left him on the porch of an orphanage and ran. He was raised there and at the age of twelve, almost thirteen, he still hadn’t been adopted. One day at his school, there was a science fair and a boy named Wilbert came from the future to warn Louis of a man who is after him, but of course Louis didn’t believe him. His science project is destroyed by the man and Wilbert takes Louis to the future. In the future, the time machine Wilbert used to get there was damaged so Louis has to repair it. Louis ends up meeting Wilbert’s family and there was a possibility to mess up the future.
Louis found out that Wilbert would never take him to see his mother so he helps the man that stole the time machine present Louis’ machine. It ended up destroying the future. Louis found out that the man was his roommate from when he was in the orphanage. Louis stops the man from presenting it because he knew what it would lead to. Louis ends up finding out that Wilbert is his son in the future and he has a life outside of the orphanage. Louis goes back to the present and shows his machine to the science fair. He finds people that want to adopt him and so he begins a family with them.
By: Britney A. 8th grade
       Rachel L. 7th grade

Camp Wide Activity: Fun in the Sun.

            During Camp-Wide activity this past weekend, we played the game called Quidditch from the Harry Potter series. The girl teams played against each other and the boy teams played against each other. It was fun and really hot but we all worked our hardest. All the teams from group 1 through 6 played very well. The game allowed us to work together and helped us to trust each other and
encourage each other to try very hard.
         The game made us unite more and it gave us time to communicate with each other. We all enjoyed spending quality time with our peers and working on our sports skills. We showed good sportsmanship towards each other. Some of the 6th graders even made friends with the 7th and 8th graders during the camp wide activity. It was good progress for the 6th graders. The 6th graders are really starting to warm up to the rest of the school. We got to know each other and had a lot of fun. When you try new things you find new talents and some of us have a new hobby that we can share with others around the world.
-          Ayanna Brackins, grade 7
-          Alicia  Cage, grade 6

-          Deliya Jackman, grade 6                                                

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Posts On Friday

Camp is a busy place.  Because the 7th graders will be on their camping trip and the 6th and 8th graders will be swimming (YES!), there will be no blogging group to meet until Friday.  So, there will be no new updates from students until then.

Pictures are still updated daily.  Click on the link on the right.

Mr. Arte

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Paugussett State Forest Hiking Trip

  Group 5 AKA Pyro Pieces went on a hiking trip to Paugussett State Forest, but the trail that we walked on was called the Zoar Trail. We saw a lot of new and exciting things such as blue dragonflies, and inside of a sewer we also saw three eggs which we believe held baby eels. We passed by a river and saw three geese and their five babies. There was a tree that we passed that was covered in tiny white and gray bugs that were climbing up and down the trunk.
During this trip my group gained a lot of knowledge and became more open to nature. We were not really complaining a lot about the hot weather, which was really surprising. We had an exceptional time on our hiking trip. We wish that you could’ve been there to share the experience with us. It was fun to be off the streets of New York City and explore new places and be “Open to Growth”. We enjoyed seeing things we haven’t seen before. We heard birds chirping and we liked the scent of the fresh air and trees.

Deliya J. and Alicia S., grade 6

Phoenix’s Second Hiking Trip

            On Saturday, July 11th, our group, AKA Phoenix, went hiking to Zoar Trail. It was a challenging but beautiful place. The forest was on the west shore of Lake Zoar, so we were able to see the waves in the water and the other side of the lake. There were many steep paths we had to walk up and down and there were also many logs we had to jump over. We enjoyed our hike a bit more when we played music and sang songs. We sang very loudly and off-key to our amazing counselors, Pauline and Jennell. Some screaming took place when some of us almost fell or tripped on something and it was funny. Even though we were tired and hungry, the trip wasn’t bad after all. It was fun being in nature and being able to hear the waves and the twigs crunching under our feet. It was also good to feel the wind and hear it rustling in the leaves. Over all, it was a great experience.
By: Britney A., 8th Grade      
       Rachel L.,7th Grade


BJP Barbecue at the Eagan Chapel

This past Saturday, a group of Jesuits from the Eagan Chapel on campus were kind enough to host a barbecue for us.  We enjoyed ourselves at our barbecue. They made hamburgers, which were good, hot dogs, sweet potatoes, and salads. We were given a chance to choose to drink soda or water. We sat in a circle with our groups and were able to converse with our other group peers in the grass. Our group had just returned to campus from our trip to Zoar Trail and we were hungry and pleased to have that meal. We are thankful for the food that was provided for us and especially for the Jesuits who are very kind and generous, and who are a big part of why we are here at Fairfield University.
By: Rachel L., Grade 7

Britney A., Grade 8 

Church at Fairfield University

Chapel at Fairfield University  represents the life , journey , conversion and death of St Ignatius  on it’s stained glassed windows. Yesterday at mass Fr. Allen walked us through this journey.  It was so educational and historical.  The name of this Chapel where we attended mass  is Eagan Chapel. The main point of the historical journey was to inspire us to be like St Ignatius.  He did great things and started great things such as being the founder of the Jesuit  priest.  This is important to us because our school has the name Jesuit in it. As  Brooklyn Jesuit Prep students we  are expected and most likely to become role models and setting examples for the new generation of 6th graders entering or attending Brooklyn Jesuit Prep.  As a new student at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep it was great for me to hear about the history and life of St Ignatius.  I am inspired to put his words into action – to set the world on fire and to be the light of the world.                                                                                                                                                  
Kyah .H, Grade 6



       Every summer BJP has come to camp at Fairfield University. This is the tenth time we have come to this beautiful campus during the summer. We are very grateful that Fairfield University has invited us to come here for ten years, providing us food, water, a dorm, a chance to go to school, and an amazing pool. Everyone here loves the delicious food that Fairfield provides for us. We also go to church every Sunday and worship God. Father Allen enjoys our company.
            Father Corcoran, Ms. Antoli, Brother Michael, Mr. Luthi, and Mr. Arte were all the directors here at camp over the years and they worked very hard to keep the camp up and running so everyone can be safe and have a lot of fun. We go on hikes during the week to get exercise, breathe fresh air, and listen to the sounds of nature. Everyone at BJP has been having fun at Fairfield for the past ten years and it that is how it is going to stay. Thank you Fairfield for letting us stay here on this glorious campus.
Nick A., 8th grade

Saturday, July 11, 2015

8th Grade Camping Trip: The Scariest Day of My Life

Last night the 8th grade boys resumed their camping trip. First, they re-unpacked their luggage. Then, a small group of boys played football. Mr. Chap called us over to help with the campfire (spoiler alert: we cheated(>_<). Ms. Campbell told us to gather a few twigs to start up the fire. Ms. Campbell used a lighter gun to light the wood on fire. Then, we sat down, looked at the fire progress. We talked for a little while and Ms. Campbell told us to use two-bladed (safety) pokers to put a hole in our hotdogs and cook them on top of the fire. A lot of our hotdogs got burned. We ate the hotdogs while Mr. Chap was grilling the corn in the grill. For dinner we ate hotdogs, potato salad, and corn on the cob. Then after we ate dinner, Mr. Chap asked us if we could go on a hike.
                During our hike, Mr. Chap made us circle all around the camp. First, we saw banners showing officers’ quarters for soldiers in the Revolutionary War. As Mr. Arte warned us of Crazy Phillip, we saw the entrance to Crazy Phillip’s Cave. I, the writer, was scared out of my whole entire life would come up and touch my shoulder, scaring the heck out of my skin. Mr. Chap, who was in the front of the line, tricked us into thinking that he was Crazy Phil, because he said that Crazy Phil was a shapeshifter, and we asked questions about whose name was whose. We asked Mr. Chap a question, “What is your son’s name?” He answered, “That is a tr
ick question, I don’t have a son!” Then, Jonathan the camper realized his answer and Mr. Chap promptly ran, with Jonathan coming after him. Mr. Chap stopped, giggling. Then, later on, we made scary faces using flashlights. Then I saw a moving light, thought it was crazy Phil, and started screaming like crazy—it was such a deadly adventure!
                As we got back, Ms. Campbell told us to sit down as she set up the graham crackers and Hershey’s chocolate for the s’mores. By that time, the fire was orange. Ms. Campbell said that she was proud of that fire (even though she cheated!). The group was telling ghost stories. Then Ms. Campbell told us to make S’mores. When the graham crackers were finished everyone went crazy for the marshmallows, saying, “Sugar rush, sugar rush!”
                Afterwards, we looked at the stars, talking about the Big Dipper, a shovel made of stars. We talked about planets and why the stars all look white and we talked about prayer. We rushed to get ready for bed and organize ourselves. I found my new spot in the tent.  We woke up in the morning when Ms. Campbell was making eggs, and Mr. Chap was frying bacon. That was the first time I have ever seen Mr. Chap cook something, and it tasted good. (Don’t judge me Mr. Chap if you’re reading this.)
                This trip was fun, and also scary (in a good way). I hope the seventh graders will enjoy this trip next week.

Charmansli F. grade 8

Finding God in All Things

        This week we have been talking about finding God in all things. Saint Ignatius encouraged others to find God in all things. My partner and I decided to think how we find God in all the things we do at camp. Karissa, my partner, said she finds God when in working with others. She finds God in partnership because they’re working together and that’s what God would want us to do also because Jesus had to work together with disciples to get the word out on what he teaches. An example of how I find God in the things I do is when I help my group. I help my group by cleaning the tables, throwing plates and cups away for my group, getting juice for my group, and helping the counselors line my group up. I think that’s a way I find God in all things I do because God put us here to help people and to work together and to be people of love. I think I’m doing that when I help others in my group.

        Diarra P.( 7th grade) and Karissa D. (6th grade)  


Reflections of a 6th Grader

      Being new to camp is not easy: not having any friends to talk too, having new experiences without my parents by my side, and having to do things I have never done before. But after a week of new, fun things, I have been having fun with my new friends and my roommate. And now my lifestyle is different from when I started because I’m enjoying myself and hoping to have more fun. J

      In Book Club, I learned about Harry Houdini. It was an exciting topic to learn about. After reading the whole book, a biography of Houdini, I feel like this was my favorite book ever because I’m my own person just like Harry. Harry Houdini was an escape artist that could do different things with his body. Even if he was an escape artist he made it far in the show biz. Book Club is fun so far, and I would like to read more books about Harry Houdini.

~Tyla L. Grade 6  

7th Grade Camping Trip

       Next week the 7th grade girls and boys are going on a camping trip. The 8th grade girls got to go yesterday. As a 7th grade girl who’s going camping I’m looking forward to seeing lots of animals, sleeping in the woods, and most importantly having fun! I'm looking forward to having fun with my class since we really don’t get to see each other. I'm looking forward  to taking a lot of pictures too. I actually cant wait to go to experience new things. I've never been camping before and I want to experience sleeping in the woods, and seeing if it’s as cool as I see on TV or in movies.

By: Diarra P. (7th Grade)

6th Grade Book Club

Hello reader, I hope you are having a great day so far. I wanted to tell you the books the 6th grade students are reading.
The Kid Who Ran for President: This book’s title gives away the story. Judson Moon is a 12 year old who gets the idea to run for president. He gets his best friend Lane to help him, his old babysitter June Syers to be his running mate, and a classmate named Chelsea to be his first lady.
Harry Houdini: Harry Houdini is a man who can escape from handcuffs, strait jackets, jail cells, water torture cells, and crates with nailed down lids thrown underwater.
The Houdini Box: This book is about a kid who wants to be like Harry Houdini. He tries to escape from a trunk and tries to hold his breath for 5000 seconds like Harry Houdini. One day, he meets Houdini and he gives the young boy a package. When the boy opens it, it contains all of Houdini’s secrets.
Once the students are done with these 3 books, they can choose any book from the table of books. I myself chose a book called Time Cat. It’s about a boy named Jason who has a cat that can travel in time.
I hope you enjoyed reading my article and I hope you continue to read the Camp Montmartre’s Blog. Have a good day.

Ryan N.

6th Grader

The Lion King: Spoiler Alert!

       Last night we started watching a Disney movie called “The Lion King.” Most people have already watched the movie, but for the people that didn’t watch it yet I am going to explain the first half of the movie. There lived a lion king named Mufasa who had a child, Simba, who is to be the future king of the Pride Lands. But Mufasa’s younger brother, Scar, was furious when he heard this because he was supposed to be the future king of the Pride Lands. Later, Scar tells Simba that Mufasa has a surprise for him, and he told Simba to follow him. Simba, trusting his uncle, went with him. While going to see the “surprise” behind Simba were the hyenas. Simba started to run for his life and then groups of hyenas started to chase him. They were trying to kill him because Scar didn’t want him to be the king. Mufasa found out and jumped into the group of hyenas saving Simba. He got Simba onto the ledge and when he was trying to jump on the ledge he asked Scar to help him he grabbed Mufasa’s claws and dropped him, so he died. 
      Scar made it seem like it was Simba’s fault and told him to run away and never return. He listened to him and ran away. He met two friends, a pig named Pumba and a prairie dog named Timone. They sang songs and went on great adventures together, but one day Nala found Simba and they reunited. Nala told Simba and about how Scar is ruining the land, he told her he can’t go back until he met a monkey who led him to water. While looking in the water Simba saw his reflection that looked like his dad he thought about what the dad would do and say in his head he pictured his dad talking to him. His dad told him to go back and save the land. 
     Simba went back and reunited with his mom and family. He went to war with Simba and the hyenas until the hyenas turned against something bad Scar said and them. The hyenas jumped and teared Scar apart. Scar finally told Simba that he was the real person who killed his father, so then Simba tried to kill Scar. He was going to drop him off the ledge. 
       Scar apologized to Simba and asked him to please not kill him. Simba said I’m not you and helped him up and told him to run away and never return, but instead Scar tricked Simba and threw flames in Simba’s face. Simba jumped on him and threw him off the ledge. Simba got to conquer the land and be the king. He made the land very colorful and gave the people things to eat. He married Nala and they had a son together.
The End
Deyancy G. grade 6
Diarra P. grade 7

Shemar C. grade 6

Friday, July 10, 2015

My Hiking Trip

Going hiking on Tuesday with my group “Fire Angels” was a great experience for me especially since I am a city girl.  This was my first  hiking trip.  We went to Zoar Trail.  It is located one mile north of Stevenson, about 30 minutes north of Fairfield.  On this trip we saw a waterfall, diverse woods, wildlife like bugs and worms.  It was great to be outdoors with my group. While walking in the woods we were asking questions such as “what bug is that” and “what spider is that”.  It was exciting.  I was afraid though that I would slip on moss and fall. Now after thinking about this hiking trip, it was really fun and I would like to do it again.

            Tyla l. grade 6

My Secret Talents

    My friends only know that I play basketball, but I play and do six different things. I am a dancer, a singer, a soccer player, a football player, a hockey player, and I am also very good at drawing. I know it’s surprising that I’m good at all of those things! I’ve been singing since I was four, I’ve been dancing since I was five, and I first tried playing soccer when I was eight.  I have played football with my cousin, and I tried playing hockey.  I’ve been drawing since I was eleven. When I came to this summer camp I had some friends and supporters to help me with these hobbies they help me with my dancing, I practiced my singing with the some of my friends and the my group teachers sometimes help me with sports. I’m very glad I have people who care about my talents and what I do with them. I have a lot of things that I’m very good at and that makes me feel athletic and active, and I’m proud of myself for that.

- Karissa D. 6th Grade

Going To School

     I go to school every morning with my group. First, I have writing class for sixth graders. Ms. Lococo is my writing teacher. She’s very nice and she helps me with my writing skills. Next class I go to is math class for sixth grade as well. My math teacher is Ms. Locario. She’s the best math teacher I’ve ever had in my life. She lets me know the skills that I need to work on. Last class I go to is book club. We read the book and then we discuss about it. I enjoy going to school and I always will. J

   Karissa D. 6th Grade 

My Roommate Zemiriah

       This year I have a new roommate and her name is Zemiriah. Zemiriah seems very quiet, but when we’re alone you will see a whole new girl. When I think of Zemi I think of, sweet, pretty, funny, positive, nice, and smart. Even though Zemiriah is very quiet, she has a lot of talents inside of her that I know wants to come out. Zemi is a unique, friendly and wonderful person.  I hope she continues to the BEST that she can be.   I don’t want her to change at all who she is. ALWAYS BE YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT!!!!  I am happy that I have Zemi for my roommate.  I look forward to our lasting friendship.

Written by: Deandra G. (7th Grade)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Camp Montmartre’s New Group Names

            Hello readers, I hope you’re having a great day. I wanted to tell you guys that all 6 groups have found their names. They are all great names and they all have to do with our theme: un fuego que enciende otros fuegos.  This means: A flame that starts other flames. I will now list all the group names and list why they chose that name.

Group 1: Hot Boyz: They chose this name because fire is hot and they are 1 of the 3 boy groups.

Group 2: The Burning Bushes: This group, which I am a member of, chose their name because God spoke to Moses in the form of the burning bush and inspired him to lead the Israelites and then Moses inspired the Israelites to follow God.

Group 3: SuperNova: They chose this name because supernovas are the brightest thing in the galaxy and if they are the brightest light at camp they will lead everyone the right way.

Group 4: Fire Angels: They chose this name because the theme has to do with fire and because angels are related to God. 

Group 5: Pyro Pieces: This name was chosen because Pyro is a Greek word for fire and because the girls are individuals like pieces.

Group 6: Phoenix: This name was chosen because when a phoenix dies, it sets alight and a new Phoenix is born. This represents resurrection like Jesus’ resurrection.

These are all the group names and they all represent our theme, and most importantly, God. I hope you enjoyed reading my article.

Ryan N. (6th Grade)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Our New Blogging Team

          Our blogging team for week 2 consists of: Shemar C. a 6th grader, Charmansli F. an 8th grader, Ryan N. a 6th grader, Nick A. an 8th grader, Jordan K. a 7th grader, Eudy F. a 6th grader, Stephen N. a 6th grader, Tyla L. a 6th grader, Karissa D. a 6th grader, Diarra P. a 7th grader, Deandra G. a 7th grader, and Deyancy G. a 6th grader.

We are looking forward to a great week with our new blogging team!

Group Activities at Camp

At Camp Montmartre we do a lot of different activities. So far we have done Knockout, Soccer, Kickball, Basketball, and Wiffleball. I (Eudy) liked Soccer and Wiffleball because we were the most competitive and we played well. When we scored we were cheering. We did a lot of good plays.  I (Jordan) also liked Kickball and Soccer because we played a great game. We lost by three goals in Soccer and we won in Kickball 11 to 10!

By Eudy F. (6th Grade) and Jordan K. (7th Grade) 

Room Inspection

Room inspection is a big deal. We have to clean, empty the trash, have all our clothes folded, and be ready for the day when it is inspection time. Not to mention get dressed, brush our teeth, and fill our water bottles if we have one. Room inspection happens in the morning. The most points you can get is 5 each day. The inspection is serious if you want to win the contest each week. The reward is a pitcher filled with soda that we can drink at dinner. We also get a shout out at morning assembly.

Written by Stephen N.  grade 6 

My Roommate Daisy

     My roommate's name is Daisy. She is very sweet and fun to hang out with. This morning, she tickled me until I fell off the bed. The best qualities that I see in Daisy is that she is nice, kind, gentle, funny, and positive. I love her as a friend and I want us to continue being friends. When I was sad, she had a mission to make me happy. She will do anything for me to be happy and I love her for that. She’s a good friend, and a great roommate, and I want her to stay that way.

     Karissa D.  6th Grade

St. Ignatius

This is the second week of camp. Our theme this week is Religious, meaning being amazed about what people do to help others. The person who we are focusing on for being religious is St.Ignatius. St.Ignatius was not considered a saint until he was older. As a child he grew up in a very noble family getting everything he wanted. As he was growing up into his early 20's he loved to party, go out to look for girls, and he liked to drink, fight, and do things that went against the Bible. He was in the war with France in 1521. While fighting, he got hit with a cannonball in his leg. He shattered his knee, and since there wasn’t any pain medication he went through unimaginable pain. They noticed one leg was longer than the other so they had to re-break his bone, which put him in even more pain.

          While in the hospital he was bored and asked for books to read. The staff came in and gave him a book of saints and the Bible. He didn’t want to read them but he had no choice. After reading them he found it very interesting and decided to be just like the saints and change his ways. He gave up his life of fighting and founded the Jesuits, who eventually founded Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. Up to this day he is an inspiration.

~written by: Diarra P. 7th grader and Deyancy G. 6th grader

The Stag

Hi, my name is Shemar Cruz.  I would like to talk about an incident that happened to me with a stag. It was on Sunday afternoon, and we were playing Six Flags. As soon as the game started, I was running and thinking about how I was going to win the game. I saw a group but there were too many people. I couldn’t go in alone. I saw my friend Spirit, so I called to him and said, “Come help me ambush the other team!” I would distract them while Spirit tried to get the other team’s flag. I ran up to them to let Spirit get away. I screamed and said, “Hey, come and get me!” They started running after me and when I was waiting for them to catch up the unexpected happened: a mighty stag came from out of the thick bushes and hit me with the strength of a football player, into my chest. I fell to the ground but I wasn’t going to let that stag get away with what it did to me, so I got up and with all of my strength flung my whole body into the stag’s stomach. When I hit it, I fell back down. The last thing I saw was the stag leaving into the parking lot. I was relieved to know that I was still alive. Other people came running to me, and asked me if I was alright. I replied, saying “I AM GOING TO GET THAT THING!”  I wasn’t badly hurt, but I was lucky. I went to sit down and the teacher looked at me and asked if I was alright, and I was.
And that is the story of how I met a stag.*

Shemar C. grade 6

*Note from blogging advisers:  No child or animal was harmed during the campwide activity.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

6 Flags “More flags more fun”

            On Sunday we played a camp wide activity   called 6 Flags MORE FLAGS MORE FUN.   The rules were that we had our own territory which   if someone came in we had to capture their bandana and if we did we had to take them to jail.  While we were taking them to jail the other teams weren’t allowed to take our bandana.  The way to win the game is to have six flags in your hula hoop.  There were 3 team.  Each team had 2 different colors. Team 1 was blue and light blue, team 2 was red and orange, team 3 was gold and green.
            At one point my team had 5 flags.  The point of the game was to raid other people territory and steal the flags. One of the girls in our team called over public safety to help us capture the enemy.  I guess public safety thought it was a big deal because they actually stopped and came out the car.  We all thought they were going to take the enemy to jail.  Near the beginning we climbed trees to look out for enemy’s (other teams) also we snuck through the forest into the outside of the pond so we could get more flags. 
            A few counselors in the game were taking most of the flags. That was why at one point our team (Team 1) had one flag. The campers were also getting flags but mostly we were protecting our territory.  Overall the Green and Gold team won the game.

By Eudy Fabian (6th Grade)  and Jordan Keels (7th Grade)

My Time at Dance Class

    In dance class I learned a lot of new dances. The first day of dance class we learned how to do a Soca and African dance, but we thought it was really difficult so we changed the dance and we ended up doing a Hip-Hop dance called, “Whip and Nae Nae,” and it was really fun and cool to do. I learned some new dance moves from the dance teachers even though it was hard. I was open to growth because I tried to do it even though we failed we still tried to do it. When we did our performance everyone loved it and cheered for us. Everybody in the dance group enjoyed themselves and enjoyed doing it.  I wanted to stay on, but I had to move on to blogging.

Deandra G. 7th Grade

Sunday Camp Rendezvous

            Students bring their talents, dances, art, and music to this one event that occurs every Sunday.  The students did presentations according to their group. For example, the dance group did the Whip & Nae Nae, The art group showed their art creations, the Navy Seals and the playoffs called out their nominees, and music performed the music they were learning in their class. The groups also did their own songs, dances, and skits. We also had a sing-along with the whole camp. For ex
ample, we sang 500 miles, Sweet Chariot, Boom Chicca Boom, etc. The counselors also gave shout-outs for students of the week. They also told us the 3 students of the week who are  Darien – 8th grade, Giovanna – 8th grade, and Lina – 8th grade.  Threee cheers 8th graders  for showing great leadership.  After the counselors called out the students of the week, we had chapel and then we all went to sleep in the dorm. It was a wonderful and productive evening.

By: Ryan N. (6th Grade) and Nick A. (8th Grade)