Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Coming Home

Parents' Day will be on Friday, June 25.  It starts AT 9:30am (no earlier) and ends AT 10:30am.  Those parents who have already signed up to participate may pick up their campers during that time.

The buses leaving camp will be back at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep around noon on Friday, June 25.  Please gather in the backyard of the church just like when we left.  The campers will be dropped off at the entrance to the church yard and you may use the space to reunite.  The camp staff will unload the luggage and place it on the sidewalk so that it is organized and easy to claim when you are ready to leave the church yard.

Camp Montmartre Talent Show

Yesterday, the final field trip took place.  LOL enjoyed the beach at Silver Sands State Park.

Today was Campers' Day.  Campers replaced the regular staff and ran camp.  The director was David Garcia and there were many new counselors and teachers running the show.  They did a terrific job, especially with the talent show.  Check out the pictures in the link the right!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Club Flies Some Kites

During week four, there is not a blogging group to continually update the website.  Mr. Arte will make one post a day outlining the activities.  The pictures in the link on the right, however, are still continually updated.

Yesterday, AUG went swimming at Silver Sands State Park.  They enjoyed the Sound water and playing football in the sand.

Today, some of the seventh graders flew kites during book club.  They read Ben and Me this summer and part of Johnny T remain, both books about the founding of the USA.  Because Ben Franklin was famous for his kite, they decorated kites and then learned how to fly them.  Who knew wind could be so complicated!

Check out both of these activities in the pictures on the right: 2014 Camp Photos.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Overall camp experience

 Rosanny: Camp is fun so far. It is going by quickly and I get to spend it with my friends. We leave camp next week and I am going to miss everybody. I also recognize that I am taking the responsibility on being a leader, since new 6th graders came into the school. 

Rachel: Camp was a great experience. My group, L.O.L Pac are like my sisters. We have built a great bond together. The food is really good too. Being here for a month has gave me the time to try new things and make new friends that I will see in September.

By: Rosanny Lopez
          Rachel Lopez

The Royal Kingz trip to the Beach

The Royal Kingz had a trip to the beach on July 18,2014.  We went to the beach.  It was an exciting moment. We splashed in the water,we played football and Frisbee,we danced around on the rocks the rocks.  The weather was great so we took advantage of  being outdoors and having a wonderful time as brothers. We had a lot of fun as a  group and we get along well with each other.  This was a day to remember.  GO ROYAL KINGZ 

By:Jordan Weekes & Charmansli Francois


The Goonies

    This week we focus on loving so we watched the movie The Goonies. It is about a boy named Mikey and his friends who find a treasure map in Mikey's attic. The boys go to the place where the treasure is. Mikey's brother Brand follows them and meets up with 2 girls that he knew. They go to the basement and find different doors with different things. They embarked on a weird adventure.They find a dead man in the ice cream room. Stay tuned for the ending that we will watch tonight.

 By: Rachel Lopez 
       Rosanny Lopez

AUG and Glory Boyz soccer game

On Thursday during recess, AUG went against the Glory Boyz in a soccer game. The Glory Boyz had good defense, but they could not take on AUG. In the first half there was a tie of 0-0. The second half the game started heating up. Daniel Niles changed the game with the awesome goal of AUG 1 and Glory Boyz 0.
When it was time for Chris (a counselor) to take the field he scored a "lucky" ( In Mr.Arte's words) shot. AUG cheered and said "good game" with the players of Glory Boyz and went on with the rest of recess.

Tune in to see which group wins the championship round.

By: Danielle Baptiste and Robert Sessing 


  The second movie for the grad@grad, Loving, is called Pride. It is inspired by a true story. It takes place in 1964 with an African American named Jim Ellis. He loves to swim. In a swim meet, the crowd was booing because in the 1900's there was a lot of segregation and racism to black people. Jim had gotten into a fight with the police and got arrested. 

  10 years later, Jim received a degree in mathematics and is looking for a job. Someone tells him to go to Marc Foster Recreational Center at 9:00 am. When he got there, he talks with the boys outside of the Center.  One of them knocked down a radio and the gang the radio belonged to tried to get them back. He also meets a man called Elston. Jim has to clean up the whole building because the rec-plex center is being closed down.   

  When the basketball rim is taken down, Jim lets the kids come in the pool. He taught them how to swim. Then the kids get together as a swim team. There was one boy who couldn't be put on the team and had to be replaced by a girl. Later on, he was able to get on the team because he was staying in school. While the team becomes more famous, the gang comes and vandalizes the rec-plex center where the pool is. Right when the swim team comes inside, they see the gang, Jim tries to drown one of the members. 

 The team went through a lot but persevered to the end.  They supported and encouraged each other to go to very end. They finally made to the end and was victorious.  Their name reflected the love they have for each other-FDR meaning PRIDE  DETERMINATION and Resilient.  A great message for us to love each and to support one another through it all.  A great movie-a wonderful lesson.

By: Rosanny Lopez
          Rachel Lopez

Glory Boyz' Trip: Indian Well's State Park

   The Glory Boyz went on their 3rd trip to the Indian Well's State Park. The group had driven into the parking lot and dressed for the beach. At first the water was cold. Some of  our members screamed of how cold the water was. Charmansli and Dominque were so scared of falling in the water. Ivan and Charmansli were drawing in the sand. Chris, Jaymes, Jesiah, David, and Charmansli were playing slingshot tennis on the sand. Adelani, David, and Jesiah were playing football.   We made much of our last trip together as a group.

MWU vs LOL pac soccer game

On July 18,2014, Magic Within Us (MWU) and Leading Outstanding Ladies (LOL)  competed in a soccer game. 
MWU  won the game. 

Samantha Colorado  made the last goal winning the. Isabel made a goal for MWU  so did Ms.Shi-Ann for # LOL Pac. Once again MWU won and will be playing again for the  Championship.

Stay tune to find out who will rise up to beat the MWU, Royal Kings or AUG.

By: Jonathan Arecius - 7th Grade
       Zhane Gill            - 7th Grade

Friday, July 18, 2014

week of loving

July. 18, 2014
Week of Loving 
            This  week we have been focusing and reflecting on the grad at grad quality of LOVING. On Monday we talked about how we should be loving to our group and work together in a loving community. On Tuesday we discussed how to show our love towards our family and how to bond with each other. On Wednesday we reflected  how to love our peers and how our peers should  lead us on the right path. Thursday we learned how to love our school community and today we talked about how to love one another and our different cultures that allow us to come together to make us one and make us a loving BJP community.
We are blessed to be among such a diverse family.  We share in each other customs and traditions.  We have a lot to learn and share with each other.
Thank God for our many cultures.  WE ARE RICH.    
  By: Samaya Smith & Samantha Colorado

Freaky Fashion Friday

Today the best and last day of spirit week was Freaky Fashion Friday.  All camp groups participated, but few earned the ability
to perform in the parade.

The winners were : First place was awarded to MWU (Magic Within Us). Second place was awarded to  #Team Loyal. Third place was awarded to # LOL Pac (Leading Outstanding Ladies)

We all had a great time celebrating Spirit Week.  What a great ending to this fantastic week.

By: Jonathan Arecius - 7th grade
       Zhane Gill            - 7th grade

Deina's B-Day

 Yesterday on July 16, 2014 we celebrated Deina's birthday. Early in the morning she was greeted by members of her group - Team Loyal. During morning assembly Mr.Arte announced that it was Deina's birthday. She was congratulated all day long. During dinner the whole school sang happy birthday to her. She had a cake which was shared with her group #Team Loyal. Deina was really happy all day long. Happy Birthday Deina. 

By: Rosanny Lopez
      Rachel  Lopez 


Thursday, July 17, 2014

camp wide activities

     The second Sunday of camp, our camp-wide activity was an egg drop. We had two rounds, one inside and the other outside which was a harder drop. Most people who were eliminated in the first round's eggs broke. Most people who moved on had used plastic bags as parachutes. There were a lot more winners than was expected. There were plenty of winners at the egg drop it was very fascinating. Some people did amazing things to protect their egg but when the eggs dropped, it survived the fall. The first egg drop was inside. The competition of  the egg was by roomate .  This was a great way for us to work together.  Teamwork.  The winners of the egg drop competed at the rendezvous.  It was really a fun day.

By: Danielle Baptiste

Shanya's B-Day

      Shanya's B-day
Shanya Cruz had a wonderful time yesterday. Shanya woke up by the singing of Jenelle and by her group (MWU). Not only that but she was super excited to celebrate her birthday. During the day Shanya was able to spend her birthday for the last time in the BJP community because she is now in eighth grader. She was given a cake and was sung to by the entire BJP camp.
Happy Birthday Shanya!!!!!!!
By: Samaya Smith & Samantha Colorado  

Twin Day/Triplets

 Today is the 4th day of Spirit Week.There was a Parade of twins and triplets by campers and staff members. Mr. Arte is still deciding on the winners. A really hard decision to make, all the participants were great. 
Team Loyal was not available for  "Twin Day" parade, they went on a field trip to the beach.
The campers and staff who did not participate cheered us on. There was great encouragement by all. 
We had another GREAT day celebrating Spirit Week.

Stay tuned for the results.

By: Jonathan Arecius

L.O.L Pac Hiking Trip #2

Yesterday on Tuesday, L.O.L Pac went on a hiking trip. It was fun, but we only got about 10 minutes into the woods because the rain came down. The bus ride was fun both going and coming back.  The campers in L.O.L Pac sang very loudly in the park. I am sure the noise scared the wildlife there. Walking into the woods we met a friendly dog. Since it started to rain we went back to the entrance and waited for the bus to come. Every minute it started to rain but the rain did not stop the fun.  We made a negative situation into a positive one by dancing in the rain. We danced to Adele and soca music. Going back to the university, we sang loudly and had a great time. Even though we did not get to hike, the singing and dancing we did made it a great day.

By:   Rosanny Lopez
        Rachel Lopez

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Spirit Week

Today is the third day of spirit week, the theme for today is, "Dress like your favorite book character/super hero".  A lot of campers and staff wore T-Shirts,and went all out. The winners were: 
Samantha Colorado-Cat Woman, Justo Hierro- The Joker, Jonathan Arecius-Power Ranger,and Mr. Arte-Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle- Raphael
We enjoyed the festive costumes, seeing many campers and staff dressed up, some of the costumes were: Super Man, Cat Woman, Bat Man, Wonder Woman, The Joker and Minnie Mouse. 

Tomorrow is the fourth day of Spirit Week.
Stay tuned for "Twin Day" as we continue having fun at Camp.

Robert Sessing-6 grade
Daniel-Ashley Lindo- 7 grade

Daisy's B-Day

July. 14, 2014
Daisy's B-Day

        Today was Daisy's first birthday in the BJP community. She was awoken in the morning by her group (MWU). Jenelle the counselor woke Daisy up and started singing happy Birthday to her and she was very happy and excited on her very special day. The entire camp sang to her and she got a cake which she shared with her group.  All day Daisy wore her birthday hat.
Happy Birthday Daisy.
    By: Samaya Smith & Samantha Colorado


Bedtime Stories

                                                                                                                                             July 15 , 2014

 This week we are reflecting on the grad@grad quality LOVING so we watched a movie on LOVE called " Bedtime Stories " .This movie starts out with a manager of a motel and his name was Marty Bronson. The name of the motel is called Sunny Vista. It was a small motel and it had 3 floors.

  Skiter Bronson,  Marty's son, loved the motel more than Marty did. He would always come up with ideas to improve the motel. Every night, Marty would tell Skiter a " bedtime story ". 25 years later, Skiter was the one who was working hard the most out of everyone in the hotel.When the announcement for the new manager was announced, it wasn't Skiter even though he had worked for a long time. Then, he went to his sister's house to give presents to his niece and nephew. His sister asked him to watch over them for a week because she has to do a day and night shift. 

 With the help of Bobby(niece) and Patrick(nephew), Skiter takes care of the two kids with Gill. Gill is Bobby and Patrcks mothers friend. The bedtimes stories consist of Skiter being the main character and getting everything he wanted. When the kids told the parts in the story, those things happened just like him winning the hotel manager position. When Skiter finds out the location of the hotel is at Bobby and Patricks school that is being torn down , he fixes everything and finds a new location for the hotel. He and Gill  marry and tear down the hotel to make  hotel just like Skiters father.

                                                               The End   

By:Robert Sessing
       Rachel Lopez

AUG Hiking Trip to East Rock

On Monday July 14,2014, Archangel Under God went to East Rock. It was fun because our counselor Chris, brought a football, some people played a game of football, just for the fun of it.
The Captains of the team were Dja-Hene and Justin Jones.  They were one of the best football players.
The game ended up being a tie, because both teams were great. We enjoyed the beautiful Connecticut State by looking at the view from the mountain.
 While we were walking, Justin Adams, Daniel Niles, Faris Rassac, and Jonathan Arecius were quizzing each other on a show called Pokemon.  When we started on the hike it seem very easy, but as we headed back to the bus, our journey became  a bit challenging.
We great Team work and perseverance to made it back as easy as we started out.

A GREAT EXPERIENCE, WE HAD FUN.                                                                                                          
 Jonathan 7th grade
 Zhane - 7th grade                                                                                                          

Week 3 Blogging Team

Week 3 Blogging Team 
 Week 3 blogging team is working magnificent. On  the team  we have Jonathan Arecius, Robert Sessing, Charmansli Francois, Jordan Weekes, Samaya Smith, Rosanny Lopez, Rachel Lopez, Danielle Baptiste, Daniel Ashley Lindo, Zhane Gill, and Samantha Colorado. These are the people who are in the crew who will be informing you  of  all the fun things we will be doing and learning this past week.
      By: Samantha Colorado

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday rendezvous

                On Sunday, we had a rendezvou, or get together, after showers and before bedtime. AUG were the first to perform what they have practiced for an hour. They did a remix to a song and Jonathan was dancing while Chris was rapping. They were applauded when they were done and sat back down. #Lol pack did a remix to the song ABC by the Jackson 5. Next was the dance team's turn to take over the stage. Leonna Morris, Zhane Gill and Jesiah did very well. We were applauding and cheering very loudly until it was the next groups turn. The next group was music.They did Mary had a Little Lamb and the Happy Birthday song. The next group were Royal Kingz. They changed the words to the song Royals by Lorde. Then, MWU (Magic within us) sang and did a dance to the song Magic by B.o.B. Glory Boyz did a rap to the song Pretty Boy Swag by Soulja Boy. Lastly, was the group #TeamLoyal with their wonderful chant and step dance they did.

                  Some camp songs we sang were When The Saints by Louis Armstrong, Blowin in The Wind by Stevie Wonder, Boom Chicka Boom by The Learning Station and many more famous camp songs.
                   The camper of the week for this week 8th grader, David Garcia.
                    Tune in to find out what we perform next Sunday and to see who the camper of the week will be.

By Danielle Baptiste and Jordan Weekes

Spirit Week

     Today is the second day of spirit week , the theme is "Jersey Day:  All of the BJP sports fans dressed up in their favorite football, basketball and  baseball Jersey to show their team pride.
Just like yesterday there was great  participation by not only the campers, but also the staff.
This week is the third week of camp so to keep the camp spirit alive we have spirit week this week.
To keep the campers motivated  we said our motivation chant yesterday after dinner.
The results of the "Jersey Day" group dressed up was not available  because L.O.L. pac went on their hiking trip.

To find out who wins the "Jersey Day"  stay tuned.

Second Sunday Mass

Second Sunday Mass
               On Sunday when we went to mass Father Charlie Allen was our main celebrant.  He was a lot of fun and inspiring.  The gospel was about  the parable of the Sower and Seed. Father Charlie did a good job explaining to us what the parable meant. what we understood from what he was trying to tell us was that we must never forget what God wants us to do. He said that the gospel has 4 challenges for us. The first point  is that when the farmer planted the seeds ,he sprinkle them on the soil the birds ate the seeds. This means that some people loose their faith in God easily because they were not rooted so that they weren't able to grow. The second point is when the Farmer planted the seeds on the rocky soil. The meaning of this is that there are a lot of obstacles that prevent us from being with God and taking the right path, which is usually the road that is less traveled by.  The third point is when the farmer planted the seed in the throne bushes. The throne bushes represent the negative people that try to hurt us and push us even farther away from God. The fourth and final point is when the farmer planted the seed on the fertile soil. These seeds are like the people who are one with God and trying their best to do the work of God on earth and are brave every single day with the help of Gods love. 
       Father Charlie told us that for every time we say YES we are saying NO to a thousand of other things.  This  awareness was very inspiring. For example he said that when people say YES to an Ipod or an Ipad we say No to a thousand things like education, reading, and writing. 
      Father Charlie also stated that for the first time in all the years that BJP has been at Fairfield this year was the first time that he has ever heard a bad comment about us and that was that our time at Fairfield was too short.  
         In church we also had several people sign up for choir from all the grades to praise and worship God.  The choir was hard at work; they filled up the church with beautiful music that the church loved.  They even  sang one of our favorite songs The CITY OF GOD.  
 Stay tone at Camp Montmartre's website to know how AWESOME camp is going for us.
        By: Samantha C. and Samaya S. 

European Handball Competiton

   The Competition Between #LOLPac and            #TeamLoyal
Yesterday #TeamLoyal and #LOLPac played European Handball. It was a tough game but it was still fun. #TeamLoyal and #LOLPac had a game that was challenging. One team was fast and the other team was tough. The score was 2-1 and #LOLPac won. It was a very close game. The game lasted for 10 minutes and everyone in each team had a turn to play. Everybody tried hard but there could only be one winner. Today #LOLPac is going against Royal Kingz so let's see who will win.
by Britney and Daisy Aparicio

Loving grad at grad

                                                                                                                                 July 14, 2014
  This week, our grad@grad quality is Loving. Why we put loving as the grad@grad quality because we are challenged to love each other like a family. That's because Camp Montmartre is a whole spiritual family.

  That doesn't mean you say " I love you "and that's it. It means to show true love and affection to that person or those people. Everyone has a little love in their lives even if others think they are a very bad person. No one is perfect and there is no such thing as perfect love. We can try our best to to reach the step before perfect love because it does not exist yet.
                                                                                                             Charmansli Francois 2014

Monday, July 14, 2014

Spirit Week

       Today is the first day of spirit week, and the spirit is definitely in the air. This week is also the third week of camp, just one more week to go until you see our bright shining faces. Today is group color day, the colors are red, green and blue, Magic Within Us is green, Team Loyal is blue, L.O.L Pac is red, Royal Kingz is green, Glory Boyz is blue, A.U.G is red, and our wonderful staff is white. Each group looked colorful and festive in their outfits and I hope that for the rest of the week the festivity builds and continues.Their was a great amount of participation by each group, but Team Loyal got the most points for participation. At the end of the week, the group with the most points get to use those points in our camp wide activity on Sunday. There will be more days with different themes on how to dress up, to find out what tomorrows theme is stay tuned.

Rosanny Lopez- 7th grade.   -
Daniel-Ashley Lindo.-7th grade

The Secret Life of Bees

    For the second week of Camp, we focus on Religious, one of the five ideals of a Jesuit school. To give, us an example of what it means to be Religious, we watched the movie "The Secret Life Of Bees".

     The movie titled "The Secret Life Of Bees" was an amazing movie. The setting of the movie is in South Carolina in 1964, this is a tale of Lily Owens, as a 14 year old girl who is haunted by the memory of her late mother. To escape her lonely life and troubled relationship with her father, Lily flees with Rosaleen, her caretaker and only friend, to a South Carolina town that holds the secret to her mother's past. Taken in by intelligent and independent Boatwright sisters, Lily finds solace in their mesmerizing world of beekeeping.

   By: Rachel lopez - 6th Grade 
          Zhane Gill      -  7th Grade

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Group/ Grade Level Discussion

Everyday after dinner each group go to a quiet spot to have  group discussions on the values of the week with our counselors. This week all the discussions are about RELIGIOUS; therefore we reflected and discussed about the lives of different saints. We begin our discussions by rating and describing the highs and lows of our day. Then, we talk about the role models we discuss in the morning and how they represent each of the weekly themes. On Saturdays, instead of group discussions;  we having grade level meetings with the teachers and counselors. We talk about what happened throughout the week and what is expected of us back at school. The 6th graders are to learn from the upper grades,the 8th graders are the leaders of the school, and the 7th graders are expected to both lead and follow others.  We look forward to our daily discussions.

 by: Eynique Waterman 8th grade
Amayah Hutchinson 8th grade

The Math Bowl

Today we had a math bowl competition, this is when students compete against each other according to grade level. Two of the best  students in each grade moves on and compete against the best two students per  grade. 
The rules of the game are, students names are place in a cup, the teacher draws a name to determine who are the opponents. 
When you are called, you will go up to the table and write the problem down on a piece of paper, then solve it. If you have the correct answer the teacher will put your name to the side of correct answers. 
If your answer is wrong, your name gets put to the the side. Those who make it to the final rounds, their names also get pulled out of the cup and the same routine continues until there are three remaining players.  These three remaining players compete against each other.

Congratulations to the Champions.

The winners are: First place :     Faris Rassac
                           Second place : Kayla Thomas
                           Third place:     Nick Aguilar.  

By: Ryan Perez and Devaughn Copeland

sixth grade book club

Everyday after school we have silent reading.  The books sixth graders are assigned to are "Houdini" and The  Kid Who Ran for President".  Houdini was about doing magical tricks.  One trick I liked the most was when Houdini  was locked in a casket and put down into the cold East River for half an hour.  The book was intriguing because of the many ways Houdini was able to free himself from the locks and handcuffs.   
We finished that book and moved on to a new book called The Kid Who Ran For President.  This book is about a kid who wants to run for president. The kid's friend Lane,  has a check list of campaign strategies, like who the vice president should be, the first babe.  The kid made an old lady vice president, her name is June Syers.   Lane believes that because she will be a good teamate for him because  she will get the handicapped votes, the senior citizens votes,and African- American votes; while he will get the votes from the kids.  We are enjoying our book club and the activities.  
On Monday we will perform our own magic show.  We will practice 12 magic tricks from a kit.  We can't wait.......count down!!!!.

    By Dominique Beaucejour and devaughn copeland

8th Grade Silent Reading

       Currently, the 8th graders are reading two different books, both by the famous author Walter Dean Myers. The first book we read is called Harlem Summer which takes place in the 1920's and 30's. The main character, Mark Purvis, who ends up working for famous mobster Dutch Schultz bootlegging whiskey over the summer. Then when a man named Crab Cakes takes the whole truckload of whiskey Mark and his friend Henry have to pay Dutch Schultz $1000 each.

       The second book is called Bad Boy. In the book, Walter Dean Myers talks about his childhood and his crazy behavior. He also talks about his love of reading and  the hard times he had because he couldn't talk properly. 
        We really enjoy these books. They are fun and interesting. We were sad to hear of his  death a few weeks ago. We will always remember him when we read his books. Walter Dean Myers was a very popular author.
By: Eynique Waterman 8th grade
       Amayah Hutchinson 8th grade

The Royal Kingz Hike to Trout Brook

Yesterday, the Royal Kingz went on a hike to Trout Brook. We saw many animals such as frogs and turtles. There were  many ponds and lakes, which made the ground very muddy. The trip was quite an adventure, we just kept following the white arrows which guided us back to our starting point. 

We enjoyed our trip. We are looking forward to our next trip.

By: Spirit Alves- 7th grader


Bruce Almighty Part 2

              Yesterday we watched the second half of the movie which was Bruce Almighty. The movie was about a guy named Bruce and he believed God didn't listen to him so God turned him into god. In the second half Bruce was being selfish because he wanted to be a news reporter. He used his powers as god to sabotage his enemy, Evan Baxter. This causes a space to be open. This lead up to a fancy dinner which was thought to be a proposal at the view of his girlfriend. This " fancy dinner " was just to celebrate Bruce getting the reporter gig. The weird thing is there was a lot of things to report like a meteor coming though Earth, they found a dead body and they found marijuana in another news team's truck.
             This led up to a party that Bruce cheats on his girlfriend and that make them separate. Bruce wanted her back so he send her some "signs". Bruce had to take his God job seriously so he had to answer about 5,000 prayers. Then he made a mistake of answering the prayers that all of them would come true. This created a riot and he wished that he wasn't god anymore. This caused God to reappear and he asked that life would be better and it should be fixed but first he had to help God mop. He stopped being God and he helped people as much as possible. Then he proposed to his girlfriend and he was thankful for the life he had.

Friday, July 11, 2014

# Team Loyal Hiking Trip

On our trip to a national park we saw a bunch a snake holes as we went along the trail. We heard coyotes and saw a waterfall. We walked across a stream and we got to touch the water then we saw a frog. We were singing songs as we walked through nature. We had lots of fun and it was a wonderful experience.
BY:Sierra Williams 8th grade and Ayanna Brackins 6th grade

Saint Peter Faber

Yesterday we learned about St. Isaac Jogues. Today we learned about the life of St. Peter Faber.

St. Peter Faber, SJ 
Born: 1506
Died: 1546

St. Peter Faber,  was the first of  St. Ignatius Loyola’s six companions. Peter Faber and Ignatius met in Paris, where Faber had come to study after life as a shepherd on the mountains of Savoy. 
Peter Faber was the first Jesuit priest. When he was in college he was roommates with St. Ignatius of Loyola and St. Francis Xavier.     

Between 1544 and 1546, Peter Faber tirelessly continued his work in Portugal and Spain. Throughout all of his mission years in Germany, Spain, and Portugal, Faber traveled on foot. His final journey in 1546 was to Rome where, exhausted from his labors, he died in St. Ignatius’s arms at the age of 40.

Pope Francis announced the canonization of Peter Faber on December 17, 2013.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Glory Boyz Hike to the Babcock Circumference Trail

Yesterday, the Glory Boyz went on a hike to the Babcock Circumference Trail. They saw a river with a lot of fish. Then they went farther into the hike, where they saw a black turtle with yellow spots. It took a while before they found a path and a road. We took a break later and turned back. Then, we took another path and found the bus. It was a very nice and fun experience. It was fun walking through the woods listening to the sounds of nature.

By: Spirit Alves and Dominique Beaucejour 


Religious: Isaac Jogues

Yesterday we reflected on the life and legacy of St. Teresa of Avila. Today we learnt about Isaac Jogues. Isaac was a religious  Jesuit priest. He was honored by a Catholic church in Canada and United States. He traveled among the Native Americans in North America. He died very young because he was spreading the news about Christ. He was killed by a Native American Indian. Isaac died very young.  He was only 40 years old.  He has a red mark on his head which mean that he is a martyr. Isaac was a man of great faith.  This saint challenges us to be true to our beliefs and convictions.
Stay tune for our saint tomorrow.
by Brianna Cummings

The movie 'Bruce Almighty'

For the second week of Camp, we focus on Religious, one of the five ideals of a Jesuit school. To give us an example of what it means to be Religious, we started watching part of the movie, "Bruce Almighty".  
The movie is  a comedy about a man named Bruce Nolan a television field reported for Eyewitness News on WKBW-TV in Buffalo, New York,  he wants to be the news anchorman. When he is passed over for promotion by his rival, Evan Baxter, he becomes furious, his actions leading to dismissal from the station, followed by a series of misfortunes. Bruce complaints to God that "He 's the one that should be fired. (Evan Baxter)
Bruce receives a message on his pager, directing him to an empty warehouse where God meets him. God offers to give Bruce His power to prove that he is doing the job correctly. God tells Bruce that he cannot tell other he has God's powers, nor can he use the powers to alter freewill.
Tonight we will watch the second half of the movie, we are looking forward for the completion of the movie,h it really made us laugh. 
By: Ryan Perez- 8th grade/ Devaughn Copeland-6th grade

European Handball Competition #2

    The Competition Between #LOLPac and                                      Magic Within Us 
            On July 9, groups #LOLPac and Magic within us played European Handball. This game is a mixture of soccer and football. The score was 2-0, #LOLPac scored 2 and Magic Within Us scored 0. Magic Within Us tried hard and the game was fair and square. One of the scores was because of a confusion of the goals. 
BY:Britney Aparicio and Daisy Aparicio

Magic Within Us

Religious:St. Teresa of Avila

Today we were introduced to St. Teresa of Avila. St. Teresa was a woman who is known for being  open to change; a woman of great reform.  The church across the street from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep was named after her.  As we continue to reflect on the values of RELIGIOUS we pray to St. Teresa of Avila to help us to be willing to change as well as to be changed. 

Stay tune to the saint for tomorrow.

by Sierra Williams and Brianna Cummings 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Movie: Part two: The Gospel

For the second week of Camp, we focus on Religious, one of the five ideals of a Jesuit school. To give us an example of what it means to be Religious, we started watching part of the movie, "The Gospel".
Last night, we watched the second part of the movie, which continued where the pastor of the church announced he's retiring, and Frank, now a reverend, wants to take his place.  However, the church is experiencing financial difficulties, no one is sure how long Rev. Frank's flock will have a church to call home.  Meanwhile, David has been  undergoing a spiritual crisis. He learns of the church financial difficulties, he reaches out to his friends to help with a fundraiser to help the church stay open.  
Rev. Frank, who sees his position in the church as a stepping stone  to bigger things in the gospel music, is not eager to share the spotlight with David , especially when the prodigal star begins organizing a large scale fundraiser for the church.
We learn from this movie, we cannot do anything without GOD.

By: Spirit Alves and Ryan Perez

Kayla's Birthday

                                    Kayla's Birthday
On July 8th was Kayla Thomas's birthday. It started with everybody saying happy birthday to her and she was very excited.  At dinner BJP campers sang happy birthday to her. Then one of the teachers came out with a cake . The cake was chocolate, Kayla loves chocolate. Many teachers were taking pictures of Kayla and her cake! Many people enjoy Kayla's company . It was a very special day for her.
BY: Ayanna Brackins and Daisy Aparicio  - 6th graders


SSAT Test Prep

Yesterday, 8th graders Deina Felix, Christian Bachez, Farris Rassac, Amayah Hutchinson, David Garcia, and Adelani went to Manhattan for a SSAT and ISEE test prep workshop. The day started with all of us having to wake up at 6:00 in order to get ready and arrive at the Metro-North train station on time. After a train ride that was an hour and a half long we got bagels for breakfast and walked from Grand Central Station to an all girl's school on 91st Street.

The workshop started with a lesson about how hard multiple choice can really be, advising us about how we could use the process of elimination.Then we had another hour-long break before we split off into different classes for a math class. Then we had lunch and went to separate writing classes.

 At around 5:00, we left to have pizza for dinner and luckily got into the train on time and took the train back to Fairfield. I think the whole day was tiring yet fun and I was glad to be back  in New York for a day.

by: Amayah Hutchinson


European Handball Game

Yesterday, two groups played a game called European Handball. Those groups are called AUG and Royal Kingz. The game is similar to football.  The object of the game is to run until you get caught by a player on the other team. Once you get caught you have to throw the ball to one of your teammates. 
The way you score is by throwing the ball into the goal, the ball has to bounce in the goal and come out. The goal keeper has to prevent you from scoring by blocking your throw. 
The score was 3-2, the Royal Kingz won. AUG still played as great as their opponent.
There was great spirit among team members, we all supported each other. 
Congratulations, Royal Kingz. Great Game!

By: Ryan Perez, Spirit Alves, and Devaughn Copeland

AUG Field Trip to a Park

 Yesterday after lunch  AUG ( means archangels under God) went on a hiking trip in the woods.  On the trip we saw lots of trees,rocks,and creatures in nature.  After a long walk up and down hills and walking across plains of grass, we would stop at rivers and skip rocks.  If we didnt know how to skip rocks we just threw them in the water and splashes. LOL . Then we would take another long walk, on the way walking from a river we saw a snake everyone in my group ran except for (Devaughn me) Jordan and one of  my counselors named Jermy.    On the hike people in my group AUG got to know each other very well and became closer friend. My best friend is Ryan Perez also known as my room mate.

by Devaughn Copeland

#LOLPac's Trip to Trout Brook

                          #LOLPac's Trip to Trout Brook
          Yesterday #LOLPac went to their first hiking trip to Trout Brook. It  was a rocky and long walk. We saw different creatures such as birds and insects. There were a lot of hills and the trail made a lot of twists and turns. There were a lot of trees, other plants and insects. We also saw a leaf that had about 4 cocoons. Also we saw a lot of interesting rocks and puddles. We hope to have a great time on our next trip. We are having fun in nature that we do not miss Brooklyn.

 BY: Britney Aparicio 7th grader and Eynique Waterman 8th grader                            

Camp Montmartre Group Names

                   On Saturday, all of the camp groups have chosen a name that relates to the theme which is whenever we walk , the report will go around. Group 1 was changed to AUG or Archangels Under God.Group 3 was changed to Royal Kingz . Group 2 changed to Glory Boyz. Group 4 changed to #LOLPac which means Loyal Outrageous Ladies Pac. Group 5 changed to #TeamLoyal. Group 6 changed to Magic Within Us. This also connects to integrity.  
Royal Kings

Magic Within Us
Glory Boyz
BY: Britney Aparicio and Daisy Aparicio


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

yesterday we watched a movie called The Gospel

For the second week of Camp, we focus on Religious, one of the five ideals of a Jesuit school. To give us an example of what it means to be Religious, we started watching part of the movie, "The Gospel".
   The movie is about a young man who grew up in the church.  As a young adult, his mother died, which left him angry. He left the church and his father. He became a famous singer. Fifteen years later he receives a telephone call from the church secretary, informing him that his father is very ill.  He was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  
He returns home and  to the church to be with his father.  He continues singing with the choir.
   His father decides that he want to name his successor, he chooses his son to take over as Bishop of the church.

In the bible this is related to the Prodigal Son.
We will continue watching the movie tonight.
Stay tuned we will report on the climax and resolution of the movie.

By: Ryan Perez- 8th Grader

Second group of bloggers

This week we have a new group on the blogging team. They are Daisy Aparicio, Sierra Williams, Ryan Perez, Devaughn Copeland, Spirit Alves, Dominic Beaucejour, Amayah Hutchson, Eynique Waterman, and Britney Aparicio.  We are the team that will update you this week on all our activities at camp.  

Tune in to learn about all about wonderful and growth activities.
WE Are HAVING A Blast.

Ayanna Brackins 

Religious:St. Francis Xavier

Today we continued to reflect on the theme of RELIGIOUS; one of the ideals and values of a Jesuit school.  On Sunday we were introduced to Pope Francis, On monday we were introduced to St. Ignatius, and today we were introduced to St. Francis Xavier.        Francis Xavier was born into a wealthy family .When it was time for him to further his education, he went to study in Paris.  It was there where he met St. Ignatius and Peter Fabre they became good friends.  The three of them then started the Society of Jesus.  St.Francis Xavier took on the challenge to go east as far as India to convert people into the catholic faith. St Fransis was a man of great passion and integrity.  We are challenged as we continue to form community to be passionate and to have integrity.

BY:Sierra Willliams and Daisy Aparicio

The First Sunday of Camp 2014

       On July 6, 2014, the sixth graders experienced their first Sunday at Camp Montmartre. The day started with a chance to wake up later than usual, which satisfied all the campers. When we all were done with our breakfast, we went to the chapel for mass which lasted for an hour. Some of the people from the neighborhood came to celebrate with us.  The President of the University was our main celebrant. Sixteen students joined the choir. Then we went back to our rooms to change our clothes and to get our room ready to be inspected. Then we had an hour long of recess. 

       After lunch, all six groups parted to have a short meeting to practice the item for our Sunday rendezvous to take place at 8:00pm. The whole camp then participated in an activity similar to capture the flag called "Under Siege" which was hard and tiring but still really fun.We stopped at 5:00 pm to have  dinner yummy..
       Later, for 30 minutes we split into groups to practice our items putting on the finishing touch for the program at our community  gathering.  We went to take a shower and then went outside on the grass to have rendezvous. We sang campfire songs like "If I Had a Hammer" and "Blowing In The Wind". Each group  performed a song representing their name and the camp theme, which is "wherever we walk, the report will go around".

      Overall, Sunday was pretty fun and exciting. Who knows what next Sunday will be like!!!!!!!!
by: Amayah Hutchinson- 8th grader
 Eynique Waterman-8th grader

Kickball Championship

Congratulations to the Kickball Champions!  The CHAMPIONS are The Glory Boyz.  They played the game with lots of energy.  Team work was clearly demonstrated in the game.  The Glory Boyz surely know how to be team players.  Watching the game was very exciting, we were yelling and cheering for both teams.
The spirit of the game energized us all. The experience felt like a professional sports game.

Champions:  The Glory Boyz                                                    #Team Loyal

Monday, July 7, 2014

Religious (our value for the second week of camp)

Last week's value was to be open to growth, this week's value is religious. Sunday we spoke about Pope Francis and his humility and how he lives out the gospel.  He lives what he preaches.  He is a person with great integrity.  Today we spoke about St. Ignatius and his love for education.  He and his friends founded the jesuit community.   St. Ignatius is a great example of a person with integrity.  We hope to model the integrity of these two great men.  

By: Brianna Cummmings 6th grade  and Sierra Williams 8th grade

kickball tournament goes to championship

The kickball tournament continues to championship. Today Team Loyal is taking on the challenge with the Glory Boyz , the grand finale.  So who is taking home the trophy?????? My guess will be Team Loyal.  Both teams are winners because they took the game to championship.   Although we might win or lose I am proud of my team for making it this far. Go team.
Stay tune to find out who won the game.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Ayanna Brackins 6 grader

Camp - Wide Activity

 On Sunday, July 6th, we played our first camp wide activity. It was called Under Siege. The object of the game was to capture all the generals on each team. Each team had a different color flag, successfully pulling the flag from another player meant they were going to jail. If the general's flag was pulled, their territory will have to shared by two groups. The winner who captures most of the generals' flags wins the game.
The winners of Under Siege was Group 3: The Royal Kingz.

                                                                              By: Spirit Alves and Dominique Beaucejour

                                                                               THE WINNING GROUP-Congratulations.

                                                                                   THE ROYAL KINGZ.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ending the first week of camp

      Today is fill with exciting and fun things. Group 6 and 3 went on there first field trip. Also at 5:00, the kitchen staff of Fairfield is making us a special dinner in Dolan School of  Business Dining room. Yummy!!!The 8th graders are going to the beach to see the fireworks because we are celebrating the 4th of July today with fireworks.. The 7th and 6th graders are go   to watch the fireworks here on campus with the nearby community. We are ending the first week off camp on a high note. This week was tiring and fun. The 6th graders are getting comfortable and adjusting very well.. Parents please don't worry about your children they are having fun and they are in safe hands. Our first week was great and we hope next week is even BETTER. Tomorrow we are having Mass and   school wide activities.
Stay tune for next week.

           By: Leian Joseph 8th grader

movie 2:stand and deliver part 2

This is the continued part of the movie stand and deliver, last night we saw the end of the movie, it was amazing. The math teacher prepared the students  for the Advanced Placement Examination.
This will qualify them to receive College Credits.

They were being tutored by their teacher, everyday after school until 5pm. All day Saturday. They were well prepared for the exam.
The results of the test showed that all eighteen (18) students passed the A.P. examination.
It was hard to believe that all students passed the examination, they were questioned if any cheating took place. They were required to re-take the exam.  The results were the same, all students passed the examination.
That was another great movie finished.The theme was,Open to Growth.

By: Nick 7th grader

Camp Montmartre's Geography Bee

July 5, 2014

    We had a geography bee featuring facts about the United States and facts about other continents. Each grade was seperated by gender and competed in order to get to the finals. In the finals each remaining contestant answered questions about continents. Whoever got an answer wrong during the first round of the finals, were out of the game. During the second part of the finals, everybody who answered a question wrong, would stand to the side while the rest of the students answered their questions. Congratulations to Justin Adams who won the Geography Bee and Jordan Hawthorne who won second place.


Jordan Hawthorne and Justin Adams

The 8th Grade Girls Class

Written By: Lynniah Griffith And Kayla Thomas