Friday, July 26, 2013

2013 Video

Congratulations to all the campers from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep's Camp Montmartre for completing another great summer.

A special congratulations to the ten winners of the Grad@Grad Awards and our Campers of the Year: Deina Felix, Faris Rassac, and Kwesi Frank.

Here is a video of our summer, and remember that the pictures are always available in the link on the right to download and print.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Week 4 Camper of the Week and Talent Show

Congratulations to Shane Allen for achieving Camper of the Week during week four!

Congratulations to Elijah Clavery for winning the Camp Montmartre talent show (check out the pictures in the link on the right).  Everyone did a really good job displaying their talents.  The show lasted more than 3 hours and everyone was entertained the entire time!

Check back tomorrow night for pictures of the final end of camp ceremony and a video!

We hope to be back to Brooklyn by noon on Friday.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 3 Campers of the Week

The campers of the week for the week of "loving" are: Kayla Matthew, Kayla Grant, Ike Iloka, Darien Rodriguez, and Deina Felix.


I (Mr. Arte) will be making small posts for the remainder of camp if something newsworthy happens.  We no longer have a blogging group so there will not be as many posts, but there are still a lot of pictures added every day!

Remember, last phone calls home happen on Tuesday.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

See you next year

July 20, 2013

Dear Readers,
   This is the last camp blogging post this year (pictures are still updated daily and a video will be added that highlights all of camp). Sadly, all of the electives will come to an end this week as we prepare to return to the city. We would like to thank all of you for supporting Brooklyn Jesuit Prep and its camp by donating time, money, and most importantly watching us grow through the weeks on this blog and the school's website.

    Week #3 blogging group included Leonna Morris, Daniel Ashley Lindo, Rosanny Lopez, Giovanna Guzman, Kwesi Frank, Justin Adams, Kayla Grant, Yael Barber, Ryan Perez, Beyonce King, Leian Joseph, Britney Aparicio, Jeffery Jones, Elijah Clavery, Froy Tejada and Deina Felix. The supervisors  are  Mr. Siegel, Mr. Luthi, and 
Ms. Locario.

Camp Montmartre  2013
By: Leonna Morris & Justin Adams 

Majestic Cheetahs vs. G cube basketball game

Dear readers,                                                                                                               July 20, 2013

                  On Friday July 19, the Majestic Cheetahs and  G cube played basketball. It was a fun game to play and everybody participated. Each group was split into two groups so everyone got to play, every few minuets we switched parts so everyone can play. At the end majestic cheetahs won. At the end we all shook hands.      We also had a lot of fun playing the game, tomorrow the Majestic Cheetahs will play against The Disciples to win the camp championship

    By : GIOVANNA GUZMAN, Daniel Ashley Lindo, and Rosanny Lopez                                                                       


Dear blog readers,

                Everyday, besides Sunday, from 7:15pm-8:00pm Camp Montmartre comes together to play at recess. At recess we play basketball, soccer, frisbee, football, and kickball. Each week we have sports tournaments and this week's sport was basketball. Today is the last championship game where the Majestic Cheetahs play The Disciples in basketball. During recess we play basketball with friends and councelers. Recess is everyones time to talk about their day and relax. We all play around and have fun during this enchanting period of time.

                                                                              -Yael Barber,  Ryan Perez, Kwesi Frank

Camp Math Bowl

July 20, 2013 

Dear BJP Community,

       Today, the campers competed in the Math Bowl. Each grade needed one winner to compete in the finals. The finalists from each grade competed in front of the whole camp. In first place was  Mykele Miller. In second place was Roshanda Greene. In third place was Deina Felix.  The questions were multiplication problems with two-digit numbers, adding integers, and solving equations. 
Readers, try this question from the bee: What is 98 take away 5/7ths.
Congratulations to all our winners!

By: Deina Felix and Britney Aparicio

We Miss Brooklyn !

                                                                    July 20 ,2013

   Dear Parents,

      We miss you very much. Five more days until we come back home. This week we are finishing spirit week. When we come back, we will bring everything we have learned from camp to Brooklyn. For example our themes of camp:
Intellectually Competent, Open To Growth, Loving, Religious, and  Committed To Justice. We will also bring back skills like: cleaning our rooms, making our own beds, and doing our laundry. Now when we come back home we will lead by example, we are more responsible and more mature.

BY: Beyonce King and Leian Joseph 


Disciples vs FGE

                                                                     July 19, 2013

Dear Bloggers,                                                                                                                                                                                                    

       Yesterday, July 18, 2013 during recess the Disciples and FGE faced each other to advance to championship.  Unfortunately FGE lost to the Disciples in a shoot out, Elijah Clavery made the game winning shot to advance. The game was close as the Disciples had the lead earlier in the game but FGE make a strong comeback thanks to Jimeel Barrow with 3 points, but the game goes into another overtime ending in a shootout. Everyone missed expect Elijah Clavery, he made it with the ball bouncing around the rim then it just went in and the final score 5-4 with the Disciples winning to go to the championship.

                                         By: Elijah Clavery, Ryan Perez, and Jeffrey Jones

Spirit Week: Day 5

July 20, 2013 
Dear BJP community,
    Yesterday was Freaky Fashion Day. There were many people involved. It was a contest in which the crowd cheers for the most weirdly dressed person. For example, people wore shirts and pants backwards. Mr. Arte announced the winners. They were Brandon, Amayah, Lina, and Yael. They all were very freaky. Today was the last day of Spirit Week so we will find out who won. Stay tuned for the mathathon
                              These are our the winners .
By:Britney Aparicio, Justin Adams, and Deina Felix

Friday, July 19, 2013

WHPH Field Trip

July 19, 2013

Dear BJP Community,

    Yesterday, the group WHPH (Work Hard Play Hard) went hiking on a trail, then ended up at a beach. While we were on the hike,we saw a waterfall, and different plants and bugs. We became excited when we saw the beach.  We could hardly wait to jump in to cool off our tired and weary bones. While we were in the water, we started to dig a hole, and then we found ground water. We played in the water for a long time. When it was time to leave, we didn't want to because we were having too much fun. We finally got to the campus at 5:00 P.M. What a fun day!

By: Deina Felix and Beyonce King

Loving and Religious

Dear Bloggers,                                                            July 19, 2013
                         This year camp is almost over.  There is only seven more days left. There are so many people to thank for making this experience a memorable and growth-filled one. During this week we have been focusing on being loving and religious.   We show that we have love for each other by doing small things for each other  such as wiping down tables after meals, saying good morning to the cooks, and holding doors for others. We show that we are religious  by volunteering to  lead prayers at assembly in the morning, participate at mass by being in the choir , and pay attention and reflect during closing prayer every night at chapel. I  have volunteered to lead prayer and  the pledge.  Camp has been fun.  I don't want it to end.  

                By Daniel Ashley      

We Bought A Zoo

Dear Blog readers,

Last night we witnessed an incredible movie called "We Bought a Zoo". It's about a single dad with two children who lost their mother six months before. The eldest child, Dylan, is a talented artist, but faces problems since the loss of his mother. Due to this insubordinate behavior, Dylan gets expelled from school. Their father decided to move the family into a new place and start over. They begin to search for a new place to live and eventually find the perfect place, an abandoned zoo. When they buy their new home outside of the city, they save all of the animals that live there. Some of them are endangered creatures and they try to reopen the zoo in order to make a living. Be on the lookout tomorrow where an inspector tours the zoo, which may not end well!

By Elijah Clavery, Kwesi Frank, and Froy Tejada

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spirit Week

                                                                 July 18, 2013
 Dear Blogger,

        This week is spirit week and today was Book Character Day. The person who came in first was Justo Heirro who dressed as the Joker, second was Jesiah Tracy as Michael Jackson, third was Sierra Williams as Sugar Plum Ballerina from The Whoopi Goldberg Story, and fourth is Justin Jones as James from James and The Giant Peach.
       Our favorite costume was The Joker which was Justo because he worked hard. We love how he got the mixed with the colors and powder. He had a laugh that sound like The Joker. We liked everyone's costume  they all put good effort.

                                       By: Ryan Perez and Jeffrey Jones

Camp Montmartre' 2013 - Group Names

July 17,2013
Dear Reader,

      This year the groups have gotten to choose their own names relating to the topic of " Finding grace in the smallest things". The Noble Kids (Group 1) chose their name as a goal to live by, their counselor are Jam-yes and Marco. FGE (Group 2) stands for "Finding Grace Everywhere". The Disciples (Group 3) decided on their name because they learned that the disciples of Jesus had made many mistakes without Jesus to guide them and that we all need Christ.The Majestic Cheetahs (Group 4) chose their name because they find grace in the smallest things and are like different spots but they all make up one cheetah .The counselors are Lori and Yesenia."WHPH" (Group 5) which stands for Work Hard Play Hard.  This means that in the morning they all go to school they work hard then during activities they play hard, their counselors are Rose and Chantell. G-cubed (Group 6) stands for "Gorgeous, Graceful, Girls.", their counselors are Iffy and Jenelle.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

League Sports basketball game 1 FGE vs the Noble Kids

Dear Blog Readers
Yesterdays basketball game was very exciting between the Noble Kids and FGE because the game went into overtime, and the final score was 16-15. FGE  took a game winning shot by Kirt Griffiths to advance to the finals vs the Disciples. The game took a toll the Noble kids as the score was very close near the end of the game. At first the score was 8-0 as the Noble Kids were going for a sweep. FGE then made a strong comeback tying the game up. Ikendubisi Iloka and Shane  Allen came  in and scored  3 points for the Noble Kids while trying to finish the game strong. Then, the Noble Kids made a tremendous come back leading by two points but FGE scored and tied the game up and took the win to advance to the finals VS the Disciples

By Froy Tejada  and Elijah Clavery


The Majestic Cheetahs 2nd Field Trip

       Dear  Readers,                                                  July 17, 2013                           On July 16th the Majestic Cheetahs went on their 2nd field trip. The trail that they went on was rocky and had lots of twists and turns. The hike had a beautiful rivers and waterfall. Along the path there were a lot of flowers too. If you want to go to the river you take the green path not the red path or the blue path. Laury was the in the front, leading the hike. Also in the front was Ayana Bridgeman and Leian Joseph. In the back was Yussenia, Daniel Ashley, and Yael Barber. Even though the trip was a little hard we still made jokes, took water breaks, and looked at different bugs.

By:  Leian Joseph, Daniel Ashley Lindo

The Great Movie

Welcome fellow blog readers,                                                                                           July 17,2013

Last night BJP campers finished the movie called "Patch Adams", which was a great movie that
 we truly enjoyed. The movie was about a man who started off his life with a rough start in an insane asylum. He found his passion for helping people who were sick and decided to listen to them. Patch Adams starts medical school and finds a group of kids who are dying and he helps them have fun instead of reminding them about when will they die. Patch and his friends then created their own clinic to help patients who were not getting the proper care in the hospital. He decided instead of helping people medically he made sure people helped others to either by cooking for the other patients or listening to them in his clinic. He was then told his friend was killed and he was too depressed to be a doctor and had already given up his dream. People wanted Patch to stay in the medical field because he had a gift for helping patients be happy. Another doctor thought he was too happy and didn't want him to be a student at the medical school. Patch took him to court and won the case. Patch continued to follow his dream of being a doctor with his friends, and later graduated with pride. 

                                               Kayla Grant, Yael Barber, and Leonna Morris

Silent Reading Books

July 17, 2013

Welcome Bloggers,

        Everyday from 11:35 to 12:15 we go to the student center with air conditioning and comfortable chairs to read. The 6th graders read The Boy Who Ran for President and Houdini, the 7th graders read about Benjamin Franklin, and the 8th graders read The Bad Boy and Harlem Summer.

        When ever we are done reading these assigned books we can then read the book of our choice.  Every one read at this time including the teachers  and the counselors.  It is fun to see everyone reading.   After silent reading we go to lunch.
                                                  By:Ryan Perez and Jeffrey Jones

Spirit Week: Day 3

July 17, 2013

Dear BJP Community,

           Today is Twin Day. We had about 15 pairs of twins, but four winning pairs. In fourth place, we had seventh graders Beyonce King and Leian Joseph. In third place were seventh grader, Samantha Colorado and sixth grader Giovanna Guzman. In second place were eighth graders Kayla Grant and Samantha Sam. Finally, in first place were seventh graders Ivan Munoz and Ryan Perez. Congratulations to our four pairs of winners!

          Today is also Ivan Munoz's birthday. Happy Birthday, Ivan! We will celebrate with cake at dinner. 

Tomorrow is Book Character Day! Stick around to see who the winners are.

By: Britney AparicioBeyonce Kingand Deina Felix

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Camp Wide Activities #2

Dear Bloggers,

     On Sunday July 14, 2013 we had camp wide activities.  During camp wide activities we had a lot of fun and the games were new and different.  One game I really liked was when we had to stack up 36 cups as fast as you can.  At first I thought it was hard because some people took like 3 minutes so I thought it was going to be hard, but it took me 29 seconds.  So then I was really happen because I got first place.
     The game I enjoyed was when I had to get the balls out the tissue box by jumping,running,and wiggling. I liked it because I like moving. The point was to get the balls out under a minute. I got them all out the box in 46 second, It was really fun to play. I had a great time playing the game.

     The game I liked was the one where we needed to keep on hitting these three balloons in the air and we would get timed. If one of them touched the floor you would lose and the next person in your group would go. The longer time you had the closer you would to winning.    Needless to say we had a ball.

                    By: Rosanny lopez, Jeffrey Jones, Ryan Perez               

Spirit Week: Day 2

July 16, 2013

Dear BJP Community,

         Today was Jersey Day, the second day of Spirit Week. There were many people involved by wearing jerseys. Ms. Locario was the judge. Each grade and the staff had to make a chant to represent their grade. The staff came in first place, in second place was the sixth grade, and in third place was the seventh grade. 

         Today, we had two birthdays from the seventh grade. Happy Birthday to Shanya Cruz and Deina Felix. 

Tomorrow is Twin/Triplet Day. Stay tuned to see which grade has the best set of twins or triplets!

By: Deina Felix & Britney Aparicio

Rendezvous Meeting Group Performances

July 16, 2013
Hello Fellow Parents and Friends,
At  last night's community meeting, it was very exciting because of the different performances by the six different groups. This week's theme was being Intellectually Competent so each group performed either a skit or a musical  performance. The Noble Kids(Group 1) performed a skit involving an activity about basketball. Since most people in the group knew how to play basketball, they taught each other how to "muff the basketball" or "how to show sportsmanship instead of being cocky". FGE, Find Grace Everywhere (Group 2) also performed a skit about what to do in a situation where someone may have dropped their wallet or phone in a busy supermarket. One student wanted to take the phone to an professional to be unlocked, although another student knew it would be the right thing to return the phone to the cashier to find the owner, symbolizing that "If you see something, say something". The Disciples(Group 3) last night did the popular song " U ain't even know it" but they added a twist of camp to their song which made it very funny and interesting. Majestic Cheetahs(Group 4) participated in a skit where one student became the president because of all her hard work and persistence and compared this to a girl who played around and liked to party too often that became a homeless person. They also created an acrostic poem about being Intellectually Competent. WHPH, Work Hard Play Hard(Group 5) performed a song talking about their pride for their group.G-Cubed(Group 6) performed a skit about how they should treat others the way that they want to be treated. We sang song such as 500 Miles Away from home, Oh when the saints, Viva la more, Father Abraham, Working on the railroad and played many fun games. We learned many new  songs like Boom-Chicka Boom, 500 Miles, and If I Had A Chicken.   

                                                                       BY: Kwesi Frank, Elijah Clavery, Leonna Morris

The Community Meeting: Students of the Week and Shoutouts

                                                                                                                                      July 16,2013

 Welcome fellow bloggers!

 Sunday night, to top off our night we recognized all of the students who have stood out the most this week. All students have been following the two themes for these past two weeks were rewarded. The themes were finding grace in the smallest things and being Intellectually Competent. The students who received shout outs were Roshanda Greene, Zhane Gill, Jimeel Barrow, Maya Noel, Devonte Green , Terrell Coutain, Kayla Matthew,  Deina Felix, and Che Castro. The four students that won camper of the week were  Ravenne Cooper, David Garcia, Faris  Rassac, and Shanya Cruz. These students that got shout outs and won camper of the week had the characteristics of being a leader, not shouting at their group members but being a silent leader and showing that they are intellectually competent.

                                               By: Yael Barber and Kayla Grant

Monday, July 15, 2013

Camp Wide Activities

     On Sunday, July 14 we played many games such as: Suck It Up when you have to suck an M&M up with a straw and place it into a cup while being timed. Elephant Toss is when we had to wear a stocking with a ball inside and then you have to knock down the cups. During Face the Cookie we had to put an Oreo on our foreheads and try to put three cookies in our mouth while being timed (it was kind of hard but we all got through it). During Stack Attack we had to stack 32 cups on top of each other to make a pyramid, then we unstacked the cups. Egg Blow was when used a pizza box on the ground to blow an egg to the finish line, and the first egg to cross the finish line wins. Another one of the games is Towel Toss, when we used a towel and three different color balls which were PINK, WHITE, and ORANGE, then we tossed the balls into a crate.


By: Daniel Ashley Lindo and Beyonce King

Spirit Week Begins

July 15, 2013

Dear BJP Community,

       Today marks the first day of Spirit Week. Today was Class Color Day. The eighth grade wore red, the seventh grade wore blue, the sixth grade wore green, and the staff wore black and/or yellow. The judge was Ms. Myers, and she said it was a four-way tie.
        Kymani Hill represented the eighth grade, sporting all red. Samantha Colorado represented the seventh grade, wearing blue from head to toe- literally. She used blue temporary hair color in her hair. The tag-team duo of Daniel- Ashley Lindo and Jason Bermejo represented the sixth grade rocking the green. Brandon, counselor of F.G.E., represented the staff wearing all black and a yellow head scarf. Lastly, every grade won and all the scores are equal. 

Tomorrow is Jersey Day. Stick around to see who the winners and representatives are.

By: Deina Felix, Leian Joseph, and Britney Aparicio

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Disciples hike to the waterfall

Good morning parents and blog readers,

     My group, the Disciples, went hiking yesterday afternoon and saw some bugs and insects that some of us had never seen before. We saw some daddy long leg spiders and a beetle. We saw a big green bug none of us had ever seen before. Most of us thought the bugs were amazing. We saw a family that trained their dogs to do cool tricks. One of the tricks was when you said  "palms" it shakes your hand. All of us pet the dog except for me because I was afraid it would bite me. I just played with the sand by writing names in it. The dog's name was Kimba. Then we hiked onward and found a tiny waterfall then went back to camp.  

  By: Jonathan Arecius 7/13/13

Spelling Bee

July 13,2013
Dear BJP community,
 On  July 13, 2013 the school held a spelling bee. There was about 40 students in it. The judges were Mr.Siegel, Mr Arte Senior, and Ms. O'hanlon. Mr.Siegel was reading 8th grade words, Mr. Arte Senior, the 7th grade, and  Ms. O'hanlon read the 6th grade.
    Some words were hard and others were easy. One word from 6th grade was poppycock. One 7th grade word was perimeter and one of the 8th grade words was ubiquitous. The final contestants were Faris Rassac, Kirt Griffiths, Spirit Alves, and Di'Avian Cook. The winner was Lynniah Griffith and the winning word was advantageous. The rest of the contestants did their best but there can only be one winner!!!!!
                                                                        By: Lynniah Griffith  
                                                                                Britney Aparicio

What I miss about Brooklyn

July 13,2013
Hi parents and fellow readers,

  As you know we're at Fairfield University in Connecticut away at camp where we are away from everything we're used to. We are away from our families and friends. Macaylia Robinson says "I miss my mom, my brother, and a close family friend named Aunt Paula." In Brooklyn people can go to several places for food such as the deli across the street from Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. You can also go to fast food restaurants such as McDonalds , Burger King, Popeyes, KFC, Taco Bell, and Five Guys. In Connecticut we don't see any of these franchises. We miss being able to watch our favorite television shows such as: Twisted, Pretty Little Liars, Love and Hip Hop and several other shows. We also miss waking up whenever we want. As Macaylia said "When I'm usually at home in the summer I wake up around 12:00 in the afternoon."
       But with all that we are happy to be here and are grateful for this chance at Fairfield. We get to learn how to be a leader. We become open to growth, Loving, Religious, Intellectually Competent and  Committed to Justice. We get to learn more and get ready for the next grade and try different activities.

By: Michelle Adeoshun, Samantha Sam and Macaylia Robinson 

Friday, July 12, 2013

F.G.E Hike

Hello blog readers,
 F.G.E went on a hiking trip yesterday (my group didn't get the name of the trail). It was a rainy day which was good because the bugs were gone. However, the bad part was that there were huge mud puddles and we had to hike uphill so we were slipping on the rocks and dirt. We got a lot of pictures of salamanders and frogs on the trail, and lots of bug swatting (mostly mosquitos). The hike made nature more interesting because of the birds, trees and animals.
7/12/13 by Camron Cato    

Silent Reading

Hello parents and blog readers,                                                                                           July 11, 2013

 Every day from Monday-Saturday we read books after school. Here are the names of the books:

  • The Kid Who Ran for President by Dan Gutman-6th Grade
  • Harry Houdini: A Photographic Story of a life by Vicki Cobb-6th Grade
  • Houdini: World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King by Kathleen Krull-6th Grade
  • Harry Houdini: A Magical Life by Elizabeth MacLeod-6th Grade
  • Magic Fun-6th Grade
  • The Houdini Box by Brian Selznick-6th Grade
  • Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini by Sid Fleischman-6th Grade
  • Ben and Me by Robert Dawson-7th Grade
  • Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson-7th Grade
  • Bad Boy the story of Walter Dean Myers-8th Grade
  • Harlem Summer by Walter Dean Myers-8th Grade
 The Kid Who Ran for President is a book about a 12 year old boy named Judson Moon who is held by his friend Lane Brainard to run for president. While he is running for president, we find some surprises in this book. To find out what happens in this book, read it.

 Harry Houdini: A Photographic Story of a Life, Harry Houdini: A Magical Life, Houdini: World's Greatest Mystery Man and Escape King, and Escape! The Story of the Great Houdini are biographies about a European man who gets inspired by a magician named Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin to become a magician.

 Ben and Me is the story of how Benjamin Franklin's famous inventions were created by his closest friend which secretly is a mouse.

Locomotion is about a boy named Lonnie Collins who writes poems and is separated from his sister after his parents died.

 Bad Boy is the story of Walter Dean Myers and his struggle as a boy from 1940's and 1950's from a loving home life with his adopted parents, Bible school, street games, and the vitality of his neighborhood.

Harlem Summer is a book about Mark Purvis who is a 16 year old in the 1920's. When he is in need of money he gets a job from his friend Fats Waller but Mark accidentally finds himself in debt to the notorious gangster Dutch Schultz.

Written by Spirit Alves and Che Castro.

Field Trip: Huntington state park

    July 12, 2013
Dear parents and blog readers,
 Yesterday group 5,WHPH {work hard play hard}went on a field trip to Huntington state park. We went hiking on 2 different trails. The Blue trail was the longest.   We went down  a very long and steep hill.  Then we went on the Red trail. We saw the biggest lake in the park. We also saw 3 dogs . Two of them were swimming . We almost got lost but we just went the way we came instead of going on other trails . On the way back we saw another dog . We saw 2 lakes and 1 pond. It was a really fun experience and I can't wait for the next trip.
           Written by: Michelle Adeoshun and Britney Aparicio

The Majestic Cheetah's First Field Trip

                                                                                                            July 12, 2013

   Hello BJP Family,

 On July 9, the Majestic Cheetahs went on their first field trip. They went hiking and saw mushrooms (probably poisonous), a toad and a lot of beautiful plants. They hiked on various trails and suddenly the group thought they saw a coyote, which turned out to be  a huge log. They unfortunately got lost and tried to ask for help from others. When they found someone, they asked for a way out. They found the school bus and rode back to Fairfield just in time for dinner.

                                                                                           By: Lynniah Griffith

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The first part of School of Rock

Dear Parents and blog readers,

             Today we are blogging about the first part of School of Rock. It is about a man named Dewey Finn who needed money to pay the rent. When he goes to his band his band fires him and is being replaced for showing off. Also, Dewey lives with his friend who now has a girlfriend and she works as the mayor's assistant who keeps begging Dewey's friend for Dewey to pay the bill. He is also pushed to get a job because Dewey's friend and his girlfriend have jobs.  So as a result, Dewey poses to be his friend to make money.Dewey Finn now becomes a substitute teacher . As he comes in the room the principal asks him to write his name on the board and he can't. Instead he puts Mr.S and does not teach them but gives them recess all day. Also he discovers that they have musical talent.

            So, he turns school time into a rehearsal for their band. They practice everyday and their homework is to listen to some rock and roll songs so they can be a professional rock and roll stars. There is a girl named Summer and she is the smartest girl in the whole class. Everybody in the class thinks Lawrence is not a good musician, but he is very good at playing the piano. And there is a girl who wants to be the singer in the group but she doesn't sing like a rock and roller. Tonight we will watch the rest of the movie and will tell you what happens tomorrow.

By: Jonathan Arecius and Trinity Edwards

Today's thunder storm

July 11, 2013

 Hi readers out there,

      Early this morning around 6:00 a.m we woke up to an ugly terrifying thunder storm. The rain splashed all over us because the windows were open. Then Rose, a counselor came running down the halls saying "CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS ,CLOSE YOUR WINDOWS." The clouds looked very dark grey, the sky was very gloomy. Outside was so dull it looked like a monsoon.The faster the rain fell the hotter it got inside.

Everyone was hoping that we wouldn't have school. Then out of no where the mysterious storm just stopped suddenly and unexpectedly. Leaving everyone in shock we all came to the sad realization that we had to go to school. Then everyone got dressed ,got ready and went outside for morning assembly. 
Written by Samantha Sam and Macaylia Robinson

The 7th graders' perspective of camp

                                                                               July 11, 2013                                      

Hey BJP Family,

 This is the 7th graders' second year here at Fairfield. Three of the 7th graders have been interviewed about their perspective of camp. Eynique Waterman said " Last year, I made new friends and had fun. This year, I get to spend more time with my friends and get more education. I want to come back to camp again next year because I want to experience being an 8th grader."Macaylia said " Last year was better than this year." Another 7th grader named Lynniah Griffith said " Last year was my first time being in  camp. I met new people and made a lot of new friends. This year here at Camp Montmartre, I am having a wonderful time. I would love to come back to camp at Fairfield as an official 8th grader."
                                                       By: Lynniah Griffith
and DiAvian Cook            


Camp names and themes

Hello blog readers,
The groups all started out as numbers like group 1,group 2, etc. The first group name was Majestic Cheetahs, they have chosen this name because cheetahs have different spots yet it forms a single creature and the name is tacky but agreeable. F.G.E was the second group name which stands for Finding Grace Everywhere. Noble Kidz is the third camp group name selected because they are always staying out of trouble and doing the right thing.  Another group name is W.H.P.H which means Work Hard Play Hard. They have chosen this name because in camp you work hard to play hard. Another group name is the Disciples, they chose this name because the disciples are still learning and are becoming intellectually competent. G-Cubed, Graceful Gorgeous Girls is the last group. They have chosen this name because every person is gorgeous in their own way no matter what their color is.  Their theme is grace in the smallest things so they put graceful in the front.
 By: Camron Cato and Che Castro

Group discussions at camp

July 11, 2013

Dear parents and blog readers, 
       Here at camp, we don't only have fun, we also have serious discussions here to learn how to grow, not only physically but mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We come  here to learn more about being independent but we don't only become independent, we learn very important virtues to mold us into great people in our society.
       Here at camp, we have special topics for each week. During week one the topic was being open to growth. We as campers were challenged to be open to growth and try new things. Week two we have the topic of being intellectually competent.  Intellectually competent means to think before you act. If you are intellectually competent, you know how to make the right decisions and you know the difference between right and wrong. In these special group discussions we can share our feelings and think how we can be men and women of others.
By Adelani Adedoyin

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Group Activity

July 10, 2013
Dear Parents and blog readers
     Each group plays a sport or game together. One  group named WHPH {Work hard play hard} plays many games such as kickball, red rover, and alien tag. They all play and  learn to have good sportsmanship. Another group called the Disciples played steal the bacon basketball style, football, and wally wally. One of the campers says red rover is the best game. A group named G cubed plays many interesting games such as wally wally, quackdidheyoso and soccer. At Camp Monmartre they give us different varieties of games and sports so were not constantly playing the same games and so we can expand our horizons and learn new things.

Written by: Michelle Adeoshun and Macaylia Robinson

Noble kidz first field trip

 Hello people of the Internet,

On July 9,2013
 The camp group known as "The Noble Kidz"  have gone on their first camp field trip. They have gone to East Rock which has a high point of 366 feet and has 2 km long trap rock located on the north side of the city of New Haven. Its long range view of much of the of the New Haven city. My group was so tired of the walking that we took interval breaks just to stop from being unconscious. Then when my group got to the top that is when the magic happened I saw the entire open view of the city of New Haven I also saw mountains all the way behind the city.   My camp group and I took pictures and when walking down the hill of that amazing sight we saw a deer  eating grass. It ran away after we took a picture of it but just seeing one in the forest is  a sight to be hold. The Noble Kidz got back to Fairfield with smiles on their faces. reminiscing the joy they had on their first annual field trip.

BY: Che Castro

Enrichment/Group Activities

   Hi Blog Readers, 

 At Camp Montmartre we have different Enrichment Activities.These activities show  team work. This helps students develop intellectual competence. These activities include: Field Games, Team Sports, Blogging, Dance, and Arts/Crafts. In arts and crafts campers do various activities such as painting and drawing. In dance the team comes up with new choreography everyday so they can show off their dance moves during Sunday community  meeting. In blogging you  type about various things you learn and things that  that happen in Camp Montmartre.  In field games campers  play wiffle ball, volleyball, soccer, and many more games. In team sports campers play football  and basketball and other sports. 

By:Jonathan Arecius and Samantha Sam

School at Fairfield University


                                                                                                                               July 10,2013

Hello BJP Community,                                                                                               Here at Camp Montmartre located at Fairfield University, we go to school everyday except for Sundays.We get one subject a night for homework ( Reading: Tuesday and Friday, Writing: Wednesday and Saturday, and Math: Monday and Thursday). Some of the  homework is complicated and others are easy .  There are 6 teachers in the whole school here at Camp Montmarte.                                                                                                             

Mr. Siegel teaches 6th and 8th grade Reading . Ms. Paul teaches 6th grade Writing and 8th grade Reading. Mr. Luthi teaches 6th grade girls' math and 8th grade writing. Ms. Malcousu teaches 7th grade Reading and Writing. Mr. Arte Sr. teaches 6th and 7th grade Math  and Ms. Locario teaches 8th grade Math.   All the teachers at Camp Montmarte are  courteous. They all want us students to work our hardest.                      

By: Lynniah Griffith ,Britney Aparicio , Di'Avian Cook

Last Part of Akeelah and the Bee

Dear blog readers,On July 9,2013
We saw the last part of Akeelah and the Bee. The last part was about Akeelah learning how to study on her own and learn secrets about her teacher. Her teacher sends her away with 5,000 cards for her to study and she studied in many ways such as her brother teaching her, her brother's friends, the mailbox man, and the Chinese man teaching her from the fruit market. When she was done with the 5,000 cards, she gives her teacher the cards back and she finds out that the rope her teacher gave her was his daughter's. Later on in the movie, comes the day of the National bee. There was a long hard fight until there were only two contestors left, Akeelah and Dilian. Akeelah had realized that Dilian had to win or his father will get mad at him so she spells the word incorrect on purpose. So, when Dilian realized that Akeelah did it on purpose, he spells it incorrect too. As a result, at the end of Akeelah and the Bee, Dilian learns how to be courteous towards others and share winning with friends.By the end of the movie they were both victors.

by: Adelani Adedoyin & Trinity Edwards

The Pool

July 10,2013

          Hello followers, today I will be talking about the pool. When you go to the pool you first  have to talk to a lifeguard. The lifeguard told us the rules and regulations of the pool. He doesn't make anything complicated. Once he is finished talking you get changed and head to the pool. Before we get in the water the man talks to us again. Then we get into the water when the man is finished. The lifeguard asks if you can swim or not. If you can, you can swim around. If you can't swim they will teach you how to swim. If you want to go to the deep end you have to take the deep end test. For the deep end test you swim from the deep end to the blue line. Then you can go to the deep end.

 By:Ariel Joseph.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The First Part of Akeelah and the Bee-Movie

         Hello  parents,                                                                                                            July 9, 2013
 Last night we watch a movie named Akeelah and the Bee staring Keke Palmer. It is about an 11 year old girl named Akeelah Anderson. She wants to make it to Washington D.C. for a spelling bee. She starts in her School Spelling Bee and wins. Then, she goes to Beverly Hills for her District Spelling Bee and wins in 10th place. She is looking for a spelling coach and she asks a man named Dr. Larabee to coach her for the State Spelling Bee. She meets a boy named Javier in the Spelling Bee. Tonight we will watch the rest.

Written by: Jonathan Arecius and Spirit Alves

Akeelah and the Bee

July 9, 2013

On July 8, 2013, we started watching a movie called Akeelah and the Bee.  It is about a girl who discovers that she can do more with her knowledge then she thinks.  She also encounters friends along the way in the in the spelling bee and a girl who always has always been her friend.  Also, she gets trained by a man who is a master at spelling.  Her teacher helps her break down words for her to understand quickly and become a better speller.  Akeelah also has a habit of tapping her hand on her leg when she says a letter. Akeelah's  brother believes she could never win the spelling bee and that she'll "get chewed up and spit out like trash" . There's also a Korean man who knows how to spell a lot of words and acts like Akeelah's rival but maybe they will soon become friends..........

by: Adelani Adedoyin, Trinity Edwards & Ariel Joseph

Counselor Hunt

July 9,2013

Hi parents and blog readers,

                 Sunday, July 7,2013  we woke up to find out that our  counselors were missing. So we went  scavenger hunting to find them.They were hiding in the vicinity of the library. So in groups of three we set out to find them. We were given a map of the area to help find the counselors. One group scored 67 points because they found 10 counselors and picked up 3 pieces of trash for 3 extra points. They found Brandon, Ifey, Laury, Stefon, Yessy, Jonathan, Jeremy ,Jennell, and others. The harder it is to find the counselor the more point we get. Brandon was up in a tree, Ifey was in the shade and Jeremy was near the pond. Laury was behind the library, James was in bush,  Yessy and Jennell moved around so we could not find them, and Stefon hide behind a tree. It was a really fun experience and day. We would love to try it again.
                       Macaylia  and Michelle