Friday, July 28, 2017

Camp 2017 Video

Wherever we walk, the report will go around. Check out the camp video to see all the memories!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Winning Pool Day

Hi its Tianna Williams, today group four went to the pool, it was really fun because my friend and I took the Swimming test. We both passed we were so happy. We got to teach other people how to swim. After that we got to jump of the diving board it was really fun, I got to jump of the diving board about five times. All in all today at the pool was amazing.

8th Grade Book Club

Hey, it's Deyancy, back at it again with another blog post. Today I'm going to be talking about the book we are reading in book club, which is called Walk Two Moons. It is about a girl named Salamanca who is on a road trip with her grandparents to see her mom. While on this road trip, her grandparents kept on making pit stops. While on the road, Sal told the story of her friend Phoebe, about how her mother went missing and brought back home a son. The book was very interesting. If you want to know how it ends, you have to read the book yourself. See ya later!

Talent Show

Its Safyre Kelly again I will be telling you why I am excited for the talent show. I am excited for the talent show because you get to see the true in people and you get to learn more about people and their likes and dislikes. You get to connect with people more and have a better relationship with them. At the talent show campers will be performing different things such as dancing, art, singing, magic and other things. Each talent has a different winner. I am most excited to see the dancers and the people who are doing art, because I am doing art and I am excited to see what I am up against. For the dancers, I am very excited to see what the dancers choreograph. The talent show is on Wednesday, wish me luck!

Last days of Blogging and camp

Today is our last day of blogging, and our goal is to get to 100 posts. So far the sixth grade girls Tianna and Denise have the most blogs. They are tied with 5 posts each. We have the talent show on Wednesday of next week. At the talent show we do magic, dance, singing, and a lot of other things. We also have the T-shirt Ceremony on Thursday. Overall, we have had a great experience at camp, but we are excited to get home and see our families.

Harry Potter

Hi its Kareem im taking about my Old book club book Harry potter. It was all most cool I know who Stole the Stone It was the man who killed harry's mom and dad it a fire so harry did not get killed because he was scard to kill harry so hagride saved harry.

Spelling Bee

Hello people it's Eudy. Today Was the Spelling Bee. It Was Very Fun. I came in second in the eighth grade boys because I misspelled "unnecessary." The top sixth grader Was Reily Baschir. The top seventh grader was Eric Marrimon. The top Eighth Grader was Jordan Allen. The top counselor was Kenny. All of the winners for each grade had to compete by writing 10 words on a sheet of paper. Reilly earned 3rd place and Eric and Jordan had to compete for first. Eric's winning word was "handkerchief" and the word that stumped Jordan was "Mianus River," which is a place near Fairfield.

Space museum

Hi, my name is Shaquille Cruz, today I’m going to tell you about my trip to the space museum. It was fun, when we first got off the bus we were early, so we went to the mini ropes course. When it was time, the people at the museum told us to choose own jobs. I was a remote officer and I had to explore different rocks and send in messages to the other remote officer in the watch tower. Then we switched jobs and the other remote officer sent me messages. When we got back from the museum everyone went to lunch. I liked the space museum a lot.   

Food in camp

Hi my name is Tianna Williams. Today I am going to be talking about the food at camp. For breakfast we get to eat bacon, cereal, pancakes, and more. For lunch we get things like sandwiches, pasta, pizza (on Fridays) and more. My favorite time to eat is at dinner is because at camp they serve things like BBQ chicken, nuggets, mashed potatoes and more. My favorite meal of all is the dessert. At desert we can get chips, ice cream or cookies. That is some of the food they serve at camp.

Fairfield's Church

Hello it's me Ron, I'm here to talk about Faifield's church. Every Sunday we always go to church and sometimes the staff picks out a choir to go to church. We also practice in 10 minutes until the groups come and we see other people coming to church. We have church only for an hour or so, and every night we go to chapel for about 10 minutes. We will have a final big mass as a class on Thursday. I hope you like this blog and see you later next time it might be about my book club.