Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Timothy Bobb: CampWide Activity

Hi it's Timothy Bobb once again, and I will be talking about the first Camp Wide Activity. So basically, the game was called 6 flags and it was one boy group against one girl group. It was my group the Phoenix King's with the Fire Crackers.We had to put flags half way in our pants and we had to take take other people's flags so they can go to prison. We also had to take baton's to our base and we had to get six. During the game we started of with four, but all of the groups were cheating accept ours, and they were taking two batons instead of one at a time. And also counselors had the flags tied to the wrist which was cheating. When the game was over, my team won because we had good sportsmanship and teamwork, and also we won because we didn't cheat. I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and I will talk to you guys next time. SEE YAH!!

Lunch Pandemonium

The cafeteria is huge but its also always packed with tons of people. Its like a second Times Square. The food is good though. Especially the vanilla yogurt with granola. I get that every breakfast because its my favorite thing right next to french toast sticks. We have to eat something healthy with each meal too. We need fruits or vegetables with every meal and we need to drink a full cup of water before we get juice. When we bring out plate to our table, we need to watch out because we don't want to crash into someone else and end up with a dirty shirt. Before we eat each meal we pray with our groups. After prayer, we enjoy our meal. - Heavana

All about BJP

Hi my name is Kalonji Noriega, and today I'm going to be telling you how much fun I have Brooklyn Jesuit Prep School . The reason why I came to this school is because I wanted to go to a good school that change my attitude and so I could go to a good high school. And so far I'm  doing good. But remember don't misbehave don't fight and don't do any thing that will get you in trouble.

Life at the Dorms

Hi my name is Timyra.  Today I'll be talking about life in dorms. Life at the dorms is fun. The first reason why I say that  is because each group has their own section in the campus. My  group is all in the back. My roommate and I always go  in the hallway and talk to other people in our group. We can only sit in the hallways and chat when its shower time before movies. During shower time we get to do each others hair and we get  to paint each others nails. In the morning we could talk to each other  while we are eating in the dorms.BUT.... only on Saturdays and Sundays!On the weekdays we go to the cafeteria.This is how life in the dorms is fun.

Camp Wide Activites

Hello, My name is Angel Garcia and I will talk to you about how camp wide Activites are so much fun!!! For this camp wide activity we played Quiddicth from the book Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. We played the game on Sunday, and we lost twice to the Dreamlighters but we won against the 14 Fuegos twice. The two teams that faced each other in the finals were the Dreamlighters vs The Fireflies and for the 2nd place teams were PhoenixKkings which were us vs the Firecrackers. For the third place teams were Beautiful Divas vs 14 Fuegos. Now for the teams who won was 1st = Fireflyes , 2nd = Firecrackers and for 3rd = 14 Fuegos. I really liked it, and I had so much fun. I really hoped you enjoyed the blog and I will see you next time BYEEEEEE.

The Pool

Hello, my name is Angel Garcia and I am going to tell you about the pool. The pool is a really fun place to go.  You get to swim underwater and you get to do awesome tricks such as backfilps and cannonballs. You can play pool games like for example Marco Polo, tag and who can be the underwater the longest. It is a really fun game and I always play it against my wonderful friends like Timothy,Tyrone , Tomar , Emmaunel, Taze, and Jaden from 14 Fuegos and so on.Well that is all the time I have for you. I will come back with another post well BYEEEEEE.

Timothy Bobb: My trip to The Space Museum

Hi my name is Timothy Bobb, and I will be talking to you guys about my trip to the The Space Museum. So let's get started. In order for us to go to the museum, we took a school bus and three teachers came with us named, Ms.White, Ms.Bernal, and Ian. For my job I had to analyze rocks; I had a partner named Ryan Philips and we did a good job together. So basically our job was to help  someone land on the moon, and we each had important roles. We were in two different rooms. Everybody's partners were in a different rooms. The first room was the spaceship, where I had to analyze the "Moon Rocks".  When it was time to switch,  I went into the control room. They had cameras watching everybody, and I found it pretty weird and funny at the same time. In the control room  I had to analyze data and send messages to my partner on the spaceship. That was all I had to share about my field trip and I hope you guys enjoyed, so I will see you guys in my next blog. BYEEEE!

Monday, July 16, 2018

The 7th grade camping trip

Hi my name is Mikell, and I'm blogging about the seventh grade camping trip. To be honest, I thought the trip would be boring. It was fun, scary, funny, and a good bonding experience for my class.. We went on a scavenger hunt on a revolutionary war site. After that, we had hotdogs and corn. The hotdogs were good. When it came night, we went to make s'mores. I actually thought that I wouldn't be sleeping well at night, but it was cold. So what I did was use the camping bag as a sheet, and I slept like a baby. In conclusion, the trip was a lot of fun, and I had a good time bonding with my fellow classmates.

Timothy Bobb-My First Week of Enrichment: DANCE

Hi my name is Timothy Bobb and for my first blog I will be talking about my first week of enrichment in Dance. For my first day of dance I didn't want to dance at first because I was nervous and I didn't know anybody in my Enrichment group. But for my second day I danced more than i did during Day 1 and I got to know everybody. Everybody I met in the group were very nice to me and very welcoming. For our dance at the beginning we did some type of cultural dance and also danced to a rap song called Walk It Talk It. For Rendezvous In my opinion I think my Enrichment did the best and I will talk to you guys next time.

Bus Ride to Camp

Coming to camp was fun.  In the morning, when I was getting ready I washed my hair, packed extra clothing, and gathered all my luggage.  OH, I also had a piece My mom dropped me off to the school to label my luggage and take me to the area where we wait for the bus.  My mom went to go get her phone so that she can take pictures of me and my friends and a picture of her and I.  My mother left early.  So I just went and talked to some people (friends.)  When it was time to leave, one of the camp directors told us to line up in our grade levels.  She told the boys to get in one bus and the girls to get in another.  When I got on the bus, I went to the back of the bus because all of the seats were taken in the front.  When I sat down, my friend Pilar sat next to me.  The bus pulled out and everybody was waving and screaming goodbye to their parents.  When we got far away from our school we talked to each other.  Pilar and I were talking to two 6th graders.  I fell asleep on the bus and when I woke up we were at camp.  We got off the bus and played games.  After we played a puzzle game to find out who our camp members were.  Then we changed our clothes, ate, and went to bed.  This is the ride to CAMP!!!