Saturday, July 21, 2018

Spirit Week

Hi my name is Kalonji Noriega, and today I'm going to be talking about spirit week. Each day is a new day; we had jersey day, twin day, pajama day,superhero day,and a day where each group wore a different color. You are supposed to wear the same colors as your group- our group was wearing black and white, and on jersey day I did not wear a jersey because I did not bring enough clothes so make sure you bring enough. On twin day I did not have a twin because the same thing for jersey day: I did not bring enough clothes. For pajama day I was wearing a Pokemon shirt and Iron Man shorts. For superhero day I was Iron Man it was pritty cool but I wanted to be Batman. I hope when you come to BJP and have a good time at BJP and spirit week.

Spelling Bee

Hi it's Heavana again. Today I'm going to be telling you about the spelling be we had today. We were split up by grade level got into a line. The teacher would give a word. if you got right, you would go to the end of the line. If you got it wrong you sat out. I'm so happy because I got 2nd place. In first place was the counselor Shane. In third place was Chad Herry in 6th grade.

Camp Rendezvous

Hi my name is Shyyah Quinland. I am a 6th Grader at Brooklyn Jesuit Prep. This is my first time at camp.  I will talk about what we do every Sunday night. At night, we gather around the front of the church and watch other students perform. The counselors are very good at making other students happy they have a paper with songs on it . Some students dance to their favorite songs. Each advisory group has a name. They are called, The Fire Crackers, The Fire Flies, The Beautiful Divas, The Fourteen Fuegos , The Phoenix  Kings, and The Dream Lighters. They all get called out to dance or sing. They also have art come up and present. Sometimes the bells are on during Rendezvous and they're loud and annoying.  After Rendezvous we pray, and then it's lights out for bed.

The Talent Show Is Coming

Hey it's Timyra. I'm back with another blog.Today I'll be talking about the talent show that is coming up. The talent show is when you have a show when you show your talent. You can dance by yourself or 2 different people or more. I'm going to be dancing with my best friend  Pilar and my other friend Janiah. We are going to dance to one Hip Hop song then a remix song. The talent show is next week! I can't wait!

The Hike

Hi my name is Kalonji Noriega.Today I'm going to be talking about The hikes-the hikes are cool  but dangerous if you go away from your group or if you run to the wrong path and you get killed. That's why you should always listen to your counselors. The hike is very fun. What I like so far in the hike is fishes and squirrels. I hope you see more animals than me.

the 6th grade museum

 Hi my name is Daniel, and my blog is about my experience at the science museum. It was fun, and one of the things I did was have a job to do. My first job was in the spaceship. This job was tricky because I had to control a robotic arm and weigh the bottles filled with liquid. then I had to send the weight of each bottle to my partner, who was helping me know what I have to fill in on my sheet. After that, we switched jobs. It felt strange switching half way done. The second job I had to do was on the control center. I had to work on finding the actual weight of the empty bottles and sending the information back to the spaceship.

Friday, July 20, 2018

Midnight Emergecy at Camp Montmartre

Image result for Fire Alarm

Hi my name is Yarlenis Henriquez, I am a 6th grader at Brooklyn  Jesuit Prep .I am going to be telling you about what happen on July 16, 2018 at Camp Montmartre. It was midnight, and everyone was sleeping. All I  heard was "boom boom" upstairs and running down the hall, the fire alarm going off! Right away I woke my roommate and told her to get up, get shoes, and let's go. My roommate and I ran outside without my group because I was not going to wait for my group; I am trying not to die here! I met my group outside; all the councilors had to see if they had everyone . My group had everyone, all fourteen girls. All the BJP kids had to wait for the firepeople to get here and turn off the alarm so we can sleep .Then they finally came. They said,  "It is false alarm," so everyone went back inside to sleep . But after everyone went to sleep the alarm went off again, and everyone had to go back outside. As we were going outside, the police said we can go back inside, and we finally got to sleep!

The Pool

Hi my name is Kalonji Noriega, and I'm going to be talking about the pool. Today I went to the pool, and it was fun. I got learn how to float and I also learned how to swim up to 11 feet. One thing you should do, so you can go to the pool, is learn to behave and follow directions. You should also look for the counselors because they might play with you -What I mean by that is that they're going to dunk you, RKO you, or throw you, all you have to do is hold you breath and you are going to be okay.


Hi my name is Daniel, and when I went Hiking I had a fun time with my group. After I hike, it feels like I want to just sit down or sleep. But after I sit down, it feels like I'm going right back into doing sports and activities. The things I saw were lots of insects and trees bushes. It was a new experience for the new upcoming sixth graders because it was a lot of walking during the hike and there's more than one hike.